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Commission Groups give you the ability to group Service Providers or other staff member by the commission rates they will receive based on the Performance Schedules assigned to that group.

Staff Members can be added to a Group from their own Employee Profile or when you configure the Performance Schedule. However, you can only be linked to ONE Commission Group akin to how an Item can be linked to only one Performance Schedule.

Configuring Commission Groups

To Add a Commission Group:

  1. From the Launch Pad, click the System Configuration icon in the left navigation panel.
  2. In the Financial section, select Commission Groups.
  3. In the Commission Group section (left), click the Add button.
  4. Enter the name of the Commission Group in the text box.
  5. Select the type of Commission Group this will be from the Type drop-down list. Performance is currently the only available option.
  6. Click the Save button.
    Adding a Commission Group.

Adding Performance Schedules

To view the Performance Schedules for all of the applicable levels in your Enterprise, click the down arrow and make your selections in the Show for field in the task bar.

Bonus Levels are added after you save the schedule.

To Add Performance Schedule Details:

  1. Select a groups in the Commission Groups section (left).
  2. In the Performance Schedules for {Schedule Name} section (right), click the Add button. This activates the row editor.
  3. Select a Business Unit or any other applicable level in your Enterprise in the Location drop-down list.
  4. Enter, or click the Calendar icon and select, a start date for the schedule in the From Date field. (Required)
  5. Enter an end date for the schedule, if applicable, in the To Date field.
  6. Select a Performance Schedule from the drop-down list.
  7. Enter the amount of points each redemption will be worth in the Points field.
    1. This is an arbitrary number based on your business operation.
    2. This field is REQUIRED if you will be adding Bonus Levels (see below).
  8. Enter a Percentage of the item price and/or a Flat Amount (Dollar value) that will be paid out for each redemption in their respective fields. You can configure either or BOTH of these for a one schedule.
  9. Select a General Ledger account from the drop-down list.
  10. Enter a Payroll Code if applicable in the text box.
    1. You can have ONE (1) Payroll Code per Performance Schedule per Business Unit.
    2. Tip...this is useful if are exporting out to a third party payroll system.
  11. Click the Update button.
    Adding a Performance Schedule.
  12. To add Bonus Levels, click the Adjust link for the record in the Bonus Level column. must have added Points for that Performance Schedule for the Bonus Level to take effect!
    1. Enter a number in the Point Range From field (REQUIRED).
    2. Enter a number in the Point Range To field. This field only applies if you are adding a supplemental levels. If you are not adding more levels, leave this field empty. By leaving this field empty, if the the Service Provider reaches this final Bonus Level, they will receive those commissions from this point forward.
  13. Of the next two (2) fields, only one is required but you can configure BOTH if you so desire.
    1. Enter a percentage amount in the Bonuses Earned Percentage field.
    2. Enter a hard dollar amount in the Bonuses Earned Amount field.
  14. Click the Update button.
  15. The Effective Rate Percentage and Effective Rate Amount fields are calculated based on the two (2) previous entries added to the original Percentage and Flat Amount that were configured on the Performance Schedule (see Example below).
    Adding a Bonus Level.
  16. Click the Done button to close the Bonus Levels pop-up window.

For an example of how a basic Performance Schedule works, click HERE.

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