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The Members icon is the initial step and the link to locating or Adding a prospect or general Member. Though the default setting is "Members", the icon itself can be labeled accordingly based on your entry in the MemberLabelPlural field during General Configuration as you set up your system. However, most of the data options on the Member pages are set up in the Member Configuration.

All Member information is stored and displayed on the Member Profile page. The Member Profile page is where you locate and manage all of a Member's:

Qualified Members

Qualified Members is the term that distinguishes "Members" and "Non-Members" in your database. The delineation is based on the level of their active Agreements and will be noted by their Member Status. Click HERE for more information.

Members vs. Customers vs. Prospects

  • Member - An individual that has an Agreement that qualifies them as a Member. Typically, that Agreement grants them access to a club(s).
  • Customer - An individual that has made a purchase at a club or facility (PT,Agreement,Items) but that purchase, specifically an Agreement, does not qualify them as a Member.
  • Prospect - A newly created Customer who has not made a purchase or does not have an Agreement of any sort.

Other important Member Statuses:

  • Recent Member - A Member whose Agreement has expired within the specified number of months in the Statuses configuration.

Finding a Member

Phonetic Search

Phonetic Search

Advanced Search

Adding a New Member

Adding a New Member is done exclusively using the Members icon. Remember...How you enter the new member's First Name, Last Name, and Occupation on this form is how they will display everywhere in the application, including the database.

To Add a New Member:

  1. Click the Members icon in the left navigation panel. The Find Member pop-up window displays over your previous screen view, which will be grayed out.
  2. Click the Add New Member button. The New Member Information section displays in that same window.
  3. Enter, or select, the First Name, Last Name, Gender, and Date of Birth in their respective fields.
    1. These will in turn, populate their respective fields in the Member Information tab. Both Name fields are required.
    2. If you do not enter either the Gender or Date of Birth, you can subsequently add those on the Profile page.
      The New Member Information window.

Duplicate Checking

The New Member Information is added at this point the purpose of duplicate checking.

  1. If you enter a First Name, Last Name, Gender, and Date of Birth that are similar to that of an existing Member in the database, a listing of those potentially duplicate Members will slide into the panel. (NOTE: A partial name will generate a duplicate check but the Date of Birth must be an exact match.)
  2. You will have two (2) options which are highlighted in blue. The panel includes a scroll bar and displays the existing Member's Name, Member ID, Phone Number, and Home Facility:
    1. Continue adding new member - If you select this option, the information you have added will populate the fields on the Profile page and you can continue to add this New Member.
    2. Load existing member - If you select this option, you will be directed to that specific Member's Profile page.
  3. Click anywhere in that row to select the option and click the Next button.
    Duplicate Check when adding a new Member.

Additional Member Information

The remainder of the information is added in the Member tab on the newly created Member Profile page.

  1. Enter a Company Name and Occupation (optional).
  2. Leave the Last Visit Date field BLANK. This is for current member's ONLY and updates itself automatically with each check-in by that member.
  3. The Home Facility drop-down list defaults to the oldest active Agreement on the Member's profile.
    1. This field defaults to the current Log In facility (upper right corner) when creating a new Member.
    2. As it is for all Parties in MosoMRM, this field is NOT editable without the proper permissions.
    3. When an Agreement is sold to the Member, the field will update automatically to the oldest active Agreement on the profile when you click the Update button (or run a Member Update at the end of the day) and the change will also be noted in the History tab.
  4. In The Referred By field, do a Member Search and select the referring Member from the results list. This, along with the Lead Source, are both tracking metrics only.
  5. Select a Lead Source from the drop-down list. The Lead Source refers to the medium in which the lead was generated e.g. outbound phone call, mailing, email, etc.
  6. In the Check-In Message section:
    1. Enter a message in the Check-In Messages text box. This message will display on the Member's Check-In screen.
    2. To remove the message:
      1. Enter or select a date in the Clear After field when this message is no longer applicable.
      2. You can also delete the message content directly from the Check-In interface (see screen shot below). To delete the message and collapse the pop-up, click the Clear Note button. This will also removed the message content from the Member's profile page. (NOTE: It is recommended that you click either the Done or Update buttons on the Member Profile to verify that this action was completed.)
    3. Any Check-In Alerts will also display in this pop-up window. These Alerts are selected with specific time settings in the Check-In & Activity Configuration and can not be cleared.
      Check-In Message on Check-In screen
  7. If all of the information is correct and you did NOT set any of the Contact Information as required data during System Configuration, click the Save button. The Member's name and photo field will display in the toolbar along with their ID number. To the right of that are other Member Features that can be accessed. The current Membership, Agreement, and Account Status information displays below the toolbar. At this point, you are ready to Add Contact Information.
    Completed first portion of the Membership Information tab

Adding Contact Information

At this point, you can add the Postal, Phone, and Personal Email information to the Profile. Click the Edit button in either of the three (3) panels to add the necessary information.

Defining (labeling) each of these fields is done in the Member Configuration. If you selected the Required check box when you configured any of these fields, that field is required when you add the Member, Customer or other Party

The Country drop-down list and the phone number Country Code field default to the country of the currently logged-in Business Unit. Also, if the Country drop-down list defaults to any country OTHER THAN the United States, the Verify Address bar is deactivated and does not display.

To Add/Edit Address Information:

  1. This will default to the Primary tab.
  2. Enter the Address in the Address Line fields (1-3).
  3. Enter the city or county in the City/County field.
  4. Select a state or province from the State/Province drop-down list.
  5. Enter the postal code in the ZIP/Postal Code field.
  6. Select a Country from the drop-down list (Defaults to country of currently logged in Business Unit).
  7. The Invalid check box will only be selected if this address becomes invalid for any reason.
  8. If in the United States ONLY, click the Verify Address bar (optional). A Progress Bar displays.
    • If the address information is correct, you will be returned to the set up page.
    • If the address information is invalid, a Warning Message displays and you will need to make the corrections before you update (See Example below).
      Warning Message for invalid address.
  9. Select all of the Purposes check boxes that are applicable. These were set up in Membership Configuration.
    Adding (or editing) Address Information.
  10. Repeat the process, if necessary, for any additional tabs. The form is identical.

Example...If you omit the city but enter the zip code, the Verify functionality will auto-correct and add the city.

To Add/Edit Phone Information:

  1. This will default to tab designated as the primary.
  2. Select the Country Code (Defaults to country of currently logged in Business Unit).
  3. Enter the 9-digit Phone Number (NOTE: These phone numbers could be identical in multiple fields).
  4. Enter any additional phone information (e.g. extension) in the Phone Additional Data field.
  5. Select all of the Purposes check boxes that are applicable. These were set up in Membership Configuration.
    Adding (or editing) Phone Information.
  6. Repeat the process, if necessary, for any additional tabs. The form is identical.

To Add/Edit Email Contact Information:

  1. # This will default to tab designated as the primary.
  2. Enter a valid Email Address. This email address is a link to the member's default email program.
  3. Select the Opt Out check box if the member does not want to receive notices or information through email.
  4. Select all of the Purposes check boxes that are applicable. These were set up in Membership Configuration.
    Adding (or editing) Email Information.
  5. Repeat the process, if necessary, for any additional tabs. The form is identical.

When all of the required contact information is added, click the Save button.

Editing the Display Information

You have the option to display any of the options you have added in any of these three (3) panels. To switch the display, click the down arrow next to the label in the panel and select the data you would like to display.

Changing the display Address

Member Profile

A completed Member Profile page:

Completed Profile Page

Member Profile Toolbar

There are five (5) options in the top right corner of the Member Profile page that either open menus, or direct you to different functional area within the application:

The Planner button opens a menu where you can select either Opportunities or Tasks. This will direct you to any Opportunities or Tasks that are directly related to that Member in My Planner.

Member Information

This is the default tab when you open a Member Profile page.

If an Agreement was purchased online, and the Custom Message was not configured in Portal Configuration, this default Check-In Message will display on the Member Profile page.

Default Check-In Message.

Adding a Member Profile Photo

You can upload an image from your hard drive or capture it using the Picture Perfect tool that is available in the application. The date the member's profile picture is uploaded will be saved and displayed below the image. Simply hover over the image to expand and view the date it was saved.

Member's Image on Profile with Saved Date


Member Accounts are created for the purpose of charging items and tracking those charges (Invoices) for multiple Parties within the Account.


The Agreements tab is where all of the Member's Agreements are displayed and stored. The Member Profile is the only place in the application where you can access the Agreement Writer and Cancel an Agreement for an Individual Member.


The Appointments tab is a listing of all current and cancelled Activities for that Member. When any Activity is booked through the Scheduler, it is logged on this static page, including the status. The information that is logged includes:

  • Description - the actual name of the Service that was scheduled.
  • Location - the Business Unit or facility where the appointment was scheduled to be redeemed.
  • Employee - the staff member or Service Provider with whom the appointment was scheduled.
  • Status - Active, Cancelled, Completed.
  • Appointment Time.

You can also select the Pay and Redeem button which gives you the ability to redeem a Service or Event in Activity Management and pay for it in POS in a single step. This applies to the Pay at Location Payment Method ONLY.


You can add a Card (ID) to a Member Profile. The Card ID and Member ID are separate numbers and CAN NOT be the same. Also, if you add a Barcode number during the Agreement Writer process, that number will display in this tab and must also be different than the original Member ID Number. The numbering convention or sequencing of these Card Numbers is determined internally within each Business Unit.


Children are non-member Add-Ons that are added to the primary Member's (or Guardian's) Profile exclusively in this tab and can subsequently, use any Childcare services that you may have available at your facility.


The Documents tab stores any documents related to that Party, including Agreements. The documents are stored in two (2) file folders (left navigation tree):

  • Agreements - All Agreements on this Party's Account auto-populate into this folder.
  • Documents - All other documents are stored in this folder.


The History tab is simply a change log. When Member Information is changed or added e.g. address, phone numbers, etc., the changes are logged on this static page by:

  • What Field in the application.
  • The Old and New Values of the field.
  • The Date and Time of the change.
  • The Change Type.
  • Who Created the field and who Changed the field (Username).
  • The Workstation where the change was made.


The Invoices tab is a listing of all current invoices (previously created) for that Member within the listed search parameters. It is from here that you can view Invoice Details and Make Payments one or multiple invoices or multiple payments against a single invoice. Examples of invoices that will display:

  • POS transactions that were put on your account.
  • Any unpaid portion of an original Agreement.
  • Any current Installment on an Agreement that has already been created.

Future Installment Invoices on an Agreement however, will NOT display and can not be paid through this functionality. You would have to go through POS to make those payments directly to an Invoice.


The Lockers tab is where all pertinent information regarding any Locker Rentals is stored:

  • The Rental Item that you purchased.
  • The locker Number and Combination.
  • The locker Values.
  • The Expiration Date of your rental purchase.


You can add Notes to a Member's Profile page. The Notes display only in the Notes tab and some examples could include: a member's account status, VIP member status, sales inquiries such as call a particular friend or wife to get them to join, etc.


The Preferences tab is where you search for, select, and prioritize your Preferred Locations and select your Notification settings. Each of these settings has it's own sub-tab:

In the Preferred Locations tab you can designate a Preferred Location within the parameters of your membership. This will originally default to your home club but is editable in both the MosoMRM interface and in the Moso myClub portal. These preferred locations are primarily used as filters within Moso myClub when searching for Events and/or Appointments.

The Notifications tab sets how many Email and Text Message (SMS) appointment confirmations are sent (up to 3 each) to a Member and at what time intervals e.g. 30-mins, 1 hour, 3 days, etc.


The Suspensions tab is where you Suspend (Freeze or Hold) a Member, Agreement, or Account. The tab is also where the subsequently created records are stored but lists Suspensions with an Active Status only.


The Usage tab is where you can search and display a member's check-ins during a specific time period and at what Facility. The form tracks three (3) types of check-ins:

  • Manually Typed i.e. the member's Name (or number) was manually typed into the Member field during check-in
  • Scanned the Member's Number.
  • Scanned the Member's Card.

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