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This is where you configure the Point of Sale (POS) Workstation Groupings at your facilities. You must have your Workstations configured prior to configuring your POS Groupings because part of this process is assigning Workstations to each group.


When you assign a Workstation to a Configuration Group, you are IMMEDIATELY ENABLING the Shift Management feature.

Click HERE for more information on how to enable/disable Shift Management.

Configuration Tip

Since the Workstations are configured for your entire Enterprise on this page, this page could have many entries and subsequently get very long. Often times however, a specific "set" of defined Workstations will be configured for one Location and then repeated at each Location within your entire Enterprise or Division.

For example, your "set" of Workstations at "Rockville" may be the following:

  • Facility Manager (e.g. Endpoint Key="Rock_FitManager")
  • Fitness Director
  • Front Desk
  • Sales Director
  • Fitness Pro Shop
  • Food & Beverage

This exact "set" will be added again at "Baltimore" by simply changing two (2) elements when you configure each Workstation:

  • Enter a unique Endpoint Key (this must be unique for all workstations e.g. "Balt_FitManager")
  • Select a different Location in the Business Unit drop-down list.

Configuring POS Groupings

This entire configuration revolves around which Business Unit you select!

Adding a POS Grouping

To Configure a POS Grouping:

  1. From the Launch Pad, click System Configuration in the left navigation panel.
  2. In the Workstations & Devices section, select POS Configuration.
  3. Select a Business Unit from the drop-down list above the left section.
    1. This will default to your log-in Business Unit.
    2. You can select a different Business Unit from the Business Unit drop-down list in the header (top right corner) of your user interface and repeat Steps 1-2.
  4. Click the New button to add a POS Grouping. The button is in the upper left corner of the page above the the Tip.
  5. In the General Options section:
    1. Enter the name of the grouping in the Name text box (required)
    2. Enter a brief Description of the grouping in that text box (optional).
  6. The Receipt Options settings are not operational.
  7. In the Assigned Workstations drop-down list, click the arrow on the right to select from the available Workstations that were added for that Location.
    1. You can select multiple Workstations for each grouping.
      Selecting the first Workstation.
    2. Once you select a Workstation, it is removed from the drop-down list and will display in the field.
      Selecting additional Workstations.
  8. Click Save. The POS Grouping will now display in the left panel.
    Completed POS Configuration.

Editing and Updating a POS Grouping

To edit or update a POS Grouping, select a Business Unit from the drop-down list above the left panel, which displays a listing of POS Groupings for that Business Unit. Select (click) the POS Grouping you want to edit on the left, which activates that Grouping's information on the right.

The primary updating will be adding and/or removing Workstations from the Grouping. To add a Workstation, repeat the steps from the process above. To remove a Workstation, click the Delete icon ("X") for that Workstation in the Assigned Workstations field and click the Save button.

Deleting a Workstation from a POS Grouping.

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