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The Location Security page is where you manage and assign data Permissions for the entire system in addition to the basic Member and Organization Profile pages. The only Permission/Operations you are applying to Users and Groups is:

  • View - Permission to view a record

As with Operation Security and most security settings in MosoMRM:

  • It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you set up Location Security by Groups or Work Role in lieu of Individual Users.
  • If configured accordingly, these Location Security settings will flow down through your Enterprise hierarchy.

The page is divided into four sections:

  1. Securable Items - This list includes the:
    1. Enterprise, Business Units, and Divisions
    2. Endpoints (e.g. Workstations)
  2. Permissions For:{Business Unit}
  3. Users and Groups For:{Permission/Operation}
  4. Add Users For:{Permission/Operation}

The Add Users For:{Permission} drop-down list is made up of all the Staff & Users, Work Roles, and Source you have added to the database.

The Add Users For:{Permission} drop-down list.

Assigning Location Permissions

When you are assigning permissions you are...

Assigning a User, Party, Work Role, or Source PERMISSION to execute an OPERATION within the system (View) at or on the selected Business Unit, Division, Enterprise, Workstation, Member Notes, and Cards.

To Assign Permissions:

Securable Items tree view.
  1. From the Launch Pad, click the System Configuration icon in the left navigation panel.
  2. In the Data Management section, select Location Security.
  3. Select a Business Unit, Division, Enterprise, Workstation, Member Note, Card, or Party Role from the tree view in the Securable Items section (These may also be called "nodes") That selection will display in the label of the Permissions For section e.g. Permissions For:Rockville.
  4. The only option is View within the Permissions For section and is automatically selected.
  5. Click the arrow down to display the Add Users For drop-down list (the list will display vertically) and select the appropriate Users, Work Roles, or Sources.
  6. Click the Add User(s) button. The selections will display in the Users and Groups For section (if the selection is grayed out, it was passed down from a higher level in your hierarchy).
  7. If necessary, select a different Node from the left navigation panel and a different Permission For operation and repeat the process.

In the example below (which also includes the screen shot above), you are giving bsmith and jwilson permission to ADD data at the FITNESS FRONT DESK Workstation at the Rockville facility.

Adding Permissions

Location Security Search Options

The Options expand/collapse icon is a search filter for the Add Users For drop-down list (the list actually expands vertically). Click the icon to expand the selections:

  • Return User Logins from Search-this will return User Log-Ins ONLY.
  • Return Work Roles from Search-this will return Work Roles ONLY.
  • Return All Possible from Search-this will return User Log-Ins, Work Roles, and Sources.

To filter the list, select the appropriate check box. Click the down arrow in the Add Users For field. The search results display based on the filter you selected.

For Example, in the screen shot below, the Return User Logins from Search check box is selected. The search results are filtered to return User Logins ONLY.

Returning User Logins in the Add Users search.

Next Step?

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And remember to set your Screen Security when you get to the next page!

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