Response Codes & Reversal Reason Mappings

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The Response Codes & Reversal Reason Mappings configuration is where you link ("map") the response codes from the billing processor (MosoPay) to the Decline Reasons you added in the previous step. MosoPay is, in essence, "translating" these Decline Reasons into their own format.

When a transaction is declined, what you enter in the Decline Reasons NOT the Mapping Code, displays in the details in the Invoices tab of the Member Profile.

For a complete listing of the Response Codes see the MosoPay Response Codes page.

Configuring Response Codes & Reversal Mapping Reasons

It is not required that you link every mapping element to a Decline Reason.

To Map Response Codes & Reversal Reasons:

  1. After you have added your Decline Reasons, return to the System Configuration page.
  2. In the Financial section, select Response Codes & Reversal Reason Mappings.
  3. Select a File Format in the File Formats section (left). Your only options are:
    1. MosoPay Credit Card
    2. MosoPay ACH
    3. Canadian Bank Accounts
  4. Once you select a File Format, the applicable codes will display in the Response Code Mapping section.
    1. If you select MosoPay Credit Card, the Mapping Codes are as follows (see below for recently updates codes):
      MosoPay Credit Card mapping code options
    2. If you select MosoPay ACH, the Mapping Codes are as follows:
      MosoPay ACH mapping code options
    3. If you select Canadian Bank Account, the Mapping Codes are as follows:
      Canadian Bank Account mapping code options
  5. The Code, Description, and Response Type columns are read-only.
    1. The Response Type includes two (2) responses: Decline or Alert.
    2. Each of these are hard coded based on the purpose of each code from the Description field. Subsequently, each has a default action based on each purpose:
      1. Decline - The default action is to reverse the payment and NOT submit the invoice for Rebilling.
      2. Alert - The default action is to allow the payment but create an alert that the account information needs to be updated e.g. a bank or institution was bought and has a new routing number.
  6. In the Decline Reason column, double click the field of the Code you want to map and select a Decline Reason from the drop-down list. The Decline Reason will be automatically added to the Code.
    Selecting a Decline Reason to map
  7. If you make an error, or would like to edit any Decline Reason, repeat the previous step.

Recently Updated Codes:

  • A6 - Void Posted (Authorization Not Reversed). This is an approval code, therefore, it will not display on the Decline Reason Mapping list.
  • D26 - Settlement Failed
  • E03 - Transaction data integrity validation error
  • E04 - Refund limit for the day is reached
  • E05 - Bank Draft/ACH account is blacklisted

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