MosoMRM 1.60




(Released: 09/07/2012)

MosoMRM 1.60 includesicon_new.gif features as well as an array of upgrades within existing functionality. New functionality includes:

Access Types

The Check-In Types configuration has been renamed to Access Types. This is simply more accurate terminology for the configuration.

Account Aging

The Aging Balance Due has been added to the Account Details section on all Accounts (Member and Organization). This gives a running total on Invoices that have a Balance Due NOT on the total Account Balance using the standard Aging periods: 0-30 Days, 31-60 Days, 61-90 Days.

Duplicate Checking

When adding a New Member, the New Member Information window is a new feature that gives you the ability to enter specific information (First Name, Last Name, Gender, and Date of Birth), which in turn is checked against the database for duplicate Members, or Members with similar names. When you enter the First and Last Name, which are required, and there is a potential duplicate Member, a separate panel slides into the window, giving you the option to either:"Continue adding new member" or "Load existing member" and create their profile.

Agreement Groups

Agreement Groups categorize Agreements for the purpose of allowing a "Primary Party" to sponsor other parties under their Agreement. These sponsored Parties are referred to as "Add-ons" to the Agreement. This feature also gives you the ability to assign specific attributes as they relate to the Add-ons in each specific Agreement e.g. cancellation options, payment allocations, discounts, etc.

The Agreement Groups section and a drop-down list have been added to Agreement Setup and Agreement Writer respectively hence, you MUST configure Agreement Groups before you can configure or sell an Agreement.

Family & Corporate Agreements

There are three (3) primary groupings:

  1. Family - An Agreement that is sold to a single Party as the primary Member with family members (Add-ons) added to that Agreement.
  2. Corporate - An Agreement that is sold to an Organization or Corporation as the primary Party with other individual members (Add-ons) added to that Agreement at their discretion. These two are the primary types and the delineation between the two revolves around how the responsibilities for the Agreements are typically structured:</p>
    1. Corporation: The Corporation will typically purchase a Corporate Agreement of some sort and be the Primary Party on the Agreement. Individuals will subsequently have Add-on Agreements that the Primary Party is responsible for, or they have an agreed upon split of those responsibilities.
    2. Organization: While these will be set up in the same manner as Corporate Agreements in MosoMRM, and they may split Agreement responsibilities, Organizations will typically be an entity where a group of Individuals get a preferred or special rate and do NOT share in the responsibility e.g. Teachers, Military, Sports Officials, Firefighters, Police, etc.
  3. Individual - The standard single Party Agreement.

Agreements Tab

Filters have been added to the Agreements tab on the Member Profile page giving you the ability to select which Agreements you want to view in this tab. This is also included in the same tab on the Organization Profile page. You can filter the Agreements by:

Any Agreement with Add-ons, Corporate or Family, will be displayed with an Expand/Collapse icon Expand Button.png to the left of each Agreement. This gives you the ability to view, the Add-on Agreements on a Family or Corporate Agreement and their same details or, if you are in the Agreement tab of an Add-on, you can in turn, view the Primary Agreement information. With either of these, the Member or Organization in the expanded view is a link to their Profile page.


The Discount Codes configuration has been renamed to Discounts/Adjustments. The ability to create discounts is still available but it now also includes the ability to make accounting/pricing adjustments.

Enterprise Security Configuration

Additional security features have been added to Enterprise Security Configuration.

  • Private Key - This is used in Moso myClub for password change or reset requests. When the request is made, an email is generated with a link. When you click that link, if the values from that link match the values from the request that was sent, MosoMRM} allows you to reset the password. This is all done to prevent someone from randomly generating a "token" and requesting a password reset.
  • API Key - This is used to validate MosoMRM API users. This protects the system against anyone that wanted to access the MosoMRM API directly rather than through the application. This is also done through requiring that they supply a special token generated from the API key to verify their identity.

(NOTE: These two (2) processes are done on the back end through a series of "tokens" being generated from hashing database values, specifically the Role ID.)

  • Delegated Authentication URL - This sets up a specific site (URL) that validates against your active directory or network site, and allows for a single sign-on to any local Workstation or network using a single network password instead of your standard credentials. This feature is also used in combination with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) giving you the ability access MosoMRM externally. These settings restrict who, and from where, your MosoMRM application is being accessed.

Family Check-In

The only change to the standard Check-In user interface (UI) for Family Agreements is the presence of the Family Members section that lists all of the Members under that Agreement, both the Primary and the Add-ons. How they are listed and with what icon is dependent upon:

  • Do they have an available Access Item (Check-In)?
  • Which Member you pulled up to the main display from your original Search.
  • Their Agreement Status and the Check-In Action Status you selected for that Status.

Once you search for and select a Family Member, all other Family Members will display in the Family Members section. At this point, any Family Member with an Allow Access Status can be selected and checked-in simultaneously if you so desire.

If you select a Family Member with an Alert that will Deny Access, you can select another Family Member that does have Access and they will automatically "rotate" to the main display so you can complete the Check-In.

General Configuration

You can upload separate logos for each individual Business Unit instead of being restricted to just the Enterprise level. Your log-in screen will default to the Enterprise logo. When you log-in to your specific Business Unit, that specific logo displays. You can not select a logo at the Division level.

Merchant Account Codes

The Billing Merchant Account Code and POS Merchant Account Code are now separate items when configuring your Business Units and Workstations.

The POS Merchant Account Code is required if that Workstation will be processing POS transactions. However, you can now configure this setting to revert back to the code that you set up in that Business Unit. If that is the case, "Use Business Unit Account" (Code) will display in the POS Merchant Account Code field when updating the Workstation.

This feature gives you the ability to switch Business Units on any Workstation and have that Business Unit's Merchant Code in effect for POS Transactions without having to log-out and then log-in. When adding a new Workstation, the POS Merchant Account Code field is empty.

  • If you do NOT enter a specific Merchant Account Code in this field at this point, it defaults to "Use Business Unit Account" Code when you save the Workstation (RECOMMENDED).
  • If there is an existing POS Merchant Account Code in this field and you want to revert it to the "Use Business Unit Account" Code, click in the field, delete the existing code and it will be saved when you click the Update button.

Network Security

You can now restrict network access based on the specific IP Address of a given Workstation/Endpoint. There are three (3) areas within the application that must be configured: (2981 NS:67869)

  1. Enterprise Security Configuration
  2. Staff Work Roles
  3. Employee Profile

This feature restricts access based on a predefined range of IP Addresses. These restrictions are enforced for each Work Role or per each User. However, any System Administrator Work Role can bypass all of the IP Address restrictions.

Online Only Agreements

There is an option to make an Agreement available only online through the Moso myClub Member Portal. The Online Only check box has been added to the Availability section on the Add New Agreement and Editing Agreement pages. By selecting this check box, this Agreement will no longer be available in POS and thus also not available for selection in the Agreement Writer. (NS:#67786)


Organizations have been added as a new Party. Many of the features and functionality within Organizations is identical, or similar, to Members. Along with this, the Organization Configuration has been added to System Configuration to customize the default data options, labeling, and other options within Organizations.

Also, Organizations have been added as a Party in Data Security.

Redemption Rules and Activity Restrictions

You can now put restrictions on when an Activity can be redeemed. These restrictions are configured in the Redemption Rules configuration. You can restrict Activity redemption based on:

This feature is primarily for restricting Access itmes and places not necessarily for Services, though it can be configured accordingly. This feature, however, does NOT work in conjunction with Door Access Control.

These restrictions are selected at the Item level. You will select the restriction when you set up the Access or Service in Item Setup.


The right click menu options have been removed and rolled into the Action Types drop-down list in the standard click options for a scheduled Appointment. Within that drop-down list:

  • The Activity Receipt option is new and gives you the ability to print a receipt directly from the Scheduler calendar. After selecting Activity Receipt from the menu and click Go. The Receipt window displays that is similar to the one used in Point of Sale (this version includes only one Print button).
  • All of the options in the list now roll back into Activity Management and display in the History tab.

Swipe Button

The Swipe button has been added to the Add Funding Source page. This will capture the credit or debit card information of a new or existing Member and add it quickly, safely, and accurately to their Member Account. While this is an options feature, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you swipe the the Member's card before you Save the Funding Source.

Tender Type Permissions

You can now assign permissions to use specific Tender Types.

Resolved Issues

Reports & Launch Pad

3711 (NS:73382): The slow loading times for Standard Reports has been rectified.

3747: The Role and Agreement Group Type filters have been added to all applicable Agreement reports.

3715/3601: Several broken Drill Down links in Standard reports have been fixed in both the Firefox and Chrome browsers.

(Report Name / Drill Down link):

  • Agreement Expirations/Obligations / Initial Invoice and Details
  • Agreement Initiations / Initial Invoice and Details
  • Agreement List / Details (in Items column)
  • Agreement Suspensions / Initial Invoice and Details
  • Agreement Sales / Initial Invoice and Detail
  • Billing - Auto Pay Collection / Invoice ID
  • Billing Payment Batches / Pre-processing and Declined figures
  • Bundle Availability / Bundle Items
  • Check-In Summary / Allowed and Denied numbers
  • Enterprise Management / Initial Invoice (drill down) from Sale and Starts MTD
  • Member Statements / Invoice ID
  • Post Billing Detail / Sale Invoice ID
  • Shift Report / Invoice ID
  • Transaction List / Invoice ID (Firefox ONLY)

New Reports

The report category in which the report is located is in parentheses.

  • Event Attendance (Scheduler) - The lists the participants for a particular upcoming Event. This report can be used to view registrations, review registration activity, take attendance, and print labels.
  • Event Calendar (Scheduler) - A monthly or weekly calendar view of Events occurring at your location. You can filter the calendar by Event Type or Employee and optional Event Descriptions and Primary Event Employees or Service Providers are available for display.
  • Organization List (Organizations) - A list of all Organizations with contact, Agreement, and Member information. You can display Organizations based on the Organization Agreement Start Date or see all of the Organizations. This report can be filtered by the Organization's home Location, Organization Type, Agreement Status, and much more. An option is also available to display only Organizations with current Agreements and Active Members.
  • Organization Activity (Organizations) - This is a three (3) part report that is designed to be sent to the Organizations on a regular basis. For each Organization, the report displays the Primary (Corporate) Agreement Information, Add-On Agreement Changes during the selected date range, and all Active Add-On Agreements as of the date selected. This report can be filtered by the Organization's home Location, Organization Type, Agreement Status.
  • Task Management (Sales/Marketing)- This provided a list of all Tasks created within a date range.

Updated Reports

(Alphabetical by Report)

Agreement Initiation: This report now includes Agreements with Requires Payment and Not Finalized Statuses. (3859,NS:71588)

Billing Batch Decline:

  • Manually Reversed Payments no longer display on this report. (3787, NS:70839)
  • Reversed Payments from POS do display on this report. (3153,NS:69248)

Billing Payment Batches: The Approved Total (for batches) is now calculating accurately. (3193,NS:69567)

Performance Commission:

  • In the Options section, the Display filter label has been changed to Report View. The values in that field, Employee and Location, have been changed to match the same field on the Sales Analysis report. (3440)
  • You can now generate a Location Detail version of this report. (3440)
  • The % Payout column has been relabeled to % Rate Payout and moved next to % Rate column. (3440)

Sales Analysis: Discounts are now reflected accurately in this report. (3602,NS:71938)

Tender Analysis: The totals for a Refund transaction now report properly on this report. (3795,NS:74020)

General Information

3435: Canada and its Provinces have been added to Metadata. These will be added to the Members, Funding Sources, Staff & Users, Organizations, Vendors, and Business Unit configuration pages in a future release.

Activity Management

3157 (NS:69163): When redeeming a No Show Activity in either Activity Management or the Scheduler, "No Show" now displays properly in the Action column in the History tab.


3215,3737,3615 (NS:69142): The Projected Billing now calculates accurately in the Agreement Details in the Agreements tab (Member and Organization Profiles).

3595 (NS:71447): The Cancel button in the Agreements tab is no longer activated for a User who does not have the proper permissions to create a cancellation request.

3384,3770 (NS:71445,69009): The Received Date field has been added to the Agreement Cancellation and Suspension wizards, which notes when these requests were entered into MosoMRM. Also, the User who enters the Suspension is noted in the Suspension tab and this, and the Received Date, automatically populate in their respective tabs (the Received Date is located in the Existing Cancellation Requests pop-up window).

Agreement Writer

3738 (NS:73538): You can sell an Agreement with a zero ($0) dollar prorated price, and also prorate the Activity, so the duration is applied properly.

1976: Invoices for zero ($0) dollar Agreements now display in the Invoices tab on the Member and Organization Profile pages under all applicable Statuses.

3613: The Initial Amount (Down Payment) totals display accurately in both the Agreement Writer and in POS.

3785: The issue of a blank POS screen displaying during the Payment step has been rectified.

2499: (CHROME ONLY) The Agreement Writer display issues have been rectified.

2552/3071: You can no longer enter an amount that is outside of the Min. and Max. range for a Bundle Item that has these ranges configured. The OK button on the Edit Price pop-up will be grayed out, not allowing you to save the entry.

3587: You can now edit and finalize an Agreement with a Status of Save as Draft.

3715: The Paid in Full payment option is now available even with presence of available Installment and/or Perpetual options.

1619: The list of Agreements and Bundles in Steps 2 & 3 are now in alphabetical order.

Auto Billing

3598: Agreements with a future cancellation date are now being properly processed in the Moso Task Processor.


3735: All of the Search options are operational.


3705: Selecting the Cancel and Reinstate for an Event properly reinstates that item back to the Member.

3555: The issues around the Template Pricing being added and displaying properly for an Event have been corrected.

Enterprise Configuration

3675: The error of duplicate Business Units being created when improper phone information was entered has been corrected.


3562 (NS:71729): You can now save edited Member contact information without selecting an active source value (Data Fields).

3709 (NS:73394): A blank page no longer displays when editing a Funding Source in the Accounts tab on the Member Profile page.

3334 (NS:70517,70448) Only active Funding Sources will be available to make a Payment (back office). Also, if Use in POS is not selected when adding a Funding Source, that Funding Source is not available for Manual Payments.

Moso myClub

3235: The Amount field in the Transaction Log now displays the proper amount based on the transaction.

3426: The exception message when double booking an event includes the Member's name and the issue of getting multiple warning messages has been corrected.

3536: The Past Appointments tab has added to My Appointments, displaying the last three (3) months of Appointments.


3572 (NS:71256): You can now Make a Payment (back office) using a credit card that is NOT on file. After entering the credit card information, that information will not be saved as an additional Funding Source.

2515: You can only select, and make Payments on, Invoices with a positive balance from the Invoices tab (back office). The check box for Invoices with a negative balance are no longer activated.


3959 (NS:74747): The errors when adding a Discount to an item from the Edit menu have been rectified.

3786 (NS:73885): If a Postal Code starts with a zero(s), they are no longer removed after an applicable Tender is added in POS.

3606: You can now enter the 4-digit CVV for AMEX credit cards in POS without issue.

Portal Configuration

3673: The Paid in Full payment option is now available in Portal Configuration even with presence of available Installment and/or Perpetual options.


3250: You can now set, load, and clear default view settings in Scheduler.

3262: You can now add conflicting availability in the Schedule tab on the Employee Profile page if necessary.

3271: The unused options have been removed from the Scheduler Options configuration.

3630 (NS:72551): The text in the error message when trying to remove a past blocked time slot has been cleaned up. It now reads-"This appointment has already passed and cannot be cancelled" in lieu of the standard MosoMRM Support error message.


2201 (NS:69684): The summary step in the Suspension Wizard now displays the proper suspension effects as they were selected in the Suspension Reasons setup.


2782 (NS:71639,71855): Access Types are no longer cleared when the Workstation time zone is updated.

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