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The Scheduler functionality works in conjunction with Activity Management and gives your trainers and other Service Providers, front line staff, or any other staff member with the proper permissions, the ability to schedule members for Activities.

You can schedule prepaid and unpaid Activities in Scheduler. However, an unpaid Activity does not create a record in Activity Management until it is redeemed.

The Scheduler icon in the left navigation panel of Launch Pad, takes you to the Scheduler Calendar, which is where you create, edit, and redeem Appointments, block additional time, and filter the view. To activate this icon, the Access Scheduler check box MUST be selected on the Employee Profile of the User that is currently logged-in at that Workstation.

  1. Click the Staff & Users icon in the left navigation panel. Search for and select the appropriate Employee.
  2. On their Employee Profile, click the User Access tab.
  3. In the Scheduler Access section, ensure that the Access Scheduler check box is selected. If it is not, select the check box and click the Save button.

Click HERE for the steps to set up the Scheduler and the entire scheduling process.

The Appointments tab on the Member Profile is where you can view a member's current and cancelled Appointments for a specific date range.

Setting Up Scheduling

The Scheduler should be set up in this specific order.

  1. Set up and activate the Scheduler Settings for each Business Unit in your Enterprise Configuration
  2. Set up Scheduler Access Permissions to the appropriate Staff Members on their Employee Profile page.
  3. Select the appropriate attributes for each Service Item in Item Setup to make it available in the Scheduler system.
  4. Set up Scheduler Options (System Configuration)
    • Scheduler Resources - These are the rooms, specific equipment, or other resources that are available for a Scheduled Activity.
    • Scheduler Options (NOTE: These are the default options for the User Interface and messaging (email and text) and can be done after you set up your Business Units. Only a Work Role with System Administrator permissions should have access to this configuration item.)
    • Event Categories
    • Events
  5. Set up specific Staff Availability.

If you are using the Moso myClub online Member Portal:

  1. Template Configuration
  2. Notification Configuration
  3. Portal Configuration

Scheduler User Interface

Hovering on an unscheduled time slot in the calendar.

If you hover over any time slot in the Scheduler, the Staff Member's name and the time you selected will display in a small pop-up. If you have already created an appointment, the Member's Name will display when you hover over the appointment time and you can use the drag-and-drop feature to quickly move an Appointment to a different date and time.

Hovering on an scheduled time slot in the calendar.

Scheduler Toolbar

The Scheduler Toolbar is where the tools to customize your calendar view are located.

The Scheduler Calendar (Day View) and the Toolbar.
  • Select the View (Staff Members or Resources) in the far right corner of the Toolbar:
    • Day: That day only (default).
    • Week: A view of the current week. Recommendation...use this for Resources ONLY.
    • Month: A view of the current month (and up to the next 35 days)
    • Timeline: This applies to a Day View ONLY. This displays the Staff Members (or Resources) on the LEFT with the time on top, thus giving you the schedule in a "linear" view.
  • Refresh - This button refreshes the calendar and updates any added appointment activity.
  • Print - This button gives you the ability to print the current view of the calendar.
  • Create Appointment and Block Time - Both of these functions can also be performed by using the right click functionality on a specific time in the calendar.
  • Location - This gives you the ability to select and view the settings of the Business Unit of your choice (Default= current Log-In Business Unit).


This selects the immediate view you want for the calendar and is also where you can set the default view when you are the logged in to the application.

View drop-down list options
  • Staff Member Schedules
  • Resource Schedules
  • Events

The default view is Staff Members Schedules, which includes ALL Staff Members who:

  • Have the Bookable check box selected on their Employee Profile.
  • Have their Availability set up in the Scheduler for that specific Service.
  • And are Service Provider that is linked to a specific Work Role.

If you select the Resources Schedules view, all of the available Resources will display left to right in the order they are listed on the Resources configuration page. If you select this view, the Staff Member drop-down list will also be removed from the toolbar.

The Events view displays available Events that have an associated Resource only.

Default Views

  • If you are on a view, or change the view at any point, and want to make that view the default, select Set as Default View.
  • If you are on another view and want to return to the default view, select Load Default View.
  • Click the Clear Default View to clear the current default view.
Scheduler Views
By Staff Member
By Resource

Calendar Options

This sets the Time Interval and Height for each appoint block on the calendar. (Defaults=30 Minutes and Medium).

Calendar drop-down list options


This further filters the View for each column.

Filter drop-down list options
  • My Schedule - This option will display the schedule of the Staff Member that is currently logged-in ONLY.
  • Filter - This option applies to Staff Members ONLY. This gives the ability to select (filter) which specific Staff Members will display on the calendar.
  • Advanced Filter - See Below
  • Remove Filter - Select this option and the current filter options you are viewing will be removed and the defaults will be restored.
Advanced Filters

This option applies to Employees/Staff Members, but also gives you the ability to create views based on more specific filters that include Location, Services by Service Type, and Employees By Service.

Manage Calendar Filters Feature Security Permission

For any of the filters to apply, you must select a Location. This selection will filter what populates the other drop-down lists e.g. if you select the "Baltimore" location, only Service Types, Services, and Employees at the Baltimore facility will display in those respective drop-down lists.

The Manage Calendar Filters Feature Security Permission is Staff Work Roles is required to save and manage Advanced Filter options (right).

To Create an Advanced Filter View:

  1. Click the Filter menu in the toolbar and select the Advanced Filter option. The Schedule Filter - By Employee pop-up window displays.
  2. Select a location from the Choose Location drop-down list (required - see above).
  3. Select options from the Filter Employees By Service and/or the Filter Services By Service Type drop-down lists. These are not required but recommended to narrow your filter.
  4. Select the Service Providers to view in this filter from the Choose Employees(s) list. Use the shift key to make multiple selections if necessary.
  5. DO NOT click the Apply Filter button at this time.
  6. Enter a name for the filter in the Filter Name text box.
  7. Click the Save this Filter button.
  8. Click the Apply Filter button to apply this filter.
    Advanced Filter selections
  9. At this point, the Saved Filter menu will display in the toolbar. This lists all of your saved filtering options.
    Saved Filters menu
  10. To edit or remove a filter option:
    1. Go to the Filter menu and select Advanced Filters. This will display the Schedule Filter - By Employee pop-up window.
    2. Select the filter you want to edit or delete from the Manage Filters drop-down list. must have the above Feature Security Permission for your Work Role to have the ability to use this feature.
    3. Click either the Edit Selected Filter or Delete Selected Filter button.
      1. If you select the Edit Selected Filter button, the existing selections will populate the fields of the pop-up and are editable.
      2. If you select the Delete Selected Filter button, the option is removed and the Scheduler Calendar will return to the default view. At this point you can create another filter or select another currently saved view.
        Editing or Removing an Advanced Filter option.
  11. Filter Employees by Gender
    1. This is an non-standard drop-down list that requires a selection in the Scheduler Options configuration.
  12. This gives you the option to filter the available employees by their gender.
    1. To display this drop-down list, select the Show Gender filter in Advanced Filters check box in the Employee Calendar Options tab. This is not a default selection.
The Show Gender filter in Advanced Filters check box

The above setting activates...

The Filter Employees by Gender drop-down list.

Staff Member

This gives you the ability to select and view the schedule for an individual Staff Member or to restore the view for "All Staff Members" on the calendar.

Staff Member drop-down list selections

How to Use the Scheduler

This gives you a detailed breakdown of how to use all of the functionality within the Scheduler, including how to How to Create an Appointment.

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