MyClub Features



Mobile Home

The Mobile Home manages pages that display on a mobile device or devices with limited viewing or typing areas e.g.a smart phone. Here you can:

  • Register for a Log-In
  • Reset a password
  • View Transaction History.


The Home page manages the information that displays on a regular computer or Kiosk web browser or any other device with full viewing or touch screen capability.

Create Account

If this feature is enabled on your website, a member of the facility can register for online access to view and manage your membership.

Forgot Password

This link gives you the ability to re-set your password after you have registered for your online account. If Online account access is allowed, this option MUST be enabled.

Password Recovery Verification

If this option is enabled, the member will be able to choose what their new password will be. If this option is off, then they will be emailed a password that is generated by the system.


This link is where you log-in to your online account. This link will only be enabled if you have online member access.


This is simply an error message that will display if an error occurs on the myClub application. You can customize the actual message to display something other than the default.

Free Trial

This is where a guest or prospective member can register online for a Free Trial membership. The prospective member is enrolled with a “Guest Membership” (configured in the Back Office). No money is collected over the web for these types of memberships.

Guest Confirmation

This is where you configure confirmation emails for guest members who have just enrolled online.

Join Now

This is where you enable your Online Membership enrollment options! The online membership options are configured in the Back Office as well as:

  • Which fields are required in the registration process
  • The contractual/legal text that the prospective member must agree to at the time of enrollment.

Note: CX does not display annual fees or service agreements. If you have an annual fee or extra fee that you wish to display, that should be keyed into the Client Additional Information label.

About Us

This is an optional section that you can use to to display information about your facility, organization, mission statement, etc.

Our Staff

This is also an optional section where you can enter details about your staff members.

Our Amenities

This is also an optional section where you can enter details about the amenaties at your facility.

My Account

This section is available after a member successfully logs into the site. From here, they have the following options to manage and view their membership account.

Change My Password

Once logged in, a member may wish to change their password to something that they can easily remember. They can do so from this link.

Talk To Us

If a member would like to issue feedback to the club, they can do so here. An email will get sent to the club. In CX, the feedback will appear as a Message on the member’s record and the back office can review the messages by printing a “Messages” report in Membership Management.

Account Info

Once logged in, a member may wish to change their contact information. When the member submits their changes, the changes will immediately show up in Membership Management in CX. You may configure labels and confirmation email text on this screen.

Note: The member may not change the MemberID and ContractID even though those are shown as options.

Usage Report

This option is used to view Facility Visits. You can configure the screen labels here and choose to show or hide this option.

Make Payment

Once logged in, a member may make a payment online to pay off an account balance. myClub only accepts Credit Card payment. If a person has a “Card On File” they may select that option to use that card to authorize the payment rather than key in a Credit Card on the website.

View Transaction History

This option is used to view Transaction History such as purchases and payments. You can configure the screen labels here and choose to show or hide this option.

Account Change Request

This is where you can change your Billing Information. In this feature:

  • You can only change to the same Account Type e.g. if you are using a credit card for billing, you can change to another credit card but you cannot change to a ACH or check.
  • In CX, when you submits a change, the changes are held in a review area. The Back Office at the facility must run the Member Portal Review to authorize the changes and save them to Membership Management.

Renew Membership

This option is not available in CX.

Refer My Friends

If enabled and you are logged-in canm you can send a referral invitation to another member via Facebook, Twitter, or email. The prospective member can then bring that referral into the club so the referring member gets credit for the referral. This is also where you configure the referral messages, confirmations and text.

My Services

This is where you go to view Services (eClub) and Packages (CX). This is also where you can disable this option.