MosoPay Response Codes




This is a list of all response codes and their definitions within MosoPay.

These codes are configured on the Decline & Reversal Reason Mappings configuration.

Response Type:

  • Good – transaction request was successful.
  • Soft – transaction request was declined, but a subsequent request may result in approval.
  • Hard – transaction request was permanently declined.

Change History

(As of 7/09/2013)

Code Description
E01Has been remapped into D27, since the error code is a decline from a processor and not a validation error generated by MosoPay
E02The response message has been changed to 'Processing Network Unavailable'
D29Soft decline code is added to Credit Card Response codes.
Extended Transaction Response Codes section with Notification of Change codes for ACH.
Extended Transaction Response Codes section with response codes for ACH/Canada.

Credit Card Response

(As of 3/31/2012)

Code Type Description
A01 Good Approved: XXXXXX (approval code)
A02 Good Credit Posted
A03 Good Void Posted (Auth Reversed)
A04 Good No Update (used by account updater)
A05 Good Partially Approved
A06 Good Void Posted (Auth Not Reversed)
A07 GOOD Tokenization not supported
E02 Soft Processing Network Unavailable
E03 Soft Transaction data integrity validation error
E04 Soft Refund limit is reached for the day
D01 Soft Denied by customer's bank
D02 Hard Invalid Expiration Date
D03 Soft Insufficient funds
D04 Hard Hold - Pick up card
D05 Hard Invalid card number
D06 Hard No account
D07 Soft Incorrect PIN
D08 Soft CVV2 is invalid
D09 Soft Duplicate Transaction
D10 Hard Card reported lost
D11 Hard Card reported stolen
D12 Soft Service not allowed
D13 Hard Stop Recurring
D14 Hard Unattempted Batch Decline
D15 Soft Maximum transaction limit is exceeded at the moment. Try processing your transaction tomorrow.
D16 Hard Card is Expired
D17 Soft Re-enter Transaction
D18 Soft Bad Amount
D19 Soft Unmapped decline
D20 Soft Billing profile configuration error
D21 Soft Pin Try Exceeded
D22 Hard Refund was not processed/received
D24 Hard Chargeback received
D25 Soft Refund limit is reached for the day (occurs when merchant has reached the refund limit allowed per day on the account)
D26 Soft Settlement Failed
D27 Hard Transaction Error
X01 Hard Processing Canceled by User

ACH/eCheck Response

Code Type Description
E05 Hard Bank account is blacklisted
E03 Soft Transaction data integrity validation error
R01 Soft Insufficient Funds
R02 Hard Account Closed
R03 Hard No Account
R04 Hard Invalid Account Number
R05 Hard Unauthorized Debit to Consumer Account Using Corporate SEC Code
R06 Hard ODFI Requests Return
R07 Hard Revoked Authorization
R08 Hard Stop Payment or Stop on Source Document
R09 Soft Uncollected Funds
R10 Hard Advised as Unauthorized, Item is Ineligible, Notice not provided, Signatures not Genuine, or Item Altered, Improper Source Document, Amount of Entry not Accurately Obtained
R11 Hard Check Safekeeping
R12 Hard Account at Other Branch
R13 Hard RDFI Not Qualified to Participate
R14 Hard Death of Representative Payee
R15 Hard Death of Beneficiary or Account Holder
R16 Hard Account Frozen
R17 Hard File Record Edit Criteria
R18 Hard Improper Effective Entry Date
R19 Hard Amount Field Error
R20 Hard Non-Transaction Account
R21 Hard Invalid Company ID
R22 Hard Invalid Individual ID Number
R23 Hard Credit Entry Refused by Receiver
R24 Hard Duplicate Entry
R25 Hard Addenda Error
R26 Hard Mandatory Field Error
R27 Hard Trace Number Error
R28 Hard Routing Number Check Digit Error
R29 Hard Corporate Entry Unauthorized
R30 Hard RDFI Not Participant in Program
R31 Hard ODFI Permits Late Return
R32 Hard RDFI Non-Settlement
R33 Hard Return of XCK Entry
R34 Hard Limited Participation DFI
R35 Hard Return of Improper Debit Entry
R36 Hard Return of Improper Credit Entry
R37 Hard Source Document Presented for Payment
R38 Hard Stop Payment on Source Document
R39 Hard Improper Source Document
R40 Hard Return of ENR Entry by Federal Government Agency
R41 Hard Invalid Transaction Code
R42 Hard Routing Number/Check Digit Error
R43 Hard Invalid DFI Account Number
R44 Hard Invalid Individual ID Number
R45 Hard Invalid Individual Name
R46 Hard Invalid Representative Payee Indicator
R47 Hard Dublicate Enrollment
R50 Hard State Law Affecting RCK Acceptance
R51 Hard Item is Ineligible; Notice not Provided; Signature Not Genuine; Item Altered; Amount of Entry not Accurately Obtained
R52 Hard Stop Payment on Iten
R53 Hard Item and ACH Entry Presented for Payment
R61 Hard Misrouted Return
R62 Hard Incorrect Trace Number
R63 Hard Incorrect Dollar Amount
R64 Hard Incorrect Individual ID
R65 Hard Incorrect Transaction Code
R66 Hard Incorrect Company ID
R67 Hard Duplicate Return
R68 Hard Untimely Return
R69 Hard Multiple Errors
R70 Hard Permissible Return Not Accepted
R71 Hard Misrouted Dishonored Return
R72 Hard Untimely Dishonored Return
R73 Hard Timely Original Return
R74 Hard Corrected Return
R75 Hard Original Return Not a Duplicate
R76 Hard No Errors Found
R80 Hard Cross Border Coding Error
R81 Hard Non-Participant in Cross Border Program
R82 Hard Invalid Foreign Receiving DFI Identification
R83 Hard Foreign Receiving DFI Unable to Settle
R84 Hard Entry Not Processed by OGO
R99 Hard Rransaction rejected by processor
X01 Soft Processing Cancelled by User

ACH/eCheck Notification of Change (US)

Code Description
C01 Customer's account number is incorrect
C02 Customer's routing number is incorrect
C03 Customer's routing number and DFI account numbers are incorrect
CO4 Customer's name is incorrect
CO5 Customer's account type (Savings/Checking) is incorrect
CO6 Account is incorrect and transaction is being routed to the wrong type of account

ACH/eCheck Response (Canada)

Code Type Description
00HardAccount information entered incorrectly
01HardInsufficient Funds
02HardAccount not Found
03HardPayment Stopped/Recalled
05HardAccount Closed
07HardNo Debit Allowed
08HardFunds Not Cleared
09HardCurrency/Account Mismatch
10HardPayor/Payee Deceased
11HardAccount Frozen
12HardInvalid/Incorrect Account Number
14HardIncorrect Payor/Payee Name
15HardNo Agreement Existed - Business/Personal Refused
16HardNot According to Agreement - Business
17HardAgreement Revoked - Personal
18HardNo Confirmation/Prenotification - Personal
19HardNot According to Agreement - Business
20HardAgreement Revoked - Business
21HardNo Confirmation/Prenotification - Business
22HardCustomer Initiated Return
80HardPayment Recalled
81HardInterbank Reject - Invalid Due Date
82HardInterbank Reject - Invalid Institution Number
83HardInterbank Reject - Invalid Account Number
84HardInterbank Reject - Invalid Institution and Account Number
85HardInterbank Reject - Other
90HardInstitution in Default

Address Verification Result

Code Description
00 5-Digit zip and address match
01 9-Digit zip and address match
02 Postal code and address match
10 5-Digit zip matches, address does not match
11 9-Digit zip matches, address does not match
12 Zip does not match, address matches
13 Postal code does not match, address matches
14 Postal code matches, address not verified
20 Neither zip nor address match
30 AVS service not supported by issuer
31 AVS system not available
32 Address unavailable
33 General error
34 AVS not performed

CVV2 Response

Code Description
NNo Match
PNot Processed
SCVV2/CVC2 should be on the card but the merchant has indicated CVV2/CVC2 is not present
UIssuer is not certified for CVV2/CVC2 processing

Exception Codes

Process Error Codes

Code Description
1Security error: User name or password is invalid
9System error: unable to persist changes to the database
10System error: unable to perform database update
11System error: unable to load necessary data
12System error: unable to execute query against database
13System error: unable to delete data from database
19System error: unable to parse response file
20System error: unable to parse response message
21Configuration error: billing profile is missing
22System error: authentication process failed
26System error: Submission is missing from the Context
27System error: File Batch is missing from the Context
28System error: Request File Content is missing from the Context
29System error: unable to perform transformation, data is corrupt
30System error: Batch Transaction is missing from the Context
32Error during file parsing received from client. Header value is incorrect.
34Transaction Error: checksum missmatch, possible file corruption
38Corrupted response file content
46Transaction error: unable to parse response content, invalid XML supplied.
47System error: count files for processor LSI cannot exceed 36 for same merchant on one day.
55Processor is temporarily unavailable.
69Invalid export request parameters: fromDate/toDate.
70System error: HTTPFormGate: Parameter Request Type is not specified.
74System error: HTTPFormGate: Unknown Request Type.
75The value of Bank Account Number is not well formatted.
76The value of Routing Number is not well formatted.
77The value of Card Number is not well formatted.
78Unable to tokenize: Account Type is not well formatted.

Transaction Error Codes

Code Description
2Transaction error: duplicate warning: the transaction you are trying to process is a duplication of a recently processed transaction.
3Transaction error: transaction is missing required data fields or specified values are invalid/malformed.
4Transaction error: Merchant Account is not registered, verify the supplied value.
5Transaction error: unable to process void/capture: Specified transaction is not found.
6Transaction error: unable to process void. Settlement for this transaction has already been done.
23Transaction error: the fields required for better rate qualification are missing.
24Transaction error: account type field contains invalid value.
25Configuration error: specified Merchant Account does not support this type of transaction processing.
35Transaction error: required field's value is missing.
36Transaction error: field's format is incorrect.
37Transaction error: field's value is out of the possible range.
39Transaction error: credit card number is invalid.
40Transaction error: routing number is invalid.
42Transaction error: invalid values supplied for poorQualification or waitConfirmation flags
43Transaction error: invalid field's value supplied.
44Configuration error: specified Merchant Account is inactive.
45Configuration error: specified Merchant Account is missing Merchant Account Profile.
47Transaction error: cvv2 is required when track data is not supplied.
50Transaction error: batch is empty, no transactions are found.
52Configuration error: specified Merchant is inactive.
53Transaction error: Merchant Code is not registered, verify the supplied value.
54Transaction error: unable to process void. Void for this transaction has already been done.
56Transaction error: debit card processing is not supported.
57Transaction error: track data, pinCode and dukptCode are required fields for PIN debit card processing.
58Transaction error: debit cards are supported for RETAIL industry type only.
59Transaction error: refunds are not supported for debit cards.
60Configuration error: Billing Profile is not configured for Retail Industry.
61Configuration error: Billing Profile is not configured for Direct Marketing Industry.
62Configuration error: Billing Profile is not configured for eCommerce Industry.
63Transaction error: specified Payment Option Type is not supported;
64Transaction error: unable to capture. Billing Cycle for this transaction is closed.
65Transaction error: unable to capture. Confirmation for this transaction has already been done.
67Transaction error: unable to capture failed transaction.
68Transaction error: unable to void failed transaction.
71Transaction error: unable to execute tokenization.
72Transaction error: unable to capture. Capture Amount cannot exceed Authorization Amount.
73Transaction error: unable to capture. Capture Amount must equal Authorization Amount.
74Transaction error: unable to process transaction, settlement process is in progress

Extension Specific Codes

MosoPay Real-Time Authorization Capture

Code Description
bp1Validation Error - requires fields are missing or provided values are invalid
bp2Settlement Error - authorization not found for a transaction being settled
bp3Checksum Error - transaction counts or amounts do not match

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