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This is where you make MosoMRM work with myClub and you get...Moso myClub!!!

The Portal Configuration page is where you set up the structure to link specific Membership data from MosoMRM and make that data compatible and available online for the myClub application and user interface. Moso myClub is also wired directly into MosoPay.

IMPORTANT things to remember when configuring Moso myClub...

  1. Only active Agreements that have been configured in MosoMRM will display in the left panel.
  2. All Bundles must already be applied to a specific Business Unit within MosoMRM.
  3. Each Bundle must contain a Key Item.
  4. You can select ONE Bundle only (without exception) for each Agreement at each Location/Business Unit.
  5. The Merchant Codes you enter MUST match the codes you entered for each Business Unit in your Enterprise and Workstation configurations.

How to Configure MosoMRM for myClub

IMPORTANT...The HTML Templates tab MUST be the configured first. These templates are selection options in the Templates section in the Online Agreement Sales tab.

To Configure MosoMRM for myClub:

  1. From the Launch Pad, click System Configuration in the left navigation panel.
  2. In the Inventory, Activities & Related Settings section, select Portal Configuration.


When you select an Agreement from the left navigation panel, the data for that specific Agreement will auto-populate the fields in the right panel. The Configuration For drop-down list will default to your current log-in facility (upper right).

To Configure Online Agreement Sales:

  1. Select an Agreement (click) in the Agreement Name section (left).
  2. Select a Business Unit from the Configuration For drop-down list.
    • When you select a different Business Unit, the Payment Options in the Payment Options section (bottom) update accordingly based on Key Item Bundle configured at that Business Unit.
  3. Select a Lead Source from the drop-down list. This refers to the medium in which this lead was generated for a Member, Prospective Member, or Agreement sale e.g. cold call, trade show, email, mailing, website, etc.
  4. Select an Employee from the lookup field to designate the Sales Advisor for agreements sold through MyClub. Any employee can be used during this step. New employees can be created within the Staff & Users setup area.
  5. If you would like to create a new Opportunity or a new Task in Sales & Prospecting, click the appropriate Create link.
    1. If you select a new Opportunity, the Opportunity Configuration pop-up displays.
      1. Select a Lead Source, {Opportunity) Type, and Status from the drop-down lists.
      2. Click either the Employee or Work Role radio buttons to Assign this Opportunity.
        1. If you select Employee, a Search field displays. Enter at least the first three (3) letters of the Staff Member to which this Opportunity is being assigned.
        2. Select the Staff Member and click the Ok button.
        3. If you select Work Role, select the Work Role to which this Opportunity is being assigned from the drop-down list and click the Ok button.
          Adding a new Opportunity to this Online Agreement.
    2. If you select a new Task, the Task Configuration pop-up displays.
      1. Select a Task Type (method of communication), the Type of Opportunity the Task is regarding, and Status from the drop-down lists.
      2. Enter a brief description of the Task in the Subject text box.
      3. Click either the Employee or Work Role radio buttons and repeat the steps as you would for an Opportunity.
        Adding a new Task regarding this Online Opportunity.
  6. In the Templates section, select the Email and Contract templates from their respective drop-down lists (required). These were configured in the HTML Templates tab.
  7. In the Options section, select the applicable check boxes:
    • Active: Select this check box to make this Agreement available online in Moso myClub. This also activates any Additional Items that were added in the Bundle Setup.
    • Use as Trial Agreement: This is for Free Trials. The check box will be read only UNLESS a Bundle has been configured with a zero dollar ($0) price that can be used for the Free Trial.
    • Include PDF in Email: Select this to attach the PDF version of the Agreement in the initial email.
  8. In the Check-In Options section, enter a check-in message in the Custom Message field.
    • This is the equivalent of the Check-In Message you configured on their Member Profile.
    • If you do not enter a custom message, the following is the default message and will display on their Member Profile page.
      Default Check-In Message.
  9. In the Select Key Item Bundle section, select a Bundle Item from the drop-down list (required). This will default to the first Bundle on the list that you added during the Agreement setup.
  10. In the Payment Options section:
    • The Down Payment, Installments, and Payment Options can be edited for any line item. Click the appropriate record to activate the row editor, make the necessary edits and click the Update button.
      Editing a line item in the Agreement.
    • Only the Key Item in the Bundle will have that specific check box selected (default). That check box is read only and CAN NOT be cleared under any circumstance.
    • The Membership Bundle check boxes default to selected for all of the primary items you added to the Bundle during setup. These are also read only and can not be cleared.
    • The Include check box however, can be cleared for any Additional Items that were added to the Bundle during setup. These are the items that do NOT have the Membership Bundle check box selected. To inactivate any of these items from the Bundle, click the appropriate item record to activate the row editor, clear the check box and click the Update button.
      Clearing the Include check box i.e. removing that as an active item in the Bundle.
  11. Ensure the selections are accurate and click the Save button.
    Completed Agreement Configuration (NOTE: Use the scroll bar to display the Save button.)

Link Builder

The Link Builder feature gives you the ability to bypass the Agreement selection and information steps of the Join Now process, allowing you to:

  • Create an embedded link in your website to automatically launch the Join Now or Free Trial features.
  • Bypass the selection step so you can simply enter your personal information and go directly to the Payment process.
  • Restrict your ability to select certain Agreement options.

The primary uses for this feature are for Promotional Rates and Agreements and for restricting the availability of certain Agreements and/or Location offers to member's, prospective member's, and employees.

Example One: If you are offering a specific rate or Agreement at a specific location ONLY, you can set the "parameters" such that a member, or prospective member, sees ONLY that rate and location when joining online. This scenario also is applicable for example, if you are offering a "single day promotional" rate on an Agreement or Membership.

Example Two: You have an Enterprise or Division level membership available but you want to can limit the ability to select that option to specific locations. You can thus set the parameters such that only Staff Members at specific clubs have the ability to select that membership.

This feature only applies to Agreements that have already been configured for Moso myClub! The "Parameters" you build are based on the Location (Business Unit), Configuration, and Start Date selections you make during this process.

To Build Parameters:

  1. The Link Builder button.
    In the upper left corner of the Online Agreement Sales tab, click the Link Builder button. The Link Builder pop-up window displays.
  2. Select a Location from the drop-down list.
  3. At this point, only Agreements configured for Moso myClub at the selected Location will populate the Configuration drop-down list. Select an Agreement from the drop-down list (required).
  4. Enter or select a Start Date. This refers to the start date of the Agreement.
    Entering and selecting data to Build Parameters.
  5. Click the Build Parameters button. The parameters will populate the Your Parameters field based on the selections you have made.
    Your Parameters based on the information you entered.

Promotional or other special Agreements using these parameters will typically be available to a member or prospective member three(3) ways:

  1. These parameters will be part of a link directly on the facility website.
  2. The URL, with these parameters included in that URL, will be sent via email.
  3. The parameters are sent to the prospective member with specific instructions, they in turn cut and paste them at the end of the URL in their browser and they are given access to that promotional or special rate.


Th Services tab is where you configure your Services for online sales and redemption. It is here that you format how the Services will be displayed on your website, including any applicable text and an image upload.

This feature is linked to the Service Types you selected in the Scheduler Settings during 'Item Setup. This feature also works in conjunction with the Scheduler functionality.

(NOTE: This feature is still under construction and is not currently operational.)

To Configure Online Services:

  1. Click the Online Services tab and select a Service Type from the left panel. This will activate the right panels.
  2. If you would like this Service Type (and subsequent Services within that Service Type) to display in the online scheduler (Moso myClub Services tab) and on the website, select the Include in Most Common List check box.
  3. Enter plain text or HTML elements in the HTML Display text box. Using HTML tags gives you more formatting options. This text will display with the image you select in the online scheduler and the website.
  4. Select the Confirmation, Cancellation, Reminder, and Reschedule Templates to be used for Email (3) and SMS text messages (1) and your Booking Terms (1) template. These are configured in Template Configuration.
  5. Click the Image button Image Button.png and select an image from your hard drive.
    1. The file extension will display in the text box (but will not display after you save).
    2. Select the Remove current image check box to remove this image after you save.
  6. Click the Save button. The text and image will display in the Saved Preview field.
    Configuring Online Services.

Member Notification

This is where you select the Email Templates that will be used when a Member creates a New Moso myClub Account (Member Portal Account) or resets the Password on their current Account.

Select a Template from each of the drop-down lists (required). Each drop-down list consists of the Email Templates you configured in Template Configuration:

  • New Portal Account Email - This is the email notification a new Member receives when they Create and Account online.
  • Reset Portal Account Email - This is the email notification a Member receives when they reset the EMAIL ADDRESS associated with their Member Portal Account.
  • Member Reset Portal Account Email - This is the email notification a Member receives when they reset the PASSWORD on their Member Portal Account.
  • The next four (4) are related to the notification a Member receives regarding the approval or denial of a Change Request
    • Change Request Suspension Approval
    • Change Request Suspension Denial
    • Change Request Cancellation Approval
    • Change Request Cancellation Denial
Member Email Notifications


The Events tab is where you select the notification templates (Email/SMS) for each Event Type.

Event Notification Configurations

The Resource Change Email is the email that is sent when the Resource has been changed for an event e.g. you are switching Zumba from one studio to another.

Merchant Codes

Select (click) each location to activate the row editor. Enter the Merchant Code...Ensure that each code you enter is an EXACT MATCH with the code you entered in the Enterprise Configuration and on the Workstation...then click the Save button.

Configuring Merchant Codes.

Business Unit Configuration

Merchant Account Code on the Business Unit Configuration.


Merchant Account Code on the Business Unit Configuration.

Online Calendar

This is where you activate the Online Calendar for each Business Unit.

  1. Select the Business Unit in the left section.
  2. Select the Active check box.
  3. Click the Save button. Repeat the process for any additional Business Units.
    Activating the Online Calendar.

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