MosoMRM 1.90 Supplement


This is a supplement to the MosoMRM 1.90 Release Notes that includes updates to the Reports, Launch Pad, & Report Builder and Resolved Issues.

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Reports, Launch Pad, & Report Builder

The Dashboard loading times have been reduced (17%). (5680,NS:85561)

The Select Work Role drop-down list has been added to the Launch Pad. This list is only available to users with System Administrator permissions. This feature gives the Administrator the ability to configure which dashboards will display, thus limiting the amount of information that is viewable by Staff Members in each Work Role. Also on the Dashboard:

  • The Sales Analysis graphics on the Dashboard now display in date order. (4983,NS:81832)
  • The Business Unit drop-down list in the main header of all pages in The MosoMRM User Interface now paginates. (1590,NS:81834)

In Data Analytics, the Business Unit filter on ALL reports limits the logged-in User to running reports only for Business Units where they have access to via their Work Role.

For example, Prime Time has two (2) Work Roles-one as a Manager at "Rockville" and another at "Baltimore" as a Personal Trainer. If he logs into a Workstation at Rockville, Rockville will be the only available Business Unit he will have available for selection on any report and he will only be able to run reports allowed for Managers at Rockville. If he logs into a Baltimore Workstation, Baltimore will be the only available Business Unit and he will only be able to run reports for Personal Trainers at Baltimore.

In the Report Builder:

  • The DataLayer issues when generating a custom report have been fixed.(4205,NS:73535)
  • The 'session expired due to inactivity' error message when accessing the Report Builder has been rectified. (5628,NS:85500)

New Reports

(Listed Alphabetically)

  • Agreement Rewrite
  • The following are the new Inventory reports:
    • Vendor List - This report lists all Vendors who sell inventory items as well as the date and PO Number of the last order received.
    • Inventory Received - This report displays a list of all received receipts over a date range, filtered by location, vendor, and/or item.
    • Inventory Order List - This report displays all items that are below their reorder tolerance. Last order and vendor information is also available on this report for quick reference.
    • Inventory Adjustments - This report displays all of the Inventory Adjustments reported on each item over a period of time.
    • Inventory Margins - This report helps you fine-tune your marketing efforts by providing a detailed view of the profit margin from the sales of items over a period of time and potential profit margins for your on-hand inventory.
    • Inventory Management - This is a summary report of all transactions affecting each inventory item and the impact on the number and value of the inventory on-hand.
    • Physical Inventory Worksheet - This report is a printable checklist that you can use to take a physical count of your inventory. You can use this information to trace theft, track shrinkage, and make adjustments to the system records to bring them in line with the physical count.

Updated Reports

NOTE: The load performance speeds for several Activity, Agreement, Billing, and Member reports has been upgraded. (4821,NS:80607,82149,81836,79112)

Agreement Reports

There are several new filters and options in the Agreement Reports including upgrades to support the new Agreement Rewrite functionality.

The following Agreement reports have been updated to reflect additional Agreement Rewrite functionality:

  • Agreement Cancellations
  • Agreement Initiations
  • Agreement Sales
  • Agreement Rewrite Report

The Agreements Cancelled due to rewrite option has been added to these reports. This drop-down list includes the option Include or Exclude rewritten Agreements or include Only rewritten Agreements.

The above reports, and the Agreement Suspensions report, also include the following filters and options:

  • Business Unit - This filter is permission based. You must have access to data at that Business Unit you selected to see and run reports.
  • Payment Option Type filter (All, Paid-In-Full,Perpetual, Installments)
  • Cancel Reason Types filter (All, Member Cancels, Admin Cancels)

Other Reports

(Alphabetical Order)

Accounts Receivable Aging

  • The issue of Members having improper credits on their accounts has been rectified. (3521,NS:69929,78080)

Activity History - The following columns have been added to this report:

  • Employee ID
  • Payroll ID
  • Member Verified and Member Verified Date
  • Manager Verified and Manager Verified Date
  • Redeemed by Check-In

To latter five (5), are accounting for the new Session Validation options. Also, Redeemed by Check-In, Member Verified, and Manager Verified are additional filters added to this report.

The RoleID now matches the actual Member. (5396,NS:84848)

Activity Liability

  • When grouping by Location and Item, the Excel export issues have been fixed. Also, the Member grouping option has been removed. (4976,NS:81698)

Agreement Initiation

  • Only Agreements initiated within the specified Date Criteria are rendered in the report. (4320,NS:76924)
  • The Total Item Price column is no longer part of the standard excel export for this report. However, if the details are expanded before the export, the Total Item Price displays and is calculating correctly.(4315,NS:77046)

Billing - Auto Pay Results

  • The decline totals are calculating correctly. Also, declines are being deducted from the submitted total instead of the approved total. (5660,NS:85501,83656)
  • (Google Chrome™ ONLY) The calendar now closes properly after a selecting a date.(4533,NS:71486)

Billing Payment Batches - This report has been reformatted on both the back end and user interface to make reconciling resubmissions easier.(5526,5527,NS:84711)

  • The Pending/Resubmits header has been added with Declined and Approved columns.
  • The original columns have been renamed and moved to the right as Non-Resubmits with the Declined and Approved columns. This should clarify that these totals do NOT include the Pending/Resubmits totals.

Billing Statement

  • The report criteria information no longer displays when the report is exported to PDF.(5812,NS:82325)

Cancelled Appointments

  • The invalid column name in the database causing the error message when running the report has been removed.(5842,NS:86233)
<p>Childcare List

  • The excel export issues have been fixed.(5133,NS:82987)

Customer Activity

  • The invalid column name in the database causing the error message when running the report has been removed.(5842,NS:86233)

Event Attendance

  • You can run this report from the Registrants tab on the Scheduler and the the Registrations tab on the Events page.
  • A second line has been added in the Customer Name field to note the actual attendee, if that attendee was a Child, as well as the registered Member. If the registered Member is the attendee, then only their name displays in the field.
  • The Member phone numbers now print when running the report. (5178,NS:82731)

Member Information

  • The Birth Month filter has been added.
  • The PDF export is now picking up the updated criteria/filter labeling selections instead of the defaults. (4001,NS:78969)

Sales Analysis

  • You now have an additional option to Group by Bundle as well GL Code, Category, and Sub-Category. Also, regardless of the filters you select, Non-Bundle items will always display as the first section of the rendered report (3186,NS:66979).
  • The column header inconsistencies in the interface have been corrected. (5156,NS:82408)

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Resolved Issues

The following are specific issues that have been resolved in this release.


4892 (NS:77958): The Obligation Date is now calculated based on the Perpetual Billing option and the number of items sold.

5837 (NS:86033): The Add New (or Edit) Agreement pop-up window now fits properly on the screen using the minimum screen resolution (1280 x 800) on a desktop computer. This was not an issue on laptops.

Agreement Writer

5186 (NS:83395): Inactive Accounts are no longer available for selection in the Accounts drop-down list when selecting a Funding Source during the process.

5724: The total price when using Back button multiple times no longer reverts back to original price if quantity is changed.

5768 (NS:85865): The error message when changing a Perpetual Option to a Paid-In-Full option in your Bundle after you click the Next button in that step has been fixed.

5841 (NS:86008): When changing a Perpetual Option to a Paid-In-Full option for a Bundle item with a 'Quantity of more than one (1), the quantity is recognized correctly and displays accurately on POS.

Billing Schedules

5159 (NS:79116): The Holiday Effects, including the drop-down list on the user interface, has been removed from Billing Schedules.


4866 (NS:80660): The issue with the Automatic Check-In feature allowing inactive/suspended Members to check in has been rectified.

5176 (NS:80673): An Activity Redemption Receipt is no longer being printed if the Print Redemption Rcpt setting in the Workstation is set to No.

Data Security

4907 (NS:75516): You can now select the Data Security settings for Organizations consistently between all Business Units.

Enterprise Configuration

5019 (NS:82296): The error when changing a Division on the Business Unit has been cleared.


5530 (NS:84523): The Pacific Time-Zone issue when creating an Event Type and Event Instance at a Business Unit in that time zone has been corrected.

Item Setup

4997 (NS:81341): Items with a Minimum Price of zero dollars ($0) are being saved properly. Consequently, you can edit this price as a Paid-In-Full option in the Agreement Writer.


4981 (NS:81548): The Calculate Now feature on the Agreements Tab now displays the projected billing for all Billing Schedules as one TOTAL, regardless of the invoice and/or billing dates.

5186 (NS:83395): The issue of an Account Status being "past due" when the account does not have a balance due or any other unpaid invoices has been fixed.

5820 (NS:84250): The issue of the "roles" error message displaying when opening the Agreements tab has been rectified.

5775 (NS:85576): Add-On Agreements tied to Corporate Add-On are now displaying under the primary Agreement.

5816 (NS:85569): You can now cancel a Corporate Add-On Agreement when that Corporate Add-on has Add-Ons of their own.


5300 (NS:84300): The Member's name now populates the Customer Name field in the MosoPay Transactions List (back end) for all credit card transactions (POS and Billing).

Moso myClub

4743 (NS:79252): The Back and Cancel buttons are now working properly when signing up for an Online Agreement using the Paid-In-Full billing option.

MosoMRM Task Processor (MTP)

5159 (79116) - All of the Holiday Effects (Run,Skip,Run After,Run Before) on Billing Schedules are now billing accurately.


5134 (NS:83070): The issue of the Search feature not recognizing Organizations when returning an invoice has been fixed.

5809 (NS:85978): The Organization Name now displays on the Add or Edit Parties on this Account pop-up window.


4160 (NS:75724): If a Member does not have an active Account, the POS button on their Member Profile page is not activated.

4771 (NS:78900): Inactive Discounts are no longer available or display in POS.

2077 (NS:70167): The Member's email address now displays in the (Email) TO field on a POS receipt.


5198 (NS:83741): You can now set the default calendar view to "Resources" without issue.

5153 (NS:82695): The redeemed icon (green check mark) now displays on the appointment on the Calendar if appointment have been configured to auto-redeem at check-in.

5623 (NS:85555,85497): The error message when creating an appointment with the following criteria has been corrected:

  1. Employee that has availability under a Service Type, not a Service Item.
  2. The Pay with Prepaid Activity radio button selected that belongs to that same Service Type.

5687 (NS:85698): The seconds have been removed appointment times (hh:mm).

5691 (NS85702): The Start Date/Time and End Date/Time fields are now read only on the [[How to Use the Scheduler#Editing an Appointment or Event Registration|Edit Appointment pop-up window. The Notes field is the only editable field.

Signature Capture

4987 (NS:81887): The timeout has been increased to address the "Signature device service is not running" message received on the signature device. NOTE: It is recommended that you also check the sync between the local server and the device.


4420 (NS:77657): You can now rescind a Suspension if an Add-On was created during the Suspension period.


5763 (NS:85064): The issue of Check-In Workstations randomly timing out has been rectified.

Feature Security Updates

While the vast majority of updates in this section will be Feature Security Permissions, any Operations (right click) and Data Security updates will also be included.

Activity Scheduling/Redeeming

The Allow Scheduling/Redeeming Activities with Past Due Balances setting gives you the ability to schedule or redeem an activity for a Member whose Account has a past due balance.

This setting also gives you the ability to override the Prevent Scheduling or Activity Redemption with Past Due Bill Account setting in the Business Unit configuration (Scheduler tab).

Activity Authorization

The permission settings for Activity Authorization are in the Activity Management folder and include:

  • Employee allowed to authorize activity redemption
  • Allow View Staff Appointment Audit-My Planner

Allow View Staff Appointment Audit-My Planner activates the Staff Appointments Audit node in My Planner and gives a Manager or Administrator the permission to view and subsequently authorize the redemption of a session. On this page, you can view the Member or Manager and the date on which they authorized any redemption for a specific Business Unit.

Activity Sharing and Authorization Permissions

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Activity Sharing

The permission settings for Activity Sharing are in the Activity Management folder and include:

  • View Activity Sharing
  • Saving Activity Sharing

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Inventory Management

The permission settings for Inventory Management are at the Work Role and Operations Security (right click) levels ONLY.

Permissions are required to receive and adjust inventory. These are the permissions associated with Inventory Management:

  • Inventory Feature Security Permissions
    Inventory Adjustment - Gives you permission to view and add adjustments.
  • Inventory Adjustment Reason - Gives you permission to view, add, and update Adjustment Reasons.
  • Inventory Receiving - Gives you permission to add and view the received inventory.
  • Operations Security (right click) for each configuration page:

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Performance Commissions

Each configuration page has its own folder in which you can select the appropriate permission settings for that Work Role.

  • Commission Groups
  • Commission Batch Management
  • Performance Schedule Setup
Performance Commissions Feature Security Settings
Performance Schedules security settings.

Each configuration page has the standard Operations Security (right click) security settings (View,Change,Delete,Add).

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