Moso Desktop




MOSO Desktop is an add-on that allows MOSO to work with printers, drawers, and barcode scanners. It is required starting with Mercury MR2 in order for MOSO to work with printers, drawers, and scanners.

This application replaces NPAPI / Java Applet features that are no longer supported by Chrome and Firefox.

Please note the application is not compatible with Windows XP.

Prerequisite - .Net 4.5.2 or higher via Windows Update

System Administrators Instructions

IT teams can now push the install to desktops using the following install file: Download MOSO.Desktop.App.PushInstall.exe from this link

  1. Then use this command for pushing the install: MOSO.Desktop.App.PushInstall.exe ""
  2. This push install can also be used on Workstations that have connection errors with the manual install and Chrome
    1. Uninstall current MOSO Desktop (may have to reboot)
    2. Download the push install to local workstation
    3. Run “Command Prompt” as Administrator
    4. Change Directories to directory where you downloaded the exe
    5. Run from the Command Prompt: MOSO.Desktop.App.PushInstall.exe ""
    6. Reboot workstation


The following are instructions on how to manually install MOSO Desktop.

The manual install of Desktop App is available for download from: Please note that the App is Windows only.

Installing the App prior to MR 2 will not cause any problems / conflicts for the current version of Mercury.

This install is for Windows only and is a manual install on each workstation that prints receipts

  1. Download App by clicking on the link above
Moso desktop 1.png
  1. Click Download indicator in Browser
Moso desktop 2.png
  1. Run Setup Exe
Moso desktop 3.png
  1. Run through installer
Moso desktop 4.png
Moso desktop 5.png
  1. Say yes to Certificate warning (will allow Desktop App to automatically update itself in the future when a new version is posted)
Moso desktop 6.png
  1. MOSO Desktop App will then run and be visible in application task bar with other running applications
Moso desktop 7.png
  1. When clicked on then shows as small app running in lower right. Yellow alert is due to not having a Mercury MR 2 session of MOSO running. So all customers will see this until MR 2 is deployed.
Moso desktop 8.png

After the Mercury MR 2 release, the Desktop App can still be downloaded from the link above or from within MOSO on the Downloads screen.

Moso desktop 9.jpg