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There are four (4) critical areas in the MosoMRM application where you can apply Operation Security settings i.e. Permissions:

Data Security

The Data Security page is where you set data permissions (View, Change, Assign, Add) for the entire application.

Screen Security

The Screen Security settings offer another layer of permissions specific to the features and functionality on that specific page. The primary security settings give you, the User, and/or your Work Role the ability to View, Change, and Add features or data on this specific screen.

It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you perform this task when you set up and configure every page in your MosoMRM system!!!

To Add Screen Security Settings:

  1. Right click anywhere on the page you are currently viewing. The Operation Security Settings pop-up window displays.
    1. If there is only one available tab, continue to next step.
    2. If there are multiple tabs, select the tab and then proceed to the next step. Each tab represents a tab, feature, or associated functionality available on the page for which you are setting the permissions (see Multiple Tab Pages below).
      Basic Operations Security Setup page
  2. Select the Operation for which you are adding the permissions (View, Change, Add). You can use the Shift-Click function to select all of the items in the list. Click the first item in the list, press the Shift key and click the last item in the list.
  3. The current list of who has permissions will display in the Users and Groups panel (middle).
  4. In the Current Operation panel (bottom), click the down arrow and select additional Users and Groups from the drop-down list. You can select multiple users if required.
    Adding the Users and Groups.
  5. Click the Add User(s) button and the added Users will display in the middle panel.
  6. If you did not use the Shift-Click function to select all of the Operations, select the next Operation and repeat the process.
  7. Click Done. If this is a

Multiple Tab Pages

Security permissions for pages with multiple tabs, or pages with multilayer functionality, can be set to restrict access, restrict the ability to perform specific functions, or edit data within each of those tabs. The most common pages include Activity Management, and the Member, Organization, and Employee Profile pages.

Available Permission Setting
Member Profile
View Change Add Delete
Main Member Page X X X
Search X
Notes X X X
Agreements X X X
Agreement Cancellations X X X
Usage X
Cards X X X
Client Accounts (CA) X X X
CA Billing Schedules X
Invoice and Make Payments X X X
History X
Suspensions X X X
Documents X X X X
Children X X X X
Lockers X X X
Member Rentals X X X X
Agreement Signatures X
Organization Profile
View Change Add Delete
Main Organization Page X X X
Client Accounts (CA) X X X
Documents X X X X
Employee Profile
View Change Add Delete
Information X X X
Work Roles X X X X
Notes X X X
User Account X X X
Reporting X X X
Client Accounts (CA) X X X
Documents X X X X
Activity Management
View Change Add Delete
Activity Management X X X
Comments X
Provider X
Location X
Reinstate Expired X
Reinstatement X X

Member Security

This is used to set permissions for specific, individual Members. This is typically reserved for VIP/Celebrity Members so access to their contact information is limited or restricted to a small number of Staff and Users.

There are several Operation Security Settings (right click) that can be set to use the functionality and features available within a Member Profile. This same security also applies to Organization Profiles.

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