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If you select the Use Default Settings check box on any configuration page, that information is inherited from the next higher level in your hierarchy e.g. if you are configuring a Business Unit (NO Divisions) and select this check box, that specific Business Unit will inherit the setting of your Enterprise.

When you edit any of the configuration settings, it is recommended that you immediately refresh your screen to activate the changes.

You will often have the option of placing any new (or previously entered) data entries on an Active or Inactive status. The list entries are ordered by this status with the Inactive entries list first followed by the Active entries. When you add new data, it will automatically add it to the top of the list based on the status you have entered.

For a step-by-step guide on how to set up and configure your MosoMRM system, click HERE!!!.

Enterprise & Business Unit Setup

Inventory, Activities & Related Settings

Data Management


Sales & Prospecting

Workstations & Devices

  • Workstations - Manage the computers and devices that can access this program.
  • POS Configuration - Settings for your Point of Sale systems and cash registers.

Employees & Staff



Childcare Configuration & Settings

System Maintenance

  • Updates - View and execute any system wide updates.
  • Direct Links - Directly link to various parts of the application.
  • Downloads - Download links to MosoMRM related services or utilities.

The MosoMRM Modules

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System Configuration
Time Entry
Time Records

System Configuration
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The MosoMRM Modules
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