The Transactions button in POS gives you access to past Invoices. The Invoice Search pop-up form gives you the ability to search by:

  • Member (Customer)
  • Invoice Number
  • Four (4) Date Parameters
    • Last 90 Days
    • Last 4 Hours
    • Today
    • Yesterday

After you have executed the search and found the Invoice, you can:

Invoice Search

To navigate to the Invoice Search pop-up form, simply click the Transactions button on the POS User Interface. Once you select the appropriate Invoice, you can view the details of that Invoice on the same form.

The Invoice Search pop-up form is a four (4) segment form.

  1. Search Criteria - this is where your search parameters are entered or selected and you execute your search.
  2. The results of the search display in the Invoice List panel where you can select the invoice you wish to view.
  3. After you click the appropriate Invoice, the details of that Invoice display in the Selected Invoice Details panel.
  4. The bottom panel is a task bar where you can select what you wish to do with the selected Invoice(s) e.g. Void, Reprint Receipt, Print a Transaction List.

In the Invoice List panel, you have content and sort options available. This list defaults by Date (oldest to newest). If you hover over any of the column headings, the expand arrow displays and you can select your sort options based on that header information.

Invoice List Sort Options

For example, a Last 90 Days search on all Invoices was done and a list was returned in Date order, oldest to newest by default.

Last 90 Day Search of Invoices

The Invoice List was then re-organized Sort Descending by the Total column i.e. listed by Total highest to lowest.

Last 90 Day Search of Invoices sorted by Total highest to lowest.

Search by Date

Searching by Date parameters is restricted to that specific Workstation i.e. only Transactions completed on that specific Workstation will be returned by the search.

To Search by Date, click the appropriate Date Parameter button (90 Days, 4 Hour, Today, Yesterday). This will display ALL of the Invoices within those parameters in the Invoice List panel.

Search By Member

Searching by the Member (Customer) parameter is also restricted to that specific Workstation.

To Search by Member:

  1. Click the Search Customers button. The search field will slide into the panel.
  2. In the search field, enter at least one (1) letter of the customer's last name or if applicable, their Member ID or Card Number. The Member or a list of Members within the search criteria will display in the text box.
  3. Select the appropriate Member and click OK. The Member's name, profile picture, and Member Number display in the Search Criteria panel.
  4. Click the appropriate Date Parameter button. The Invoices meeting those parameters display in the Invoice List panel.
  5. Click the Invoice you wish to view and the details display in the Selected Invoice Details panel.

Search By Invoice Number

Searching by Invoice Number is the only search method NOT restricted to that specific Workstation. This is not a search as much as it is a look-up of that particular Invoice Number so it is recommended that you know the Invoice Number in advance.

To Search by Invoice Number:

  1. Click the Search Invoices button. The search field will slide into the panel.
  2. In the search field, enter the Invoice Number.
  3. Click OK. The Invoice Number displays in the Search Criteria panel and the Invoice displays in the Invoice List panel.
  4. Click the Invoice to view the details in the Selected Invoice Details panel.
    Search by Invoice Number.

Reprinting a Receipt

The initial steps to finding and reprinting a Receipt are the same as an Invoice Search (above). After you have completed those steps, simply click the Receipt button to display that receipt. After the receipt displays, all of the email and printing functionality is available (See POS-Entering a Transaction (Step 10)).

PIN Security Check

Entering a PIN is also a requirement to void an invoice. If you have permissions to void an invoice, the PIN is validated and in essence, "passed on" to the server to execute the void.

SCENARIO...An individual is using the POS Workstation and is in the process of voiding an invoice. However, someone else is currently logged-in at that Workstation. The individual voiding the invoice enters their own PIN. What will happen?...

  1. If permission was granted on their Employee Profile page to execute this function (Void check box is selected in the POS Access section), they will be able complete the transaction.
  2. If that check box is not selected on their Employee Profile, whether their PIN is valid and entered correctly or not, they will NOT be able to complete the transaction and an error message will be thrown.

An error message is thrown if:

  • You do not have the proper permissions to execute this function
  • The PIN is incorrect.
  • The PIN that you enter does not have the proper permissions to execute this function.

Returning an Invoice

Cancellation Reasons must be properly added and assigned to the proper Work Roles to be able to execute this functionality.

To Cancel/Return an Invoice:

  1. Go to POS.
  2. Click the Transactions button.
  3. Conduct an Invoice Search (see above) and select the Invoice you want to cancel.
  4. Click the Return Invoice button. Step 1 will slide into the screen. This step is where you select the items you wish to return. The page consists of five (5) fields.
    1. Name
    2. Qty Cancelling = The quantity of the product you are cancelling. This field is editable.
    3. Qty Purchased = The quantity of that item you purchased in the transaction.
    4. Qty Available = The quantity you have available or remaining for use of this product. This will typically be for access or service items e.g. remaining PT or Massage sessions.
    5. Full Refund = Select this check box to give a full refund to the customer even if they have available activities.
  5. Select the check box of the Item(s) you wish to return.
    1. It is NOT required that you select all of the items in the transaction.
    2. If you are not returning all of the available items or services within a line item e.g if you have purchased five (5) PT sessions, have used one (1) and are returning three (3) sessions, click in the Qty Cancelling text box and adjust the quantity.
      Step 1 - selecting the items to cancel.
  6. Click the Next button. Step 2 will slide into the screen. This step is where you select the Cancellation Reasons and enter comments.
  7. Select a Cancellation Reason from the Select Reasons for Cancelling drop-down list.
  8. Enter any Comments in the text box (optional).
  9. Click the Next button.
    Step 2 - Cancellation Reasons
  10. Step 3 calculates and displays the Amount Due to Customer for you automatically.
    Step 3 - Amount Due to Customer.
  11. Click the Next button. A progress bar will display and direct you to POS where the products and services that you are cancelling or returning will be itemized for you in the transaction and the Cancellation will be noted on the line item. Finalize the Transaction.
    Cancelling a Transaction in POS.

In the sequence of screen shots above:

  1. The member bought a Personal Training session, a polo shirt and bottle of water.
  2. He is cancelling/returning the Personal Training session because he is in the military and is being deployed.
  3. He was returned the Personal Training session and given a Full Refund.

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