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The Tender Types page is where you configure the payment types i.e. credit card, cash, check, etc., that will be available at your POS. The Tender Types you add here populate the Tender Screen on your POS user interface.

Configuring Tender Types

To Add a Tender Type:

  1. From the Launch Pad, click System Configuration in the left navigation panel.
  2. In the Financial section, select Tender Types.
  3. Click the Add button. The Tender Type Details pop-up displays.
  4. Enter the Name and a Description of the Tender Type in the their respective text boxes.
  5. Select the appropriate GL Code from the drop-down list. The numeric ID and a brief description of each code display in the list which were set up in the Financial Configuration.
  6. Use the up-and-down arrows to select a Maximum and Minimum Amount for this Tender Type and also select Currency from the drop-down list.
  7. Use the up-and-down arrows to select the number of additional receipt copies will be printed in the Additional Receipt Copies field.
  8. Use the up-and-down arrows to select the maximum percentage of a transaction amount you can tender with this Tender Type in the Maximum % of Transactions field e.g. if you select, 80 percent and the total transaction amount is $100, you could only apply $80 to this Tender Type.
  9. Select the Tender Interface in the Interface drop-down list. The "Interface" is what displays on the right side of the Add Tender screen when you select a Tender in POS.
Tender Interfaces
Credit Card
Gift Card
    1. These are hard coded entries.
    2. The NACHA option is for securely collecting Electronic Payments (Bank Debits) in the United States.
    3. The Canadian Bank Acct option is for the Electronic Payments in Canada.
      The available, hard coded choices in the Interface drop-down list
    4. If you selected Credit Card or NACHA in the Interface drop-down list, the Available for Funding Source check box will activate.
    5. If you selected either Postdate Check or Postdate Credit Card, the Maximum Days field will activate. Use the up-and-down arrows to select the number of days you want to allow a postdated tender.
  1. Enter the text for your Receipt Message in the text box.
  2. In the Additional Information section:
    1. Select the Enable Additional Information check box if you would like any added information to display on the Interface you previously selected.
    2. Select the Mark as Required check box if the added information is required to complete the transaction
    3. Enter the text for the additional information in the Prompt Message field e.g. if you entered "Room Number" as your additional information for a "Room Charge" Tender Type, you will be prompted to include the Member's Room Number in the Tender Screen in POS.
      Completed Tender Type Details page
  3. In the bottom right panel, select the appropriate check boxes that apply to this Tender Type (see BELOW for recommendations and an explanation of each check box).
  4. Click Save.

Tender Type Option Settings

The available options are based on the Tender Interface you select. Therefore, not all of the options will be available for selection at all times.

Available in POS

This makes the Tender Type available in POS. This check box will NOT be activated if the following Tender Type Interfaces are selected:

  1. Debit Card
  2. Gift Card
  3. On Account
  4. Postdate Credit Card
  5. NACHA

Available for Manual Payment

This makes the Tender Type available for a standard i.e. non-recurring payment.

Available for Funding Source

This makes the Tender Type available for use as a Funding Source on a Member Account. This check box will be activated for the following Tender Interfaces:

  1. Credit Card
  2. NACHA

If you select this check box, this Tender Type can be used for Billing Schedules (Perpetual and Installment), Member Accounts, and Room Charges.

Include in Deposit

If this Tender Type is used in a transaction, the monies collected will be included in Shift Management (daily deposit).

  • If you do not include credit card transactions in the daily deposit, then do not select this check box for that Tender Type.
  • You would not select this for any charged or accrued Tender Types (Room Charge or Account).

Use for Cash Accounting

Select this check box if this Tender Type is used for standard cash accounting versus accrual accounting.

Mark as Inactive

Select this check box to inactivate the Tender Type, which will also remove it from the POS User Interface. This will typically be done after you have added the Tender Type.

Member Only

This makes the Tender Type available for Members ONLY. Though you have a wide latitude with this check box, "On Account" will be the most common reason to select this check box.

Multiple Allowed

Select this check box if you want to allow this Tender to be used multiple times in any single transaction e.g. The payment amount is $100 and the member would like to put $60 on one credit card and $40 on another credit card.

Refund Allowed

Select this check box if you want to allow refunds with this Tender Type.

Void Allowed

Select this check box if you want to allow voids with this Tender Type.

Signature Required

Select this check box to enable any Signature Capture devices for this Tender Type. You must select this check box for ALL of the Tender Types for which you want the Signature Capture devices enabled.

Write-off tender

Select this check box if this Tender Type will be used for any accounting adjustments e.g. Credit Cards, Check. This option is available for all Tender Interfaces except Adjustment and Transfer.

Recommended Best Practices

The following are recommended Best Practices when configuring Tender Types.

  • Do NOT set up a Tender Type for each credit card type you accept,e.g. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, etc. Set up ONE (1) Tender Type that encompasses all credit cards.

Editing Tender Types

Unlike many of the pages in MosoMRM, Tender Types does NOT use a row editor. Instead, all of the editing is done on the actual Member Type Details page.

To Edit Tender Types:

  1. Go to Tender Types in the System Configuration.
  2. Click any of the records and then click Edit or double-click any of the records. The Tender Type Details pop-up displays.
  3. Make any necessary edits and click Save.

Work Role vs. Workstation Tender Type Permissions

The ability to use a Tender Type in a POS transaction is also based on whether it is allowed to be used at any given Workstation.


If there is a conflict between Work Role and Workstation Tender Type permissions...


See Below...

Only allowed Tender Types that are shared by both permission levels will be available for use by any user at a specific Workstation. For example:

  • A User's Work Role gives them permission to use Cash and Check only.
  • The Workstation only allows the use of Cash and Credit Card.

This specific user will be allowed to do CASH ONLY transactions at this Workstation, since that is the only Tender Type that is common to both permission levels.

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