General Information

MosoPay is the electronic payment entry system that is seamlessly integrated into MosoMRM. When a MosoMRM user interacts with a screen that contains or requires sensitive credit card or bank account data, that user is actually using MosoPay.

MosoPay Gateway is the processing and file/message exchange module of MosoPay, commonly referred to as a payment gateway (What is it?). It handles electronic data exchange with payment processors such as First Data, Chase PaymenTech, and others. MosoPay Gateway uses provider specific protocols and abstracts the interface with each processor. This enables a merchant, for example, to switch their processing from one credit card processor to another with absolute transparency.


  • Real-time (retail) credit card processing.
  • Batch credit card and ACH processing.
  • Tokenization (What is it?) for credit cards and bank accounts.
  • Integrated re-bill process – gives you the ability to reattempt soft declines on submitted batches a certain number of times before returning it as decline. This in turn, increases the probability of a successfully payment.
  • Account Updater - This is integrated into re-bill process. Soft declines can be verified through Visa and MC for data accuracy and then retried.
  • Automated Decline Recovery through printed letters, templates and recorded voice calls (customers can provide you with a template for each medium).
  • Ability to load credit card chargebacks.
  • Integration through http and ftp protocols. Support (on demand) for additional input/output formats for integration with legacy systems without major changes on client’s end

Supported Integration Methods

Real-Time HTTPs Integration - Enables integrators to process credit card transactions and eChecks in real time; supports tokenization

Batch FTPs Integration - Enables integrators to upload file batches with credit card and ACH transactions; supports tokenization

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