The MosoMRM Glossary


Access Item

An Item Type that you set up and sell that grants entrance to your Business Unit e.g. access to your fitness center, pool, or spa.


An Activity is any Access or Service Item. What typically distinguishes Service Items is the requirement for a Service Provider. Examples include:

  • Service Items: Personal Training, Massage, Towel Service
  • Access Items: Tanning, Tennis, Pool, Spa


An additional Party added to a Group Agreement (Family or Organization).


A binding acknowledgment of services, fees, and payment options between a Member and a Business Unit.


A scheduled Activity, typically involving ONE (1) Member with ONE (1) Service Provider or Resource.

Billing Schedule

The dates on which the installments or recurring invoices will be generated.


A method of combining multiple items that can easily be sold as a group. Items in a Bundle can be edited individually, including price.


An individual that has made a purchase at a club or facility (PT,Agreement,Items) but that purchase, specifically an Agreement, does not qualify them as a Member.


The where, when, who, and other Resources for an Event Instance.

Business Unit

A distinguishable, individually managed entity within the Enterprise.

Cash Application Method

How a tendered amount that does not pay a transaction in-full is dispersed. The only method currently used is Distribute as a % of the Total Transaction.


A functional grouping of products and services.


A categorizing or grouping of Business Units.


The organizational level within the total business structure.


A scheduled Activity typically involving MORE than one (1) Member or Party, that may include multiple Instances or Dates.

Fixed Term

A type of Agreement in which the length of term is based on the Key Item component. At the conclusion of the term, the Agreement would need to be renewed. A time based item sold in POS is also considered to be a Fixed Term.


A MEMBER REQUESTED action that puts a temporary hold or freeze on the Membership (e.g. extended military deployment).

Funding Source

A Tender Type e.g. Credit Card, ACH, etc. that can be saved for future use in recurring transactions (Perpetual and Installment Billing).


An action generated by the BUSINESS UNIT that puts a Member's Account on a temporary hold or suspension (e.g. billing not up to date).

Initial Amount

The amount due at the time an Agreement is created.

Installment Billing

A Billing Option for a Fixed Term Agreement that outlines how the total balance of each line item will be paid over time.


What you are signing up for when you register for an Event e.g. Yoga session, Beginner Swimming.

Inventory Adjustment

A correction of inventory records in your accounting/inventory system to reconcile them with the actual count of the items on-hand.

Key Item

The critical item in a particular bundle that all other items and prices revolve around. The Key Item concept is only available in Service or Membership bundles.

Line Item

A unit of information in a document, record, or statement, that displays on its own separate line. Line items will often refer to a POS entry or entry on a Member Profile that is separately identified.


An individual that has an Agreement that qualifies them as a Member. Typically that Agreement grants them access to a club(s).

Member Account

Member Accounts are created for the purpose of charging items and tracking those charges (invoices) for that specific member or amongst multiple individuals within that Account.

Obligation Quantity

The number of item units that must be purchased as part of a Perpetual Agreement before the Agreement can be canceled without penalty.


An Individual, Company, or Organization within an Account e.g. the primary member, family members, spouse, employee, etc. To be considered a "Party" on any account, each Individual must already be in the system.

Payment Schedule

The dates on which the installments or recurring invoices will be paid.


The assigning of access and usage rights to specific users, or groups of users, regarding data and functionality.

Perpetual Billing

A Billing Option that requires the payment of a specific amount for a continuous period of time without expiration. This type of billing option will typically be, but not required to be, implemented after an initial fee(s) and a short term agreement or obligation period is satisfied.

Pin Code

The PIN Code is used to log-in to a specific Workstation, if the User or Work Role has access to that Workstation. It may also be required, pending on your Workstation Configuration, to complete Point of Sale transactions or make Back Office payments.


A newly created Customer who has not made a purchase or does not have an Agreement of any sort.

Recent Member

A Member whose Agreement has expired within the specified number of months in the Statuses configuration.


The use of an activity, service, or access. The most common examples are PT sessions, massage, manicure, etc. In most cases, a redemption will require a Service Provider.


A Resource is a room, specific equipment, or other area or items that are available for a Scheduled Activity. A Trainer or other Service Provider is also considered a Resource.

Service Item

An Item Type that provides an intangible product, or a "service" to your customers, rather than hard goods and products e.g. Personal Training, Massage, Tanning, Haircut and Blow Dry, etc. What typically distinguishes this item type is the requirement of a Service Provider.

Service Provider

A Staff Member who is performing a specific Service or Activity e.g. Personal Trainer for a PT session or a Massage Therapist for a massage session. During Item Setup, products can be configured where a Service Provider is required for redemption.


The actual Business Units, Divisions, and the Enterprise e.g. Rockville, Spa's.

Source Levels

Either or any of the three (3) above Sources.

Tax Allocation

A breakdown of which authorities receive what percentage of the total Tax amount.

Tender Interface

The User Interface component that corresponds with a specific Tender Type for use in POS. The Tender Interface is selected when configuring Tender Types. While there are recommended Tender Interfaces for each Tender Type, you can select any Interface for any Tender Type. Below are three (3) of the most common Tender Interfaces:

Tender Interfaces
Credit Card


An employee that can log-in to the system.

Work Role

A duty or function that a staff member can be assigned to perform within your organization. Assigning Work Roles also provides another layer of information security within the application and your organization.


A device, typically a computer terminal, where you interface with the application. Each Workstation is linked to one, and only one, specific Business Unit. Any actions or functions performed at that Workstation are linked to that Business Unit.

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