Import Configuration




The Import Configuration page is where you set up the conversion mapping from the database (SQL) to the MosoMRM application.

This page will primarily be used by the MosoMRM Implementation Team...However, remember to set your Screen Security on this page!!!

Mapping Data

The process of mapping the data is simply applying an Import Reference Code to each record in the database.

The page itself is similar to many of the other configuration pages in the application. All of the record fields are read-only except the Import Ref column, which is where the Reference Code is entered. The naming convention for the codes is set internally.

There are five (5) tabs that distinguish the mappable areas within the application:

  1. Item
  2. Bundle (this maps the Paid-In-Full options ONLY)
  3. Installment and Perpetual
  4. Agreements
  5. Billing (this maps the Billing Cycle information)
Import Reference Code

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