MosoMRM 2.1.8




(Release Date: 12/16/2014)

MosoMRM 2.1.8 is a patch that focuses on several billing issues, use of account credit, and also includes one (1) icon_new.gif feature:

  • Accelerate Service Item Redemption (see below)

Accelerate Service Item Redemption

The Accelerate Start on Early Payment check box.

This feature gives you the ability to schedule and redeem Service Items ahead of their next scheduled invoice date. To use this feature, the Accelerate Start on Early check box has been added as an option in the Service Item Type configuration only. (NOTE: Pending on your screen resolution and/or width of the window, "Payment" may not immediately display.)

This feature applies primarily to Service Agreements with a finite number of PT sessions per period (typically a month), and PT packages with multiple sessions. Typically, these Agreements and packages include a specific number of sessions (e.g. 10 per month) and these sessions are not made available for scheduling and redemption until their next invoice cycle. Selecting this option gives you the ability to schedule and redeem your NEXT series of sessions after you have redeemed all of your current sessions.

For example:

  1. PT Service Agreement: 10 sessions per month
  2. Next Invoice Date on Agreement: Nov 1 ("Monthly on the 1st")
  3. You use all 10 of your October sessions in the first two weeks of the month.
  4. If this check box is selected, the next series of available sessions (10) in your Agreement are immediately available for scheduling and redemption.
  5. Previously, these next 10 sessions would not have been available until Nov 1, after the next invoice date was satisfied.

Reports & Launch Pad


New Reports


Resolved Issues


  • Promotion amounts are now displaying correctly in Agreement Preview and Payment Options sections of the the Agreement Writer. (Note: The amounts were being applied correctly in POS.)(107703,108275,7567,6424)
  • The proper invoice requests are being generated for Agreements coming off of suspension.(NS:107216,7055,8744)
  • All fees are displaying correctly in the Agreement Preview and subsequently the PDF version of the Agreement. This was an issue in Moso myClub Agreements only.(NS:106537,6431)
  • The Amount Due and Balance now display the proper amounts in the Invoices tab when that amount due is paid on an Installment Agreement. Previously, the entire amount due of the invoice was displaying in the Amount Due column after the payment was made.(NS:106583,6402)
  • The Invoice Due Date remains the same when a partial payment is made on a future invoice. This in turn, no longer puts the account and invoice in a Past Due status.(NS:100732,100918,100646,103740,106618,107050,108014,6319)
  • The proper invoices and payment requests are being created for Agreements coming off of suspension after their Obligation Date.(NS:107216,7055)

Billing/Moso Task Processor (MTP)

  • The issue with Rebill amounts displaying incorrectly has been resolved. This was primarily a display issue in the Invoices tab only, specifically with the Decline Fee not displaying as paid, not a calculation error.(NS:108646,8264,8647)
  • After a partial payment is made toward a future invoice, specifically with a gift card, the remaining amount due is displaying and being collected correctly. This was also an issue if multiple tender types were used for the original payment of the future invoice. (NS:108143,108611,108060,7935,8563,7831)
  • Proper Tax Amounts are being applied during the billing process. This was primarily a caching issue.(NS:108067,7822)
  • Payments can be made on an invoice using account credit, or a credit balance transfer, without error.
    • A portion of the problem when using account credit was a rounding error in the formula.(NS:107992,108196,108475,7796)
    • This issue no longer occurs when attempting to use credit to pay for an Add-On Agreement that included a promotion.(NS:106146,7324)
  • Credit balance transfers are no longer being reversed after they have been applied during a transaction.(NS:107356,7709,8441)
  • Members are no longer being back billed for the periods that were missed on their bill dates.(NS:107647,107821,7357)
  • Suspension fees are now being applied correctly for the Primary and Add-On Members, based on the configured allocation percentages. In some isolated cases, they were being applied to both.(NS:107620,7039)
  • The projected payment due dates, specifically for annual fees, are displaying correctly when the Invoice and Payment dates are different in the Bundle Setup.(NS:106710,6415)
  • The primary issues surrounding double billing have been corrected. (NS:107848,7655)
  • You can now use multiple tenders for payment plan transactions without issue.(NS:107188,6872)
  • The key issues with Agreement being invoiced for the suspended periods after coming off of suspension have been fixed.(NS:106369,5738)


  • The AR Aging in the Accounts tab and the Invoice Balance on the Invoices tab are now displaying the same amounts for specific balances.(NS:107139,107841,103148,7627,3277)

Moso myClub

  • All fees are displaying correctly in the Agreement Preview and subsequently the PDF version of the Agreement. This was an issue in Moso myClub Agreements only.(NS:106537,6431)
  • Moso myClub and MosoMRM are now synced up to display the proper invoice balances on the My Profile page. Previously, balances were displaying as past due in Moso myClub but not past due in MosoMRM.(NS:99243,103193,1740)


  • The number of remaining sessions now displays again for each listed activity in the Prepaid Activities drop-down list in the Create Appointment pop-up window.(NS:106140,106069,106248,5838,7580,7581)

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