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The Time Records feature allows Managers to View, Add, Edit, and Delete employee Clock-In/Out records as well as view who is currently clocked in at the current log-in facility. This feature utilize an interface that is very similar to Check-In.

Time Records user interface.


The Time Records permissions.

The Feature Security Permissions for using this feature are in the Time Records folder in the Staff Work Roles configuration. They can be assigned either through Individual permissions or through your Staff Work Role but should be granted to MANAGERS ONLY.

  • View - This gives you permission to view records ONLY.

Having any of the following permissions also activates the corresponding button in the interface:

  • Add
  • Edit
  • Delete

If you have at least one (1) of these permissions, the Time Records icon will display in the Modules Menu.

Searching For Time Records

As with the left section of the Check-In interface, you can search either by Time Records (Date Range,Departments,Business Unit) or by Employee (Name,Number). The records display alphabetically but can be sorted by any of the other three (3) columns e.g. if you want to see who is clocked in by Business Units.

In the sequence of screen shots below, a search was done for 08/13/2014 for time records in the Operations department. The first screen shot list the currently clocked in employees:

Current clock-ins.

These are the search results:

Search results by Department' on a specific Date.

Notice that one of the currently clocked in employees ("Shawnadian Mapleleaf") is not returned in this search???...

...He is currently clocked in at the same Business Unit but under a different Department...

Time Records for ANY filter but on a specific date.

Viewing Time Records

If you click the Employee's check-in record in the Currently Clocked In section, a list of all of their Clock-In/Clock-Out records by most recent date order will display.

Highlighting an employee clock-in record.
Clock-in records for the selected employee.

If you click the Employee Name link in the Search Results, this will also display that individual's records but only for the parameters specified in the search. This is also where you can Add, Edit, or Delete a record.

Clicking the Employee Name link in the Search Results.
Clock-in records for the selected employee based on the search parameters.

Editing Time Records

To Add, Edit, or Delete a time record, you must have the corresponding Individual or Staff Work Role permissions. These buttons however, will not activate until you select a record in the list.

Time Records...note the highlighted record???

To edit a time record, either click the record and then click the Edit button or just double-click the record. The row editor will display with a series of drop-down lists for each applicable field. You can edit the following information:

  • Clock In Time
  • Clock Out Times
  • Facility
  • (Work) Department

For an example of an edited record, including the steps involved to complete the process, see Common Occurrences below.

Common Occurrences

The following may be common occurrences at your facility:

  • An employee forgetting to clock out.
  • Employee forgetting to clock in, requiring that his or her start time be subsequently edited.
  • Employee forgetting to clock in at all.
  • Employee clocking out of from one Work Department and into another but selecting the original Department in the subsequent clock-in.

Note in the screen shot above that the record on 08/10/2014 does not have a Clock Out entry. You can edit any of the above noted fields to complete this clock-in record.

  1. Click the record and then click the Edit button (or just Double-click the record) to activate the row editor.
  2. The Clock In and Clock Out fields are Date/Time Pickers.
    1. Click the down arrow to open the picker.
    2. The Right now check box defaults to selected. If that is the date and time you want to enter, click the OK button and the current date and time will be entered in the field.
    3. If cureent date and time is NOT what you want to enter, clear the check box and either select the date and time, or select the date and manually enter the time, and include AM or PM.
    4. The Time drop-down list is a list of clock times on a half hour interval.
  3. The Facility and Department fields are standard drop-down lists.
  4. When all of the edits are complete, click the OK button.

To complete the open record from the above screen shot, an entry in the Clock In field was added.

Editing/updating a Time Record.

The record is updated:

Updated Time Record.

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