Organization Member Agreements


This report shows all Member Agreements tied to an Organization. Filter the results based on the Member's Agreement Business Unit or Agreement Characteristics or Status. Includes a date range to display Check In counts and an option to show add

  1. Choose from the following parameters:
    1. Check Ins Between (date range)
    2. Division
    3. Business Unit
    4. Classification
    5. Agreement
    6. Bundle
    7. Payment Option Type
    8. Agreement Status
    9. Organization Lookup
    10. Include Add-Ons to Personal Agreement Groups
    11. Show Contact Information
    An example of the generated report.
  2. Click the Generate Report button to apply your chosen parameters and load the report.
    1. The report will be grouped by Business Unit, and sub-grouped by Organization and Agreement Status.
    2. Click the Excel or PDF buttons to export the report to the corresponding file format.
    An example of the generated report.