Background Check-In




A configurable background check-in module has been added that allows members to check-in without interfering with what the staff user is doing within MoSo or other applications on their computer. This new feature will run in the background in a separate panel. If there are problem check-ins, the user is alerted so they are aware of the issue and can take action if needed.


To use Background Check-In, the following must be installed and configured:

  • The MoSo Desktop App must be installed and configured on the desktop
  • A dedicated USB scanner must be configured
  • The Background Check-In feature must be enabled and configured in MoSo

The MoSo Desktop App installation instructions and the Background Check-In Scanner Information provide detailed information on how to install and configure all of these items.

Important Notes

Background Check-In is enabled via workstation configuration under Check-In & Activities. Associated image and audio files for the check-in statuses are added under the Enterprise & Business Unit Setup within Background Check-in Configuration (Note that default images and sounds are available for use). This configuration also allows you to define whether members with that status should be shown in the Background Check-In alert window. The Background Check-In window can be displayed in 3 different modes – small, medium and large depending on user preference. Alerts display separately from the check-ins so they stand out and the user can take action if needed.

In order to use this new feature, a scanner must be dedicated to background check-in (it cannot be used for anything else like scanning POS items.) The scanner must be connected to a USB port and cannot be configured as a keyboard wedge. The Background Check-In Scanner Information provides details on setting up and configuring the barcode scanner.

Check-in Window

  • Within the background check-in window, the user can define whether they want to see 'All' check-ins or just 'Alerted' check-ins.
  • The maximum number of check-ins that display in the panel is configured within the desktop application settings. The selected value cannot exceed 450 and lower numbers will provide slightly faster performance.
  • The mode size of the check-in window is configured on the window itself.
  • Clicking on the member in the background check-in panel opens the member record.
  • Right clicking on the name in the background check-in panel opens the quick links drop-down menu.

Alert Window

  • Alerts display in a separate scrollable window on desktop.
  • Note alerts include the option to clear check-in messages and the cleared by/date information is tracked within the Notes tab in MoSo.

Permission to View/Update Background Check-In Configuration Screen

  • The permission to view and update the Background Check-In Configuration screen can be found under General Configuration and is tied to the View Configuration Settings and Update Setup Information permissions. The permissions can also be set via the Operation Security Settings screen (right click – security).
    • The user must have the view permission to view the Background Check-in Configuration screen and the update permission to edit/update the configuration.
  • This feature is used to prevent your desktop personnel from reconfiguring the background check-in.


Workstation Configuration Screen – Enable Background Check-In

Background Check-in within Workstation Configuration

Permissions - Background Check-In Configuration Screen

Background Check-in Permissions - Permission Tree
Background Check-in Permissions - Operation Security Settings

Background Check-In Configuration Screen

Background Check-in Configuration

MoSo Desktop App - Background Check-In Icon

Background Check-in Icon
Background Check-in Window

Background Check-In Window - Large, Medium and Small Modes

Background Check-in Window - Large, Medium and Small Modes

Background Check-In Window – Medium Mode with Quick Links

Background Check-in Window - Quicklinks

Alerts Window

Background Check-in Alert Window

System Tray with MoSo Menu Expanded

System Tray with MoSo Menu Expanded

Background Check-In Settings

Background Check-In Settings

About - Information

About - Information