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Time Entry is where employees Clock-In and Clock-Out. To activate and use this feature, each employee MUST have at least one (1) Work Department assigned in their profile and the Clock In/Clock Out permission (Time Entries folder) either individually or in their Staff Work Role. By having this assigned permission, the Time Entry icon will display in the Modules Menu (see below).

The Clock In/Clock Out permissions

How to Enter Your Time

What is a "Clock-In" in MosoMRM?

Answer...A Clock-In is a time record for an employee at that BUSINESS UNIT under a specific WORK DEPARTMENT.

To Clock In:

  1. Ensure you are logged in to the correct Business Unit/Location!
  2. Click the Time Entry icon in the Modules Menu to open the Time Clock.
  3. Enter your PIN.
  4. If you are associated with multiple Work Departments, buttons for all of these options will display. Select the correct department (see Multiple Work Departments below).
    Selecting a Work Department.
  5. Click the green CLOCK IN button. If you are NOT associated to multiple Work Departments, you will go directly to this screen.
    Clocking In.
  6. If the clock-in was successful, a message banner displays at the top of the screen alerting you of the successful check-in.

To Clock Out, go to Time Entry again, enter your PIN, and click the red Clock Out button.

Clocking Out.

If you are currenlty clocked in at any Business Unit, clocking out is the ONLY available next option at this point with one (1) exception. If you forget to clock out and return the following day for example, you WILL be allowed to clock in and the other Time Record will remain open. If this does occur, it is recommended that you immediately inform your Manager or Supervisor. At this point, only a Manager with the proper permissions can adjust the Time Time Record.

Multiple Work Departments

If you are currently clocked in under one Work Department and you attempt to clock in under another, you will automatically be prompted to clock out of the original Department FIRST before clocking into the new one.

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