The MosoMRM User Interface




Throughout the entire application, the Done button CLOSES any given page or screen but does NOT save the added information.

Date & Time Picker

Because you can only edit a pending Price or Discount, this is a very important feature within the application.

Using the Date & Time Picker:

  1. The Start Date field defaults to Now.
    The DEFAULT values on the Date & Time Picker
  2. To change the start date, click the drop-down arrow. The calendar and date information displays with the Now check box selected and the remainder of the information inactive.
    • Clear the Now check box. The calendar and date information will activate.
    • The current day will be highlighted (red box). Click the day you want this price to start, which will highlight that day in gray.
    • Select the time you want to activate this price in the Time drop-down list.
    • If you select the Everywhere check box, the Time Zone drop-down list deactivates, and click Ok.
    • If you leave the Everywhere check box cleared, select a time zone from the Time Zone drop-down list and click Ok.
      Selecting a Day and a Time Zone.
  3. If applicable, select an End Date. The process is the same as above except the Now check box does not display.
  4. Enter a Price (required).
  5. If you would to have the ability to override the price, select the Price Override check box. This will activate the Maximum and Minimum Price fields.
  6. The price you entered previously will automatically populate the Maximum Price field.
  7. Enter a Minimum Price.
  8. Click Update.
    Adjusting the Date when adding an Item Price.

MosoMRM Log-In

You can log-in and log-out, change your Work Role or use the Edit Account feature from the Log-In drop-down list in the toolbar (top right) on every MosoMRM screen.

Multi-Select List Box

A Multi-Select List Box is a scrollable list of check boxes instead of a typical list box or drop-down list. Unlike a list box or drop-down, a multi-select box gives you the option to select as many check boxes as necessary from the list. These type of lists may allow you to type your own value in a list and display most, or all, of the items from a fixed list by default from the template's data source, or from an external data source.

Selecting the top check box (highlighted in screen shot), usually to the left of the header, will select or clear all of the selections in the list.

Multi-Select List Box

Point of Sale

Row Editor

Row Editor

The Row Editor is the primary method of adding and editing data on most pages in MosoMRM, especially in System Configuration items. Row Editors are typically linked to pages where records are displayed in a "grid" format and include:

  • Text/Date Boxes
  • Drop-down Lists
  • Check Boxes

If the field is a date box, and you click in that field, you can either enter the date and time information directly or select that information using a Date & Time Picker. They will also have the standard Update and Cancel buttons.

To open a Row Editor:

  1. Click the specific Add or Edit buttons (they may not always be specifically labeled as such).
  2. Double-click in the row of the record. This is for editing purposes only.


The Search functionality is universal throughout MosoMRM but the User Interface may change slightly pending on where you are in the application. You can search for:

  • Parties
  • Primary Features and Functionality
  • Configuration Items

Search on the Launch Pad

Search in the Launch Pad

This simple field gives you the ability to search for, and navigate to, specific features, configuration items, or functionality directly from the Launch Pad. The Launch Pad always displays in the left panel regardless of your current view buyt can be minimized.

This feature is most often used to locate and access pages in System Configuration. By using this feature, you can bypass the extra step of going to System Configuration and scrolling and searching for the specific item on that rather long page.

To search using this feature, click the Search icon (magnifying glass) in the Launch Pad and enter a minimum of three (3) letters of your searchable item. A list will be returned with that item and several related items. Click the intended item to navigate to that page in MosoMRM.

In the screen shot on the right, "Bun" is the entered search criteria. This will return the intended item, "Bundle Setup" and "Item Setup" which is directly related to setting up Bundles.

Member Search

The Member Search functionality always displays the individual's photo and ID number and is used in:

Click HERE for additional Search information.

Item Search

Item Search in POS

You can do an Item Search in four (4) primary areas in MosoMRM:

  1. Item Setup
  2. Bundle Setup
  3. POS
  4. Discount Codes

The basics of the User Interface are the same in Item and Bundle Setup and in Discount Codes with only a few minor button differences relating to the function you are performing in that area. However, the interface in POS is a simple text box in the Item section (left) where you can enter either the name (or first letter) or the first digit of the Item Code to search for the Item. Once you have entered your search criteria, the results display in that panel.

To Do an Item Search:

  1. To navigate to the Item Search:
    1. In Item Setup, click the Search button in the Items section (left).
    2. In Bundle Setup and Discount Codes, after you have added all of the other required data elements, click the Add Items button in the Items section (Right).
  2. The Search for Items will slide into the left panel (middle for Discount Codes).
  3. Enter and/or select the criteria and click the Search button. The Items will display in the bottom section of that panel.
    1. In Bundle Setup and Discount Codes, select the Item check boxes individually or click Select All.
    2. In Item Setup, click any Item in the list and the Item Price(s) you have added display in the Item Price for {Product Name} section (right).
  4. In Bundle Setup and Discount Codes, after you have selected the correct Items, click Add. The added Items will display in the Items panel (right).

Show History Check Box

Only current applicable facilities, prices, and rates display in the right panel of their primary page. The Show History check box gives you the ability to display expired prices, rates, and Agreements in the following:

11 Show History 01.png

The Show History check box defaults to cleared. When a price, rate, or Agreement expires based the End Date you entered, it will automatically be removed from the display in the right panel.

The Show History check box (cleared)

To display these expired prices, rates, or Agreements however, select the Show History check box in the top right corner of the form and all of the historical data will display at top of the list in the order of their expiration.

The Show History check box (selected)

Technical Information

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