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The Talk To Us link is where a member can give the facility their feedback on any topic.

The How To

All of the fields on this page are required or the sender will receive an error message.

To Edit the Talk To Us Page:

  1. Go to the Edit "Talk To Us" page.
  2. Enter a title in the Title text box.
  3. Enter a Help Tip in the appropriate text box.
  4. Enter the detailed text for the help tip in the Help Tip Detail text box.
  5. Enter a label in the Feedback Label field. This is the greeting or invitation for the feedback.
  6. Enter a label in the Subject Label field. This is the same as a subject line in a standard email.
  7. Enter a label in the Submit Feedback button Text field. The actual member comments are written is this field. My_Acct_Talk_To_Us_01.png
  8. Enter a label in the Feedback Error Message Text field. This is where you create the error message text a member will receive if an error occurred in the transmission or if there was an omission.
  9. Enter a label in the Feedback Success Message Text field. This is where you create a quick message if the transmission was successful.
  10. Click Save and publish.
    My Acct Talk To Us 02.png

The image below maps where the information from all of the fields in the Edit "Talk To Us" page are displayed on the actual website user interface.

Red Text Box = Name of Field/Text Box from Edit "Talk To Us" page

Map Talk To Us.png

How to Talk To Us

Sending a message (email) to your facility is a simple and straightforward process.

To Send a Message to the Facility:

  1. Go to the Talk To Us page.
  2. Enter a message subject in the Subject text box
  3. Enter the message text in the Feedback text box e.g. "We Would Love Your Feedback" (in screen shot above).
  4. Click the Submit button.
  5. A confirmation or error message will display below the text box. If there was an error, check the components of the message and re-send.

The message is delivered to the staff member that was selected in the Notification Email field during the [wiki:"wiki:Back Office Setup" Back Office Setup].

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