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The Refer My Friends page is where all referral activity is conducted. Referrals are made from the member's online account through three (3) mediums:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Email

You will often times see this section called "Refer A Friend" on many membership websites.

How to Configure the Refer My Friends Page

To Edit the Refer My Friends Page:

  1. Go to the Edit "Refer My Friends" page.
  2. Enter a title in the Title text box.
  3. Enter a Help Tip in the appropriate text box.
  4. Enter the detailed text for the help tip in the Help Tip Detail text box.
  5. Enter a label for the referral message in the Referral Message Label text box.
  6. Enter the the email message text in the Email Message text box.
    My Acct Refer Friend 01.png
  7. Enter a label for the links to Facebook and Twitter in their respective text boxes. This displays above the Facebook and Twitter buttons on the website interface.
  8. Enter a label for the email subject line in the Email Subject text box.
  9. Enter a the email message text in the Email Text text box.
  10. Click Save and publish.
    My Acct Refer Friend 02.png

Referring a Friend

The default medium on the Refer My Friends page is Facebook. Three (3) radio buttons give you the ability to choose your preferred medium to send your referral message.

To Refer a Friend:

  1. Go to the Refer My Friends page.
  2. Select the medium you wish to send your referral request using the appropriate radio button.
  3. If you select the Facebook or Twitter radio buttons:
    1. The share button is the only difference between the two pages.
    2. Enter your message text and click their respective share buttons.
    3. You will be directed to your Facebook page or Twitter Account where you can then post the message.
      My Acct Refer Friend 03.png
  4. If you select Email to friend radio button:
    1. Enter your friend's eemail address in the Friends Email text box (required).
    2. Enter your message text in the Message text box (required).
    3. Click Submit to send the referral message.
      My Acct Refer Friend 04.png

The image below maps where the information, from all of the fields in the Edit "Refer My Friends" page display on the website user interface and in the actual correspondence.

Red Text Box = Name of Field/Text Box from Edit "Refer My Friends" page

Map Refer 04.png

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