Back Office Support Services (BOSS)




Back Office Support Services (BOSS) is an automated messaging system for notifying Members whose accounts are delinquent. The main component in BOSS is Accounts Receivable Management (ARM), which focuses on configuring the specific methods used and schedules for notifying each Member.

Members are put into ARM automatically, or manually, after their primary funding source (Credit Card or Debit Card) is declined in MosoPay during the billing process. Being declined is the ONLY trigger that puts Members into ARM.

The three (3) messaging types are:

  • Emails
  • Letters
  • Phone Calls

Letters are produced and sent through a 3rd party service.

Phone messages are professionally prerecorded and uploaded into the configuration page (see below) using a Waveform Audio File Format (WAV).

BOSS MUST be enabled for these features to be available in the application. This can ONLY be done by designated Motionsoft personnel. Please contact your Project Manager to enable these features.


The purpose of BOSS is to automate the process of identifying and messaging Members who are delinquent prior to sending them to your designated collections agency. This automation will significantly reduce the number of accounts that end up needing to go to collections, hence adding to your bottom line.

Configuring BOSS

BOSS configuration is done exclusively on the AR Management Configuration page. This configuration page is located in the Financial section in System Configuration.

The purpose of this configuration page is to create the Notification Schedules that are sent to each Member when their accounts reach the past due balance thresholds.

ARM can also be accessed and managed manually from the Manage menu on the Member Profile page (see BELOW). A Member's contact information as it relates to ARM activity is also managed on their profile page.

AR Management Configuration

The AR Management Configuration is a tabbed page, and MUST configured this specific order:

  1. Business Unit Settings.
  2. Templates
    1. Phone Templates
    2. Email Templates
    3. Letter Templates
  3. Notification Schedules

While this primary order is required, configuring the three (3) Template Types (Phone,Email,Letter) in the stated order is not required. For the reasons why this specific order is required, including some other VERY IMPORTANT information regarding the configuration process, click HERE!

Member Profile

Manage Menu on Member Profile

Multiple ARM features have been added to the Member Profile.

  • The ARM option has been added to the Manage menu in the toolbar. This is where you manage Member's ARM Status and can view their ARM History.
  • The ARM check box has been added to the Purposes for all three (3) Contact Information types (Address,Phone,Email).

Manual ARM Status Management

ARM is an option in the Manage Menu on the Member Profile Toolbar. This is where you Manually Add or Remove a Member from ARM and can view their notification history.

Only Members with a past due balance can be manually sent to ARM. If you select the ARM option in the menu and attempt to send a Member to ARM without a balance, the following error message displays.

Message when Member without a past due account balance is sent to ARM.

If you select this option and the Member has a balance due, the ARM pop-up window displays, which defaults to the Summary tab. The only available option in the Start/Stop ARM section is the Add to ARM button. The Current ARM Status will be Not in ARM. Click the button and the Member is immediately added to ARM.

ARM pop-up window before adding Member to ARM.

In the Start/Stop ARM section, the label on the button now switches to Remove from ARM and the Current ARM Status is Active. The ARM summary section includes the following information:

  • Sent to ARM Date - This is the LAST date that this account was sent to ARM.
  • Days in ARM - This displays the number of days this account has currently been in ARM and will automatically be updated daily during the MTP process.
  • Sent to ARM Balance - This is the INITIAL BALANCE when this account was sent to ARM. This figure will not change.
  • Past Due Balance - This is the current past due balance on the account and will update as required during the MTP process.
  • Letters Sent, Phone Calls Made, Emails Sent - These figures will update each time that specific notification type is sent.
  • To manually mark a contact type as invalid, you can click the Member tab link, which directs you back to the Member's Profile page.
    ARM Summary

To manually remove a Member from ARM, click the Remove from ARM button. A warning message displays to ensure that this is the action you wish to perform.

Remove from ARM warning message.

If yes, click the OK button and the Member will be removed from ARM and the Current ARM Status will return to Not in ARM.

Important...this procedure removes the Member from their current ARM Status. As the message states, if a Member has another declined payment, they will automatically be put back into an Active ARM status.

A Member can be sent to ARM, removed, and the sent back into ARM as required.

Summary section with Member returned to ARM

Contact Information

The ARM check box has been added to the Purposes for all three (3) Contact Information types (Address,Phone,Email). While this check box can be selected manually for every Member, this method is not practical or necessary, with one exception.

  • If a Member is moved into ARM, this check box is selected automatically for each configured Template Type e.g. if the Letter and Email Template Types have been configured, the check box will be automatically selected in the Address and Email sections only, no the Phone section.
  • The Primary Address, Phone Number, and Email (in the screen shot below, "Work" is the Primary Phone Number) will be the automatically selected tab within each section. The exception would be if another type was manually selected for that Member e.g. Home, Cell, etc.
  • Once the check box is selected for a specific contact type, regardless of the method, the check box is deactivated (grayed out) in all of the other tabs e.g. if Work Phone Number is selected, the check box will be grayed out in the Home and Cell tabs.
  • When BOSS is run through the Moso Task Processor (MTP) and an Email or Phone Number is determined to be invalid, the Invalid check box is also selected automatically for that contact type (see below). This does NOT apply to mailing Addresses. All Addresses must be invalidated manually.
    ARM check box settings on Member Profile.
Invalid Contact Information

If a Member is determined to have an invalid Contact Type, not only is the Invalid check box automatically selected for that respective Contact Type, it is also noted in the Summary tab on the ARM pop-up window (Manage menu).

In the example below, the last phone call made to the Member was on 09/18/2014 and none were made after that date and that phone number was determined to be invalid.

History tab in ARM pop-up window displaying last phone call made to this Member.

That phone number is subsequently noted as invalid and that Notification Schedule is no longer used for this Member.

Summary tab displaying invalid contact type.

ARM History

The History tab is where all ARM activity for each Member is stored. This tab is read-only.

  • ARM Cycle - A "cycle" represents the period of time a Member is in an Active ARM Status.
    • A cycle ends when the Member is either automatically or manually removed from ARM i.e. their account is no longer delinquent.
    • A new cycle is added if a Member who has been previously removed from ARM, is subsequently added back into ARM.
    • All activity is logged under the current active cycle.
    • The cycles are listed in descending order with the current active status listed first e.g. in the screen above this is the Member's first time in ARM while in the screen shot below the Member has been in
  • Type - This column displays the type of notification that was used for this activity. If the activity was done manually, sent through via MTP, or is suspension related, SYS (System Generated) will display.
  • Activity Date - This is the date the activity was generated.
  • Activity - This is the text you entered in the DESCRIPTION field in the AR Management Configuration for the Notification Schedule used for this Activity.
  • Result Date - This is the date that the result of the Activity was completed e.g. if the member replies to an email, the date of that reply is automatically updated in this field.
  • Results - These results are system generated based on the result of the activity. See chart below for a listing of all result statuses that will display in the user interface.
  • The next two (2) fields reflect figures for the current ARM Cycle ONLY and will update daily as necessary.
    • Days in ARM
    • Past Due Balance
  • Contact Info - This is the contact information from Member's profile that was used for this activity e.g. for an email notification, the email address that was designated for ARM in the Purposes section.
    • For a letter, due to space considerations, only Address Line 1 from the Address designated as the primary on the Member's profile displays in this field.
    • By default, this field will be BLANK for suspension activities.
History tab.

By default, suspension activity as it relates to ARM is to NOT included in the standard list. To include suspension activity, select the Include Suspension Activity check box (top right). This will now include any suspensions regarding this account. In the example below, this account was suspended pending the payment results. In the line item above, you can see that the payment response was received and the account was returned to an Active ARM Status.

Suspension Activity included in the summary.

Technical Information

Response Statuses & Descriptions

The following is a table of statuses and responses for each Notification Type, including what displays for each in the user interface.

The Moso Description column for each event is what displays in the interface, IF the Show in UI? column is marked "Yes" in the display.

Event Include in Activity? Completed? Status Retry? Show in UI Mark Invalid Response Response Detail Moso Description
Notification with no response yes yes no yes no
We never received a response
Email no no Email Unsuccessful yes no no DroppedInvalid SMTP API header Error - Please contact Motionsoft (1001)
Email no no Email Unsuccessful yes no yes Dropped Spam Content Undeliverable - Spam Content
Email yes yes Email Unsuccessful no yes yes Dropped Unsubscribed Address Undeliverable - Unsubscribed Email Address
Email yes yes Email Unsuccessful no yes yes Dropped Bounced Address Undeliverable - Email bounced
Email yes yes Email Unsuccessful no yes yes Dropped Spam Reporting Address Undeliverable - Reported as Spam
Email yes yes Email Unsuccessful no yes yes Dropped Invalid Undeliverable - Invalid Email Address
Email yes no Email Unsuccessful yes no no Dropped Recipient List Over Package Quota Error - Please contact Motionsoft (1002)
Email yes no Email Unsuccessful yes no no Bounce
Email Bounced
Email yes yes Email Successful no yes no Delivered
Email was delivered
Email yes yes Email Successful no yes no Opened
Email was opened by member
Email yes yes Email Successful no yes no Clicked
Member clicked on link in email
Email yes yes Email Successful no yes no Spam Report
Member marked email as spam
Phone yes yes Call Successful no yes no Answering Machine Answering machine detected Call went to voice mail
Phone yes yes Call Unsuccessful no yes yes Banned City Code Destination not supported Phone Number contains Banned City Code
Phone yes yes Call Unsuccessful no yes yes Banned Number Destination not supported or number formatted incorrectly.  More info... Phone Number Destination not supported
Phone yes yes Call Unsuccessful no yes yes Blank Number Phone number field blank No phone number
Phone yes yes Call Successful no yes no Busy Recipient device in use Phone line was busy
Phone yes yes Call Unsuccessful no yes no Duplicate number Phone number repeated on list No call made - Number was already called today
Phone yes yes Call Successful no yes no Human Answer Human answer detected Call answered by member
Phone yes no Call Unsuccessful yes no no Insufficient funds Not enough funds in account to send call Error - Please contact Motionsoft (0001)
Phone yes yes Call Unsuccessful no yes yes Invalid Number Incorrect number of digits in phone number Phone number contains incorrect number of digits
Phone yes yes Call Successful no yes no No Answer Recipient device did not answer No Answer
Phone yes yes Call Unsuccessful no yes yes On Do Not Call List Phone number on account Do Not Call List Member on do not call list
Phone yes yes Call Unsuccessful no yes yes Operator Intercept Phone number is not in service Phone number not in service
Phone yes yes Call Unsuccessful no yes no Sequential number Phone numbers in a numerical sequence, such as 8185550100, 8185550101, 8185550102, etc. Error - Please contact motionsoft (0002)
Letter yes yes
no yes
Letter Sent

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