How to Use the Scheduler




This page gives you detailed information on how to use the Scheduler functionality which includes:

There are two (2) ways to navigate to the Create Appointment and Block Time windows:

  • Right Click and you see...
    Right click anywhere in the calendar and select either Create Appointment or Block Time from the pop-up window.
  • Click the Create Appt. (Appointment) or Block Time buttons in the toolbar. This will give you the ability, and require you, to manually select all of the pertinent information regarding the appointment.
    The Create Appt. (Appointment) or Block Time buttons.

Creating an Appointment

A Service Item must be marked EITHER as an Event or an Appointment (i.e. scheduled by appointment only) it can NOT be both.

The workflow for creating an appointment is sequential based on your previous selection and how the item and other Scheduler options have been configured.

The first three (3) selections, in essence, "lock" you in as you proceed. However, a Start Over button is available giving you the ability to start over without closing the window.

To Create an Appointment:

  1. To navigate to the Create Appointment window:
    1. Right click anywhere in the calendar or in the specific date and time you wish to book the appointment. If you select the latter, that information will default in the window.
    2. Click the Create Appt. (Appointment) button on the toolbar.
      The initial Create Appointment window.
  2. Select a Location (Defaults to the current Location).
  3. Use the standard Search or Advanced Search to select a Member from in the Customer field.
  4. If the Member you selected has Dependents on their Account, the Attendee drop-down list displays.
    1. This defaults to the selected Member (--Self--).
    2. If someone other than the selected Member will be the person actually using the appointment, select that person from the list.
      Selecting a Member and the Attendee drop-down list.
  5. Select a Payment Type radio button. This will affect the labeling on the next field accordingly.
    1. If you select Pay at Location, the Service Type drop-down list displays.
      Selecting the Pay at Location radio button.
    2. If you select Pay with Prepaid Activity, the next step is to select a a Prepaid Activity from the drop-down list. Note that when you select prepaid activity, the Expected Service Provider (ESP) will automatically display in the drop-down with the item.
      Selecting the Pay with Prepaid Activity radio button.
  6. For a Prepaid Activity:
    1. Select an Activity from the Prepaid Activitydrop-down list. If you have multiple Prepaid Activities on your Account, all will be available for selection in the drop-down list.
    2. The Service Type and Service fields will be read-only.
      Pay with Prepaid Activity appointment options.
  7. For a Pay at Location:
    1. Select a Service Type, from the Service Type drop-down list. The Service drop-down list now displays.
      Selecting a Service Type.
    2. Select a Service from the drop-down list. The Employee and/or Resources drop-down lists display. Only items with the appropriate Scheduler Settings will display in the Service drop-down list. For example, in this particular screen shot, there are the only three (3) items with the following Item/Scheduler Settings:
      1. Appointment radio button selected on the Item Setup.
      2. A Payment Method selected in the Scheduler Settings that allowed for payment to be made at the Location.
        Options in the Service drop-down list.
  8. Selecting a Resource.
    1. A selection in either the Employee or Resources drop-down lists is REQUIRED.
    2. There may often be multiple Resources drop-down lists pending on how the item is configured. For example:
      1. In the screen shot for the Prepaid Activity above, the item is configured to be available in both "Classrooms" and in the "Fitness Room" at that facility.
      2. In the screen shot for the Pay at Location item below, a "Room" Resource of any kind has not been configured, only an Employee. Note that when redeeming this appointment, the employee selected displays in POS as the Expected Service Provider (ESP) and will no longer editable.
        Selecting a Resource.
  9. Enter or click the Calendar icon and select an Appointment Date.
  10. In the Set Time By section:
    1. The Availability radio button is the default. This will display the next available hour of time i.e. if you are making this appointment at 5:09 PM, the Time field will display 6:00 PM as the next available time.
    2. To enter the time manually, select the Manual radio button. Select the Hour, Minute, and Time Period from their respective drop-down lists.
  11. If all of information is correct, click the Schedule button and the appointment will be added to the calendar.
  12. Add any Appointment Notes (optional).
  13. If you have the Allow Recurring Appointments check box selected in Check-In & Activity Configuration, you can book any or all of your remaining available sessions. This feature applies to Prepaid Activities ONLY (see below).
    Completed Apppointment.

Recurring Appointments

This feature gives you the ability to schedule all available sessions within a prepaid Activity.

The Allow Recurring Appointments setting has been added to the Check-In & Activity Configuration. This setting enables/disables the recurring appointments feature at the Business Unit, Division, or Enterprise levels.

If the feature is enabled, and you are booking a prepaid activity in the Scheduler that includes multiple sessions, the Recurrence Settings section displays on the Create Appointment pop-up window. In this section, you select which day(s) and how many of the remaining sessions you wish to book. You can then display a list of those dates before you save the appointment (see below).

The Recurring Settings section.

The On Days section does not activate until you select a number greater than zero (0) in the Count drop-down list. This lists the number of remaining sessions you have available to schedule after the initial session you are cirrently booking e.g. if you have a "PT 10 Pack" and you are booking the first session in that package, the Count drop-down list includes the remaining NINE (1-9) sessions only.

The Count drop-down list with the remaining count of sessions.

The Get Recurring Dates button will list the dates of the sessions you just booked.

The Allow Recurring Appointments setting.

An additional option in this feature is the ability to schedule all of the sessions of multiple prepaid activity purchases, if the purchased items are the same e.g. if you have purchased two (2) "PT 10 Pack" items, you can schedule all 20 of those sessions using this feature.

Booking multiple sessions from multiple Activities.

Booking recurring appointments is limited however, by the Service Provider's availability at that Business Unit. If their availability is not configured past the date you are attempting to schedule, those units will not be available for you to schedule e.g. if a Service Provider only has availability entered for the next 3 weeks and the recurring appointments you are booking are once a week on Mondays, then only three (3) appointments will be created in the Scheduler.

Appointment Creation Tips

  1. If the need arises to backdate an appointment in Scheduler, you MUST select the Manual Selection radio button when entering the time.

Block Time

The color of the block is determined by what you selected for that staff member in the Schedule tab on their Employee Profile. If no color is selected on the Employee Profile, the color defaults to what you selected in the Employee Calendar Options tab in the Scheduler Options in System Configuration.

To Block Time:

  1. Right click anywhere in the calendar or click the Block Time button on the toolbar to navigate to the Block Time window.
  2. Select a Staff Member from the Choose Employee drop-down list. If you are blocking the time for a specific Staff Member (or for a Resource if that is your current calendar view), this will default to that Staff Member or Resource.
  3. Enter a Subject in the text box e.g. Block Time, Meeting, etc. Once you enter a Subject, that will be saved in the list and can be reused if necessary.
  4. Enter any Notes in the text box. Once you enter a Subject, that will be saved in the list and can be reused if necessary.
  5. Enter a Start and End date and times. If you want to block the entire day (e.g. a software upgrade training session), select the All Day check box.
  6. Click the Create button. The Block Time will be added to the calendar for that specific length of time on that day.

How it displays on the calendar:

Calendar view of the Blocked Time.

Editing an Appointment or Event Registration

To edit an appointment, click the appointment in the calendar and the appointment details will display in a pop-up window. In the Action Type drop-down list (see below) and select Open Appointment. This open the Edit Appointment window. The Service drop-down list will be read only. The only editable information are the Notes. The Start Date and Time and End Date and Time are read-only.

Editing an Appointment.

To edit an Event Registration the interface is similar but there are only two (2) options in the Action Type drop-down list. (see Action Types below or Registering a Member)

Action Types

The Action Types work in conjunction with the Activity record in Activity Management. When you create an appointment in the Scheduler, a record is created in Activity Management with an associated "status" in the Action field. As you make selections from the Action Types drop-down list and update or edit the appointment, the Action field will be automatically updated with a new status.

  • The initial Action is "Sale" for all new prepaid appointments (Remember...unpaid Appointments do not create an Activity record until they are redeemed!).
  • When you schedule an appointment, the next status is "Scheduled" or "Used" if it is redeemed in Activity Management or through the Scheduler.

Your options in the Action Types drop-down list vary based on whether the service is prepaid or unpaid.

Action Types
Prepaid Service option.
Unpaid Service options.

Each Action Type may give you a different interface and offer additional options. Make your selection and then click the Go button. The following are common to both prepaid or unpaid services:

Open Appointment

This will open the Edit Appointment window.

Reschedule Appointment

This gives you the option to move the same appointment to a different time or date and will NOT create a new record in Activity Management. The Reschedule Appointment window will open with the Choose Date, Choose Resources, and Appointment Notes as the only active fields. The remaining fields will be read-only.

Reschedule Appointment window.

Rebook Appointment

This gives you the ability to copy the same appointment options for an additional time and/or date and WILL create a new record in Activity Management. The Rebook Appointment window will open, which is identical to the Reschedule Appointment window. However, all of the fields will be active with the exception of the Choose Member field.

Cancel Appointment

A confirmation pop-up window will open. To cancel the appointment, click the OK button. To exit the window, click the Cancel button.

  • If this a unpaid, singularly scheduled Activity, it will simply be removed from the calendar.
  • If this is a prepaid Activity, the Action status will change to "ScheduledReinstate" in Activity Management i.e. this cancels the "scheduled" appointment and "reinstates" the unit.
    Cancelling an Appointment.

For a prepaid service, the following options are also available. With the exception of the Activity Receipt option, all of these are related to attendance at the appointment:


If you select this option, you will be credited with "showing" (attending) for the appointment and the Activity will be redeemed.

  • A green "check mark" will display in the activity record on the scheduler calendar.
  • The Action status will change to "used" in Activity Management.
  • The activity will be redeemed in Activity Management.
    Attendance-show notification.

Attendance-no show

If you select this option, you will be credited with "no showing" (not attending) for the appointment. You will often hear and see this status referred to as simply "No Show" as well.

  • A red "X" will display in the activity record on the scheduler calendar.
  • The Action status will change to "NoShow" and the activity will be redeemed in Activity Management.
    Attendance-no show notification.

Late Cancel

This option means that the appointment was cancelled within your stated cancellation time limits.

  • The appointment will be removed from the calendar.
  • The Action status will change to "Late Cancel" and the activity will be redeemed in Activity Management.
  • Since this was cancelled within those cancellation time limits, the Service Provider gets credit for performing the service and thus, will get paid any applicable commissions.

Authorize Appointment

This option gives you the ability to Authorize the redemption of this Activity. Activities being redeemed can be authorized by either a Manager or a Member, the latter using their Moso myClub password. This feature protects against fraud and is another layer of accountability for Managers and Employees, as well as Members. This tool also ensures that all Performance Commissions are accurately reconciled and paid out properly.

This feature also applies to Service Items ONLY and to sessions with a "Use" Activity Status.

If this feature has been configured, you will be prompted to authorize the Activity (Member and/or Employee) when you select this option. The Authorization prompt will display.

Click this link for the steps on How to Authorize an Activity.

NOTE: If the Member's Account is past due, a warning message displays at the top of the screen and the Enter PIN pop-up displays. If you have permissions to perform this function, enter your PIN and continue.

Activity Receipt

This gives you the ability to print and/or email the receipt to the Member.

Printing and/or emailing an Activity Receipt.

This is an example of Action statuses in an Activity Management record:

Action statuses in an Activity Management record.

For an unpaid service, you also have the "Pay now and redeem" option. This gives you the ability to pay for the service and redeem it automatically in Activity Management.

  • If you select this option, you will be redirected to POS to finalize the transaction.
  • After you finalize the transaction:
    • The Action status in Activity Management will change to either "Scheduled" or "Used" pending on when you complete the transaction.
    • The green "check mark" will display in the activity record on the scheduler calendar.

Event Action Types

The following are the options in the Action Type drop-down list for Events only. Both of these options open the , however, you have the Add and other features available when you select the Manage Registrants option:

  • Update Attendance - This opens the Event Instance Attendance pop-up window where you can view the registration count for this Instance. You can also double-click in the Attendance field and manually update the attendance figures for each Instance.
  • Manage Registrants - This opens the Event Occurrence Registrants pop-up window. In this pop-up window you can:
    • Register a Member directly from the Scheduler interface. Click the Add button to open the Add Registrant pop-up window so you can proceed with the normal registration procedures.
    • Click the Registration Report button and print the Event Attendance report. This is often used by front desk staff to provide the Service Provider with an updated registration list prior to the start of the event.

Redeeming an Activity

There are four (4) places where you can redeem an Activity:

  1. Activity Management
  2. Scheduler (see below)
  3. Appointments Tab on the Member Profile
  4. Events

The preferred, and most common, method for redeeming an Activity is through the Scheduler.

You can only redeem unpaid Activities in the Appointments tab using the Pay and Redeem button on the toolbar. This button only activates for Activity records with a "Will pay at location" Payment Method.

To Redeem an Appointment in Scheduler:

  1. Click the scheduled appointment in the Scheduler Calendar. The appointment details will display in a pop-up window.
  2. Select the redemption action you want to take from the Action Type drop-down list. The redeeming Action Types are highlighted in the screen shot below.
    Redeeming Action Types for each type of scheduled Activity (prepaid or unpaid).
  3. For a Prepaid Service, select one of the following Action Types and click the Go button. This will automatically change the Appointment Status in the Action column in Activity Management
    1. Attendance-show
    2. Attendance-no show
    3. Late Cancel
  4. For an Unpaid Service, select Pay now and redeem and click the Go button.
    1. This will open POS for you to finalize the transaction. Note that the employee selected in the appointment displays in POS as the Expected Service Provider (ESP) and is no longer editable.
      Scheduler – Pay Now & Redeem: POS
    2. When the transaction is finalized, the Appointment Status is automatically updated.

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