Suspension Reasons




The Suspension Reasons define the types of reasons why an Agreement can be suspended. There are two (2) types of Suspensions:

  • Hold
  • Freeze

All Suspensions are open ended i.e. they do not require an End Date. An Agreement that is put on Hold or is Frozen will display in the Suspensions tab on the Member Profile. All Activities associated with a suspended Agreement will also be marked as Suspended in Activity Management.

How to Configure Suspension Reasons

Keep in mind when configuring your Suspension Reasons, these settings only apply ONLY when each specific reason is selected when suspending an Agreement.

To Set Up Suspension Reasons:

  1. From the Launch Pad, click the System Configuration icon in the left navigation panel.
  2. In the Inventory, Activities & Related Settings section, select Suspension Reasons. The three (3) sections on the right will be inactive.
  3. Click Add. This will activate the sections on the right.


  1. Enter the Suspension Reason in the Name text box e.g. Military, Billing.
  2. Enter a description of the reason in the Description text box.
  3. The Active check box defaults to selected. If this Suspension Reason will not be immediately activated, clear the check box.
  4. Select either the Hold or Freeze radio buttons (Hold is preselected).
  5. In the Work Role Permissions list box, click the Approve check box for each Work Role that can suspend and approve an Agreement.


  1. Must Start on Key Item Bill Date - Select this check box if you require ALL Suspensions to start on the billing date of the Key Item in the Bundle.
    1. The Min Days Per (Default=1) and Max Days Per (Default=30) fields only relate to this setting.
    2. These setting refer to the minimum and maximum days an Agreement can be on suspension.
    3. Click in each field and edit the values according to your business practices.
  2. Open Ended - Select this check box if there are no time restrictions for a suspension using this reason. If you select this option, the Min Days Per and Max Days Per fields will become inactive.


Select the check boxes of the Effects this Suspension will have on the entities you selected in the previous section.

  1. Stops Billing During Suspension - This stops the Billing process, associated with that SPECIFIC Agreement, Member, or Account ONLY.
    1. This applies to both Invoice creation (Perpetual or Installment) and auto payments.
    2. Billing occurs on the day the Suspension ends if a billing cycle was scheduled to occur during the Suspension period.
  2. Charge One Time Fee - Recurring and Term Agreements
    1. This gives you the option to apply a one-time and/or a recurring fee for the Suspension.
    2. If you select this check box, both of the Charge drop-down lists activate.
    3. The drop-down lists include all of the Fee Item Types you have configured and is where you select an applicable Fee for the Suspension.
      1. Freeze Charge - This applies a one-time fee for Suspending the Agreement using the fee you select in this drop-down list.
      2. Recurring Charge - This applies a recurring fee for Suspending the Agreement using the fee you select in this drop-down list. If you select this, the fee is applied on the same billing schedule as the Key Item in the Agreement Bundle.
  3. Prevents Activity Use - This stops the redemption of any Activity (Access or Services) associated with this SPECIFIC Agreement, Member, or Account ONLY.
    1. When the Suspension ends, the duration of the Suspension is added to the expiration date of any Activities.
    2. If you select this check box the Extends Availability and Do Not Extend radio buttons activate.
      1. If you select the Extends Availability radio button, this will extend the ability to redeem any Activities that may have expired during the Suspension for a length of time equal to the Suspension e.g. if you get deployed and your Agreement is suspended 6-months, any activities (Physical Training, Check-Ins, etc) associated with that Agreement will be extended 6-months after you reinstate the Agreement.
      2. If you select the Do Not Extend radio button, the Activities will not be extended.
  4. Extend Obligation Date on Recurring Agreements - If you select this check box, you will extend the Obligation Date of the Agreement you are suspending e.g. if you have an Obligation Date of 6/30/2014 and you suspended your Agreement for two (2) months in January and February, your Obligation will be pushed back the same amount of time (2-months) to 8/31/2014.
  5. Click the Save button. The Suspension Reason will be added to the left panel.
    Completed Adding a Suspension Reason

Available for Agreements

On the Available for Agreements tab, select the agreement(s) that this suspension reason applies to. Agreements are grouped by classification.

  1. Select All check box is available to select all agreements.
  2. Click Show Inactive to view Inactive agreements.
  3. Once the agreements have been selected, click Save to save the selections made.

Note: The Add/Edit Agreement screen provides another way to associate the reasons to the agreement(s).

Suspension Reasons - Available for Agreements

How to Suspend an Agreement

Agreements are suspended in the Suspensions tab on the Member Profile page. Click HERE for the steps on how to Suspend an Agreement.

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