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The Staff & Users icon is the initial step, and the link, to locating and/or adding a Staff Member or User. The settings for your Staff and Users is done in the Employee Configuration.

Just as you do with a Member, you add and manage your Staff and Users with an Employee Profile page that has many similar features to the Member Profile page.

NOTE: The terms Staff, Staff Member, Staff & Users, and Employee can, and will be, used interchangeably throughout the application and documentation.

Adding a Staff Member

Adding a Staff Member is done exclusively using the Staff & Users icon.

To Add a New Staff Member:

  1. Click the Staff & Users icon in the left navigation panel. The Find Employee search box displays over your previous screen view, which will be grayed out.
  2. Click Add New Employee. A blank Employee Profile page displays with only the basic information fields enabled (left side).
  3. Enter a Date of Birth.
    • It is recommended that you manually ENTER the Date of Birth.
    • The Calendar icon to the right of the Date of Birth field defaults to the value that you entered in the Default Date Value on Calendar section during the Data Fields configuration.
  4. Enter or select a Hire Date (see previous step). If the Hire Date is that particular day, you can click the Calendar icon to the right of the field and click the Today button.
  5. The Termination Date field should be left BLANK.
  6. Enter a First Name and Last Name.
  7. Select a Gender (Male, Female, Other) from the drop-down list.
  8. Enter a Payroll ID. You can get this from your Human Resources Department.
  9. Enter the new employee's Lookup Initials. This is organizational but a typical entry is First Initial/Last Initial.
  10. The Home Facility drop-down list defaults to your current Log In facility (upper right corner). This, as it is for all Parties in MosoMRM, is NOT editable.
  11. If all of the information is correct, click the Save button. At this point, you are ready to Add Contact Information.
    Completed demographic information portion of the Employee Information tab.

Adding Contact Information

At this point, the Postal, Phone, and Email sections on the right will activate. Click the Edit button in either of the three (3) panels to add the necessary information.

Defining (labeling) each of the tabs within each section is done in the Employee Configuration.

The Country drop-down list and the phone number Country Code field default to the country of the currently logged-in Business Unit. Also, if the Country drop-down list defaults to any country OTHER THAN the United States, the Verify Address bar is deactivated and does not display.

To Add/Edit Postal Information:

  1. Click the Home Postal edit button. The Edit Postal Contact Data pop-up form displays over the Employee Profile, defaulting to the first entry on the list in the Employee Configuration or your current display entry.
  2. Enter the Address in the Address Line fields (1-3).
  3. Enter the city or county in the City/County field.
  4. Select a state or province from the State/Province drop-down list.
  5. Enter the postal code in the ZIP/Postal Code field.
  6. Select a Country from the drop-down list (Defaults to country of currently logged-in Business Unit).
  7. The Invalid check box will only be selected if this address becomes invalid for any reason.
  8. Select all of the Purposes check boxes that are applicable. These were set up in the Employee Configuration.
  9. Click the Update button.
    Adding (or editing) Address Information.
  10. Repeat the process, if necessary, for any additional tabs. The form is identical.

To Add/Edit Phone Contact Information:

  1. Click the Home Phone edit button. The Edit Phone Contact Data pop-up form displays over the Employee Profile, defaulting to the first entry on the list in the Employee Configuration or your current display entry.
  2. Select the Country Code (Defaults to code of currently logged-in Business Unit).
  3. Enter the 9-digit Phone Number (NOTE: These phone numbers could be identical in multiple fields).
  4. Enter any additional phone information (e.g. extension) in the Phone Additional Data field.
  5. Select all of the Purposes check boxes that are applicable. These were set up in the Employee Configuration.
  6. Click the Update button.
    Adding (or editing) Phone Information.
  7. Repeat the process, if necessary, for any additional tabs. The form is identical.

To Add/Edit Email Contact Information:

  1. Click the Personal Email edit button. The Edit Email Contact Data pop-up form displays over the Employee Profile, defaulting to the first entry on the list in the Employee Configuration or your current display entry.
  2. Enter a valid Email Address.
  3. Select the Opt Out check box if the member does not want to receive notices or information through email.
  4. Select all of the Purposes check boxes that are applicable. These were set up in the Employee Configuration.
  5. Click the Update button.
    Adding (or editing) Email Information.
  6. Repeat the process, if necessary, for any additional tabs. The form is identical.

Employee Profile

A completed Employee Profile page:

A Completed Employee Profile page.

Employee Information

This is the default tab when you search for and find a current Employee or when you are adding a new Employee.

Adding an Employee Profile Photo

You can upload an image from your hard drive or capture it using the Picture Perfect tool that is available in the application. The date the employee's profile picture is uploaded will be saved and displayed below the image. Simply hover over the image to expand and view the date it was saved.

Employee's Image on Profile with Saved Date

Work Roles & Departments

This tab is where you assign Work Roles to the staff member and assign that staff member to a Work Department. Work Departments are used primarily for time clock and payroll functions.

Work Roles

To Assign Work Roles:

  1. On the Employee Profile, click the Work Roles & Departments tab.
  2. In the Work Roles panel (left), click Add. The row editor displays.
  3. Select a Source from the Apply To drop-down list.
  4. Select a Work Role from the drop-down list. The Update button will activate.
  5. If this is going to be the default Work Role for this staff member, select the Default check box.
    Adding a Work Role to the staff member.

Work Departments

  1. In the Work Departments panel (right), click Add.
  2. Select a Business Unit from drop-down list.
  3. Select a Work Department.
  4. Select or enter a Start Date. The Update button will activate.
    • The Start Date, versus the Hire Date, is the date that the new staff member will start performing their duties. In the example here, they happen to be the same.
  5. Leave the Terminate Date field BLANK. This will be used later if:
    • The individual has moved from one department to another within the Business Unit.
    • They have moved from one Business Unit to another.
    • When they have completed one Work Role and are doing another, e.g. going from Front Desk to Training.
      Adding a Work Department.
  6. Click the Update button.

Performance Commissions

  1. Assign Performance Commissions to specific Staff Members on their Employee Profile.
    1. An individual can only be assigned to ONE Commission Group.
    2. However, if you are integrating previously configured Performance Schedules with MosoMRM, and a staff member had a previously configured schedule within a group, an override option is available to allow that option to stand.
      1. This feature prevents you from having to re-configure all of the old and current Schedules for that individual.
      2. If this is the case, the Employee Override option is automatically added for that Performance Schedule.
      3. IMPORTANT...If the override setting overlaps with a current Commission Group setting, the individual override takes precedence i.e. the Individual Commissions override the Performance Schedules in Commission Groups.

Individual Permissions

IMPORTANT...You MUST have System Administrator permissions to view this tab. If you do not have System Administrator permissions, the tab is completely removed from the profile.

This is where you can view and add Feature Security Permissions for a Staff Member. These permissions are associated with their Staff Work Roles and also to any Individual User Permissions outside of that Work Role.

Any Feature Security Permissions that were added in the Staff Work Role setup display in this tab. You can then add any Individual User Permissions by opening the tree view ("plus" button) of the functional area for which you are assigning the permissions and select the appropriate check box(es) within that functional area. Click the Save Changes button and then the Reload button for the permissions to take effect. (NOTE: This acts as a "refresh" to the system and gives you the ability to activate these changes without leaving the application). When you click the Individual Permissions tab, any Permissions Category for which that Individual already has permissions will open automatically.

Added Individual Feature Security Permissions.

Network Security

User Access

This is where you add the Staff Member’s system Access information. This is different than Operations Security (right click), which is another layer of security on each individual page or screen.

Unmasked PIN Codes are not displayed in this tab. To enter or edit the code, you must enter your password to display the field. This information, along with Password, Password Question, and Password Answer can also be edited using the Edit Account feature in the MosoMRM Log-In (top right corner).

To Assign User Access:

  1. On the Employee Profile, click the User Access tab.
  2. The User Credentials section is where you set up your Password and PIN Code settings.
  3. The User Name field will be read-only.
  4. Enter a Password and re-enter that password in the Confirm Password field.
    1. The characters you enter will display as bullets.
    2. If the Passwords do not match, you will get a warning message and the Confirm Password field will stay red.
    3. After you save this form, the password is saved and these fields will be blank.
  5. Enter a PIN Code. The style and convention will be determined by each Business Unit. These steps also apply to editing a PIN Code.
    1. Click the Show PIN button.
    2. Enter your MosoMRM Password in the Please enter your password pop-up window and click the OK button.
      Entering your password to activate PIN Code field.
    3. The PIN field will be activated.
    4. If you are editing this field, the PIN will display in the field (unmasked). If you are adding a new PIN, enter the code in the field.
      Entering your PIN Code.
  6. In the Password Reset Configuration section, enter a Password Question and Password Answer in their respective fields.
    Setting User Credentials and Password information for a staff member.
  7. Select the applicable check boxes:
    1. Grant Access: This staff member can log in at any time to their workstation.
    2. Password is Permanent: This staff member’s password is permanent. If you select this check box, leave the Change Password on Next Login check box clear.
    3. System Administrator: This staff member has access to everything in the system.
    4. Lock Account: Select ONLY if this staff member is suspended or has lost privileges to the Workstation or system, etc. (this can only be selected by an individual with System Administrator permissions).
    5. Change Password on Next Login: If you select this check box, it will send a temporary password to the email address you added in the Employee Information tab. The employee in turn, will be prompted and REQUIRED to change their password the first time they log-in to the system. After the password is changed, the check box will be automatically cleared. (NOTE: If you select this check box after the initial log-in phase, the employee would have to change their password every time they log-in.)

POS Access

  1. In the POS Access section, select the appropriate check boxes regarding the employee's access levels in POS.
    1. Access: Gives you access to conduct Transactions in POS immediately when you log in.
    2. Reverse Payment - Gives you permission to Reverse a Payment i.e do a charge back for a disputed charge or change the Tender used in a Customer Transaction. This permission will also activate the Reverse Payment button on an Invoice.
    3. Return Invoice: Gives you permission to Return a Transaction in POS.
    4. Shift Access: Gives you access to your specific Shift in POS regardless of the Workstation e.g. your cash drawer. The Shift button is in the bottom left corner of the POS user interface. If you click that button, you will be prompted to enter your PIN to access POS, and can do so from any Workstation.
      Setting Access levels during Employee Setup.
    5. Return Item - Gives you permission to do a standard Item Return.
  2. In the On Account Tenders section, select the appropriate check boxes regarding the employee's access and usage levels for On Account Tendering.
    1. Use On Account Tenders: This gives you the ability to use any Tender Type with On Account selected as its Tender Interface. (NOTE: Also make sure that you have the Available in POS check box selected when you set up the Tender Type)
    2. Override Credit Limit Settings: This gives you the ability exceed (not change) the member's Credit Limit during a transaction i.e the Max Transaction Amount on the Tender Screen.

POS Price Override

This gives the ability to override the Min Price and Max Price of an item in a POS Transaction. In the POS Price Override section, select only ONE (1) applicable check box:

  1. None: This does NOT give permissions to override or adjust pricing.
  2. Edit in Price Range: This gives you the ability to adjust the price but ONLY within the parameters of the Min Price and the Max Price.
  3. Adjust Price: This gives you the ability to set any price for that item. This permission would normally be given to Managers and Back Office Staff only.

Scheduler Access

This gives the ability to access and subsequently use the Scheduler functionality:

  1. Access Scheduler: This MUST be selected to display the Scheduler icon on the Launch Pad, thus giving you access to the Scheduler functionality. This will be the only active check box when you initially set up the User/Employee. If you select the check box, the other three (3) will activate.
  2. Bookable: This activates your ability to be "booked" for appointments. This check box must be selected separately for this part of the functionality to be activated.
  3. Receptionist: This gives you the ability to book Others for appointments.
  4. Administrator: This gives access to all levels of the functionality. If you select just this check box after the Scheduler is activated, it will default select and immediately inactivate the Receptionist check box.
  5. If all of the information in ALL of the sections is correct, click the Save button.


The functionality and user interface used in setting up Employee Accounts is IDENTICAL to what is used when setting up MEMBER ACCOUNTS!!!


The Schedule tab is where you can set the Availability Options for a staff member or any Service Provider. The same features and user interface are also used when setting up your availability in My Planner.

This tab is where a Manager or Administrator with the proper permissions would add or edit a trainer's availability. However, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that each individual trainer or service provider set up their own availability in My Planner. When they enter their availability in My Planner, that information automatically loads into this tab as well.


This feature is similar to the feature of the same name for a Member. Click HERE for more details.

Employee Profile Toolbar

The template for the Employee Profile and the Member Profile pages are the same, hence the icons and functionality in the Toolbar are the same. However, since a staff member can not be returned in a Search, as might be the case when purchasing an item in POS that requires a member, the icons are disabled.

Employee Permissions

This Permissions button also displays on the Vendor Profile and Member Profile pages.

This page is designed to set permissions for that specific page i.e access to that employee's profile information. It is recommended that you give View permissions ONLY to that employee, outside of your system admin permissions. This would allow that specific employee to view, and view ONLY, their own specific profile page. The procedures for setting up the permissions are similar to setting up standard data permissions.

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