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A Task refers to an action item or the type of work that is assigned to a specific staff member (or Work Role). A Task will typically be associated to a sales Opportunity but it is not required.

There are two (2) setup items that must configured in the Task Setup:

  1. Task Types - This further defines the types of tasks that can be assigned to an Opportunity e.g. email, meeting, phone call, etc.
  2. Task Categories - This groups and organizes the tasks by the nature of their action ot to what they are pertaining e.g. Appointments, Phone Calls, Memberships. etc.

Some sample Task scenarios:

  • When entering a new prospect, the sales representative creates a Task to call the individual within 48-hours.
  • After selling a paid-in-full Agreement, you can create a Task to send a collateral to the Member two (2) months prior to their expiration date.

Both of these items are selected when you create a Task associated with an Opportunity in My Planner and you can also filter the list that displays on that same page by these same items.

Adding a Task

  1. From the Launch Pad, click the System Configuration icon in the left navigation panel.
  2. In the Sales & Prospecting section, select Task Setup.
  3. Click the setup item (Task Types, Task Categories) in the Task Setup section. This will become the header label for the right section when you do the setup.
  4. To add a Task Type or Task Category, click their respective Add button in the right section. (NOTE: The basic list of Task Types is system defined and those records can not be edited or deleted)
  5. Enter a Name and brief Description in their respective text boxes.
  6. The Active check box defaults to selected.
  7. Click the Update button. Repeat the process for any additional Source Levels.
Adding a Task Category to an Opportunity.

To Edit either of the Task setup items, select (click) the record and click the Edit button. Make the necessary edits and click the Update button. In Task Types, you can only edit records you have added (non-system defined).

Next Step?

NEXT STEP: Staff Schedule Settings (this is only required if you are using the Scheduler functionality)..........Previous Step: Opportunity Setup

When the Scheduler functionality has been configured and all of the permissions in place, you are ready to use the My Planner feature!

And remember to set your Screen Security when you get to the next page!

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