MosoMRM 2.01 (draft)




MosoMRM 2.01 is a release focusing primarily on:

  • Improving performance
  • Moso Task Processor (MTP) operations
  • Report and Database updates

We have two (2) new reports, both of which are replacing the Sales Analysis report. Also, these new reports, along with one other, have the ability to use a new set of database tables that will improve the speed and efficiency of reporting operations, including the creation of custom reports.

Reports & Database


We have updated the structure of our database with a new set of tables to provide you with a more efficient and faster custom reporting experience. These new and simplified tables are independent from our core transactional system so information can be exchanged with you at much greater speeds. Furthermore, you can access these tables in Report Builder making the creation of custom reports much easier.

The following four (4) reports will use these new tables:

These tables are updated nightly in MosoMRM and contain past data only, including the previous day's activities. Consequently, if you want to run any of the noted reports for the current day, or use any of the current day's data, these tables will NOT be used and the query will be run against the standard transactional tables. Also, to run the reports using these new tables, you are limited to maximum date range filter of 31-days.

If you enter incorrect parameters you will receive the following error messages:

If you want to pull data from today:

  1. LAST REPORTING DATA UPATE: <<date>> USING LIVE DATA. Please contact Administrator.

If you attempt to pull data from a date range outside of the scope of these tables (31-days):

  1. Using live data. Restricted to 31 days. Start Date has been adjusted.

NOTE: Sales Revenue and Payment Allocation are replacing the Sales Analysis report.

(NOTE...DO NOT CLICK ON EITHER OF THESE LINKS ABOVE UNTIL AFTER RELEASE or you will be navigated away from this page!!! I will remove this note after we release. THANKS YOU...Chris)


  • The load times for POS transactions that include a large lists of items and/or a large list of available Discounts has been reduced to less than 5-seconds.(NS94022,329)
  • Caching changes have been made to several expansive pages to increase performance.(433,306)
  • When adding a new Member, the duplicate check no longer times out the application.(237)
  • Performance improvements have been made to the standard both the standard Search and Advanced Search features.(301)
  • Paging and row limiting has been added so the system will no longer time out when accessing the Scheduler tab in Operations Security (right click) on the Employee Profile.(714)
  • The performance times when adding a Party to an Account and Children have been significantly reduced.(578)


  • The billing amounts for subsidized Corporate Agreements are calculating accurately in both the Projected Billing section on the Agreements tab and in Payments (Make Payment) in POS.( NS98679,589)
  • A Service Agreement with a future cancellation date that is set for the same day as the Obligation Date, cancellation fees are no longer being inadvertently charged. The action is now determined using the DATE ONLY, without any consideration for the actual time of day.(NS98866,636)
  • Rebilling operations are no longer running outside of the Agreement's configured rebill schedule.(NS100310,99426,95051,678)


POS Receipt for a standard POS Transaction.

The POS Receipt format has been redesigned to more clearly and accurately detail transaction activity including:

  • Standard POS transactions (right)
  • Payment History
    • Payments against an invoice
    • Multiple invoices with single and multiple payments

The most significant change is that the cashier noted on the receipt for each transaction is now the currently logged in user at that register at the time of the transaction. This is in lieu of the cashier with the current PIN Code log-in at the time of the transaction or the original salesperson for that invoice (e.g. for an Agreement). Also, the cashier and the register name associated with a payment are included with each payment transaction in the Payments section of the receipt. The register name will typically be associated with a specific Workstation. Consequently, the Cashier and Register items have been removed from the top section of the receipt leaving only the Customer, Invoice Number, and Date of the original transaction.

For Payment History transactions, the currently logged in user will display on the receipt. On these receipts, you will notice the following:

  1. Items section: Unchanged
  2. Totals section: Unchanged
  3. The Payments are now grouped in DATE order and the Cashier displayed is the currently logged in user at the time of transaction.
Payment History Receipts (click images to enlarge)
Payment receipt for a single invoice.
Payment receipt for multiple invoices.

Reports & Launch Pad

Dashboards on the Launch Pad will now load, and can also be changed, without error.(NS95831,94895,286)

Several reports have been revamped with new available filters and more options:(NOTE...DO NOT CLICK ON EITHER OF THE LINKS BELOW UNTIL AFTER RELEASE or you will be navigated away from this page!!! I will remove this note after we release. THANKS YOU...Chris)

Activity Liability

  • The Category and Subcategory filters are now working properly on this report.(NS97084,241)

Activity Management

  • All filters on this report are now multi-select in lieu of drop-down lists.(NS98547,575)

Agreement Initiations

  • All Expiration and Obligation Dates are being accurately reported.(NS98582,581)

Agreement Sales

  • The Lead Source filter has been added to this report.(49)

Billing Batch Declines

  • This report can be generated without issues.(NS99056,1117)

Billing Statments


  • Data and calculation issues:
    • You can now report on cash back transactions on Payments
    • Fixed the method in which the amount is calculated in the transaction details.
    • The summary lines have been rewitten to ensure the Summary and Detail Totals match.
  • Members & Organization statements have been separated and reorganized to improve performance.
  • Dates have been added to the summary caption.
  • The list for Sponsored Charges is now alphabetical.
  • The Member Number has been moved to the logo line to ensure proper window spacing on the envelope.
  • The Member Characteristics sections in Organization queries has been removed and the parameters have been hidden when Organization is selected.
  • The default date criteria have been changed to the start and end of prior month in lieu of start of prior month to today.

Daily Employee Schedule


  • Three (3) new multi-select filters have been added to this report:
    • Division Name
    • Business Unit Name
    • Employee with Service Type - This will limit the Employees in the Employee selection list by their assigned Service Types.
  • The report now displays the Member's name on each Appointment and the total count for Events.
  • A popup subreport has been added to also display the Member's names from the Event Count and Activity details for Appointments.
  • An Employee Summary has been added that includes the Appointment, Event, Member, and total Duration Count.
  • The Employee filter is now reporting correctly.

Employee Summary

  • The Work Role and Location grouping options are now available on this report.(NS98256,438)

Member Accounts

  • You can now generate a report when selecting Bank Draft-EFT (if applicable as an option) in the Tender Type filter.(NS98183,99850,443)

Member Information

  • This report is now displaying the Member's phone number.(NS98409,597)

Organization Activity

  • All Add-on Members are now reporting accurately on this report.(NS97614,164)
  • All Organizations with an active Agreement, and all Agreement activity, will now display on this report.(NS96494,238)
  • This report is now capturing all usage (check-in) totals accurately, and includes a grand total. Along with this, it can be cleanly exported into excel.(NS91791,95379,95380,97525,169,223,705)

Post Billing Detail

  • Any applicable taxes are now display correctly on this report.(NS94668,94670,276)

Post Billing Summary

  • This report is now reporting only on what was billed during the designated date range.(NS94666,275)


  • Standard transactions such as Open, Close, and Join are now reported correctly regardless of which Tender Type and Tender Attribute is selected.(NS90832,99650,288)

Tender Analysis

  • This is a summary report of all payments by Tender Type within a given time frame and has been revamped with additional drill down options. It is now calculating all amounts per tender type accurately.(NS96828,246)

New Reports

The following reports are icon_new.gif(Folder location in Data Analytics):

The Sales Revenue and Payment Allocation reports are replacing the Sales Analysis report.(click any link above, or just scroll down, for a short description of each report) (NOTE...DO NOT CLICK ON EITHER OF THESE LINKS UNTIL AFTER RELEASE or you will be navigated away from this page!!! I will remove this note after we release. THANKS YOU...Chris)

Payment Allocation

This report is a list of what was paid for within a given time frame.

Sales Revenue

This is a report listing what was sold within a given time frame grouped by location. Report includes quantity, sold amount, tax, and discount.

Resolved Issues

Activity Management


  • The Agreement Summary section (gray,right) is calculating ALL totals accurately for Service Agreements with:
    • An Obligation Quantity greater than one (1).(NS96109,152)
    • Any multiple billing instances.(NS97358,567)
  • The Cancellation with Refund feature for all Agreement billing types (PIF, Perpetual, Installment) is now working properly.(NS98197,331)
  • All recurring Suspension Fees are now billing correctly and on the configured date.(NS98137.387)
  • For suspensions that are set to take effect immediately, the Agreement Status now also updates immediately on the Member Profile.(NS99661,1396)
  • Any applicable refunds are now calculating correctly for a cancelled Service Agreement that included a zero dollar ($0) additional item.(NS98744,719)

Billing Schedules

  • You can now remove a Rebilling Schedule from an Assigned Tender in a Billing Schedule. A "blank" option has been added to the Rebilling Schedule drop-down list on the Assigned Tender pop-up window that can be selected to remove the schedule.(NS96814,153)


  • Any edits to the Event Terms and Conditions (Descriptions tab) can now be saved without issue.(NS96266,303)
  • Cancelled participants are no longer being listed on Event Registration report.(NS98434,612,1643)


  • If a phone number is required to save a new Member record (which is an option configuration setting), a correctly formatted number must be entered before the new record can be saved.(NS97232,580)
  • The projected billing amounts for subsidized Corporate Agreements are now calculating and displaying accurately in both the Agreements tab and in the Payment Requests pop-up window (Make Payment) in POS.(NS98679,589)
  • The Projected Billing in the Agreement details no longer display previously paid invoice amounts. (NS97989,188)


  • All Members will now display when doing a standard Search during the Add-On process. This applies to both the standard and Advance Search features.(NS97025,97061,98366,99112,99674,617)
  • When adding an Add-on, "1/1/2000" no longer prepopulates the Date of Birth field on the New Add-on for, {Member} pop-up window. It is empty on the form when it displays but still a required field during the process.(NS97501,144)


  • The correct invoice is being printed for the proper Member if multiple Member Profile tabs are open in the application.(NS97944,170)
  • The correct payment due date is now being applied to the invoice for sponsor transfers and also displays correctly for on account charges.(NS99909,99908,1544)


When doing a standard Member Search:

  • The results now display the correct phone number, or the first active number listed, from their Member Profile.(NS98040,470)
  • A Member with multiple Agreements will no longer display multiple times in the search results.(NS97298,585)
  • To Add a Party to an Account, the search results will now return only Members. Previously, Staff Members were also being returned in the results.(NS96470,586)

Portal Login & Moso myClub

  • All leading and trailing spaces have been removed from the database. These spaces were affecting proper log-in to Moso myClub. Also, since this issue was often creating multiple records for the same Member, this fix identifies duplicates and removes all but the correct record from the database.(NS97714,192)
  • The Reset Password notification email is now being sent from the proper email address in the application (Notification "from" email address in the Scheduler Settings tab in the Business Unit configuration).(NS97981,204)


  • A Shift can now be closed from any Workstation regardless of where it was opened or where the last action occurred.(NS97010,97121,154)
  • The On Account Credit Limit can now be used immediately after a Member has created an account. Also, these transaction can be done by any User with the appropriate Work Role, not just by a User with System Administrator privileges.(NS98037,97853,97795,180)
  • Transactions can be finalized consistently without receiving the Object reference not set to an instance of an object (Error 500) error message. Previously, the transactions were still finalizing even with this error message.(NS99306,330)
  • When a partial payment is made on a current or past due invoice, and either a single tender type or multiple tender types are used in the transaction, the amount paid, not the total amount of the invoice, now displays accurately on the receipt. Click HERE for all of the new Receipt updates.(NS99011,100057,99571,1225)


  • The required Sunday sabbatical for the scheduling of recurring appointments has been lifted. You can now schedule recurring appointments on all seven days of the week.(NS98158,98880,1177)

User Interface

  • The Search on the Modules Menu (left navigation on all MosoMRM pages) no longer returns any duplicate results.(NS92267,307)
  • The Billing Address of the Business Unit, if configured in your Enterprise Configuration, is now displaying properly on all invoices.(NS95438,1353)

Feature Security Updates