MosoMRM 1.95


SYSTEM ADMINISTRATORS...remember to log out, CLEAR CACHE, then log back in to your MosoMRM system!

This is especially important if you have the Permanent Log-In option selected on any POS or Check-In Workstations!!!



(Release Date: 7/3/2013)

MosoMRM 1.95 includes three (3) new configuration items and several refinements and enhancements to existing features and functionality:

icon_new.gif As of the MosoMRM 1.90 release, a Feature Security Updates section has been added to our Release Notes. This section lists all of the additional security settings that apply to any new or existing features in each MosoMRM release.

MosoMRM 1.95 Supplement

Due to the length of this page, a supplemental page has been added to the Release Notes that includes the updates to:

Click this link to view the MosoMRM 1.95 Supplement.

MosoMRM 1.95.1 Release

Release Date: 7/17/2013

MosoMRM 1.95.2 Release

Release Date: 7/24/2013

MosoMRM 1.95.3 Release

Release Date: 8/2/2013

MosoMRM 1.95.4 Release

Release Date: 8/27/2013

Activity Redemption

Enhancements have been made to the Activitiy redemption process.

Auto Email Activity Use Notification

An email can now be automatically generated and sent when an Activity has been used. This feature can be turned on or off at will based on the icon_new.gif Auto email redemption receipt setting in Check-In & Activity Configuration, which is also new.

If the Auto email redemption receipt check box is selected, the email will be automatically generated and sent when the Activity is redeemed with one of the following Statuses:

This action can be performed in Activity Management, Check-In, or in Scheduler and is sent to the email address, and in the same format, that currently displays in the Usage receipt pop-up window. Even though the email is automatically sent, that pop-up will continue to function in its normal manner so any receipts can be manually printed and/or sent to any other email addresses.

Signature Capture Authorization

You know have the option to Authorize an Activity using either your Moso myClub Password or through the Signature Capture device.

There are two (2) required settings on the Workstations configuration page, one of which is the icon_new.gif Member Activity Validation drop-down list. This list gives you the option to select either "Moso myClub Password" or "Signature Capture" as the method with which the authorization will be finalized. If you select the Signature Capture option, you MUST also select "Yes" in the Signature Device drop-down list.

When going through the authorization process, these settings work in conjunction with the standard authorization rules. The Signature button will display in lieu of the Enter Your Password to Confirm text box. Select that button and the Signature Capture interface displays along with the device prompt, both of which will include the following information:

  • Location
  • Redemption Date and Time
  • Activity (or Unit Name)
  • Resource (Trainer if an appointment or first instructor if an Event)
  • Member ID and Name

Business Unit Filtering

The Business Unit drop-down list in the header of all MosoMRM pages now accepts text as a filter to locate each Business Unit.

The currently logged-in Business Unit will always render at the top of all listings. When you enter a minimum of two (2) letters in the field, the results will display accordingly with all subsequent results listed in alphabetical order. This feature does not affect the pagination feature in the drop-down list.(6177,NS:87255/87348)


Importing Events

You can now import Events from a CSV file, giving you the ability to better manage large numbers of classes and sessions.

The icon_new.gifEvent Import configuration page displays and stores all of the pertinent import data including:

  • Import ID (auto-generated by application)
  • Type of validation (Validate Only or Validate and Import)
  • Status (Not Started, In Progress, Completed, or Completed with Errors)
  • Status Date in UTC time
  • Total Rows imported
    • Successful number of imported rows
    • Failed number of imported rows i.e. rows that contained errors.

The Import Events pop-up window is where you select the .csv file to import and where you can ensure that it is properly formatted before doing your upload and/or import. At that point you have the option to either Validate Only or Validate and Import.

The import creates the Event Instances, including the dates for those instances and loads them directly into the Events page. The import also sets two (2) Resource options (Employee and Room) for each instance.

The Event itself must still be manually created in MosoMRM. This gives you the ability to import multiple instances per event at different locations, on different dates and times, and with multiple instructors.

Event Codes

The Event Code and new Instance Code now display on each record in the Events interface. Since the names of Events and Instances may be very similar for marketing and other operational purposes, a visible and unique identifier will distinguish the records in reporting and in the import process.

An Event Code can be entered directly when adding the Event Details or, if you do not enter a code during this process, it will be auto-generated by the application and added to the record. The Instance Code is always auto-generated by the application.

Invalidating a Funding Source

You know have the ability to invalidate a Funding Source after it has been declined a designated number of times within an established time period in MosoPay e.g. if a Member's Credit Card is decline 3 times in 2 months for insufficient funds, it can be invalidated immediately if that Decline Reason was selected when the payments were processed.

The Funding Source section has been added to the revamped Decline & Reversal Reasons configuration. The selections in this section are made with a distinct flow. (bold indicates the name of the field or check box in the configuration):

  1. Do you want to Invalidate the card?
  2. If Yes, after how many # of Occurences? (i.e how many times will a card be declined before it is invalidated.)
  3. Within {how many} Months?
  4. And does it Include Reprocesses?

After this configuration is complete and a Decline Reason that supports this operation is properly mapped in the Decline & Reversal Reason Mappings configuration, this process is done automatically by the MosoMRM Task Processor(MTP), which runs every night behind the application. The processor simply flips the Invalid check box to selected on the MosoPay screen for that Funding Source in the Accounts tab on the Member Profile page.

Member Search

In all Search fields, to return any results you must now press the ENTER key. Previously, the list would return possible matches as you entered specific letters or alphanumeric characters.

Past Due Batch Cancellations

This feature gives you the ability to automatically cancel Agreements that have extended past due balances. This feature can be used to cancel Agreements individually that meet your configured criteria but it's primary purpose is to allow you to cancel multiple delinquent Agreements in a batch.

The icon_new.gif Past Due Batch Cancel configuration page is where you select the:

  • Applicable Business Unit
  • Inclusionary criteria (Days Past Due, Minimum Amount, Cancellation Reason).
  • Exclusionary criteria (Payment Made With Dates, Corporate Add-ons, Suspended Agreements).
  • Agreements that apply to the cancellation batch.

While you can set the Days Past Due to any number (i.e the amount of days past due or more an Agreement must be to be included in the cancellation batch), typically, the standard will be 90-days or more. After you enter the criteria, the Generate List button will render a list of all applicable Members, including their:

  • Agreement
  • Balance
  • Last Payment and Last Check-In

In this list, a link is available for each record where you can individually remove that Member from the cancellation operation even if they meet the selected criteria.

The cancellation is done on the Past Due Batch Cancel page and cancels the Agreement ONLY, not the Member, and keeps the Account Balance active. Also, only Cancellation Reasons configured without a Refund option are used in the batch cancellation process.

Payment Plans

Payment Plans are a method of taking the balance due on an Agreement down payment and spreading it out over multiple installments. This feature gives you the ability to set up a Payment Plan for the Total Amount of the balance due in lieu of having to set up a plan for each applicable item in the Agreement.

  • Payment Plans can ONLY be made available for Paid-In-Full items within a Bundle or items with Perpetual Billing schedule that includes no installments. A Payment Plan cannot be made available for ANY item that includes Installment Billing.
  • The icon_new.gif Payment Plans configuration page is the means for System Administrators to configure the rules and restrictions regarding these installment payments.
  • If Payment Plans are available and configured for an Agreement, you can subsequently select a plan in the Choose Down Payment Plan section in the Agreement Writer.

The Payment Plans configuration is a tabbed page that gives you the ability to set up general information and select:

  • The minimum and maximum Number of Payments.
  • The Payment Amount Restrictions, including the total minimum amount and the maximum percentage of the remaining invoice that can be financed.
  • The Staff Work Roles that can use each specific Payment Plan.
  • The Business Units where the plan will be available.
  • Any applicable Billing Schedules or you can use the Billing Schedule of the Agreement you select.
  • The Agreement Classification.
  • Applicable Agreements assigned to the plan.

When you select an Agreement during the Agreement Writer process that has an associated Payment Plan, the down payment will apply across ALL items (with a price) in the primary Bundle.

Preferred Locations

You now have the ability to select a Preferred Location within the parameters of your membership. The preferred location will default to your home club but is adjustable once you add more clubs to your profile in both the MosoMRM interface and in the Moso myClub portal.

The icon_new.gifPreferences tab is replacing the Notifications tab on the Member Profile. This tab includes the following sub-tabs:

  • Preferred Locations
  • Notifications (This includes all of same information from the standalone tab.)

The Preferred Locations tab is where you search for, select, and organize your location preferences.

  • You can select multiple preferred locations if you desire (up to 10) and "rank" them in your order of preference.
    • When selecting your preferences, the locations where you have an active agreement will display at top of list of your search results.
  • These preferred locations are used as filters within Moso myClub when searching for Events and/or Appointments.
    • They locations are sorted in your order of preference in the drop-down list.
    • The remaining locations in the Enterprise are sorted alphabetically in each list.
  • These multiple locations can also be used as report filters.

The Allow as Preferred Location check box has also been added to the Main tab of the Business Unit configuration. This flag accommodates Enterprises that have a corporate, non-member, location in their hierarchy. Hence, this flag gives you the ability to filter so these locations do NOT get selected as Preferred Locations.

You can add your preferences directly in Moso myClub after you log in to your Account. The Preferred Locations link has been added to the left navigation (and header) that directs you to the page where you can select and organize your preferences. When you open the page, the user interface and operational features are similar to those in the Preferences tab in MosoMRM. Also like MosoMRM, the preferences can be added and organized by a Staff Member.

System Configuration

Check-In & Activity Configuration

This configuration has been renamed from Check-In Configuration to Check-In & Activity Configuration and the user interface has been modified to include a general configurations are four (4) functional sections, three (3) of which are new.

  1. Appointment Settings - This includes auto-redemption settings prior to, an after, Check-In.
  2. Activity Redemption - This includes redemption prevention settings and the new Auto email redemption receipt feature setting.
  3. Check-In Alerts - These settings give you the option to select which Alerts will display at Check-In.

The Data Fields section remains unchanged.

Decline & Reversal Reasons

The Decline & Reversal Reasons configuration has been revamped to include a Funding Source section that facilitates the new Funding Source Invalidation functionality.

The Funding Source section has a distinct "flow" that will help you determine your settings:

  1. Do you want to Invalidate the Funding Source?
  2. If Yes, after how many # of Occurences? (i.e how many times will a credit or bank card be declined before you want it invalidated.)
  3. Within {how many} Months?
  4. And does that number of occurrences Include Reprocesses?

Also, the Reprocess check box has been changed to a positive value, meaning if you select the check box, the transaction will be reprocessed automatically in the next billing cycle.


The Check-In section has been relabeled to Check-In %& Activities. In this section, the Member Activity Validation drop-down list has been added. This setting gives you the option to select either "Moso myClub Password" or "Signature Capture" as the method with which authorizations are finalized. If you select the Signature Capture option, you MUST also select "Yes" in the Signature Device drop-down list in the General section.

Reports & Launch Pad

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Resolved Issues

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Feature Security Updates

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