Setting Up Your MosoMRM System


This page is a step-by-step guide on how to set up and configure your MosoMRM system.


A Few Things to Remember as You Proceed...

  • Your system comes with one (1) default User, Workstation, and Work Role that are preloaded and give you the ability initially log-in to the system:
    • admin (User)
    • System Admin (Default Work Role)
  • When you navigate to any page, immediately configure your SCREEN SECURITY for that page.
  • Certain configuration items MUST be done in a specific order. If that is noted, DO NOT deviate. However, it is recommended that you configure your system in the order provided.
  • If you select the Use Default Settings check box on any configuration page, that information is inherited from the next higher level in your hierarchy e.g. if you are configuring a Business Unit/Facility (NO Divisions) and select this check box, that Business Unit will inherit the Enterprise setting. NEVER delete a default setting or value anywhere in the system; just rename them within an applicable setting or value.
  • When you edit or add any configuration settings, it is recommended that you immediately refresh your screen to activate the changes.
  • When you add a Price or a Discount, always REMEMBER...

You can NOT edit a CURRENT Price or Discount, only ones that are pending so be very aware when entering a START DATE.

Your Enterprise or Business Unit will typically have one individual that has access to setting up the system. It is recommended that this user be assigned the System Admin Work Role.

Phase ONE

This phase is primarily Source configuration items and other Enterprise related setup. This should be done in the following order...and remember to set your Screen Security!

  1. Enterprise Configuration
  2. Staff Work Roles (NOTE: You will return to this page to edit Service Providers)
  3. Data Security (NOTE: If you want to assign Permissions to any Users, Work Roles, or Sources that are outside of your Admin Group on any page that has already been configured, you must go back to each page separately.)
  4. Enterprise Security Configuration
  5. General Configuration
  6. Financial Configuration
  7. Data Fields
  8. Check-In & Activity Configuration
  9. Employee Configuration
  10. Member Configuration
  11. Work Department Setup
  12. Tender Report Group

Phase TWO

This phase is where you add your staff and do the preparatory set up prior to configuring Items, Bundles, and Agreements...and remember to set your Screen Security!:

  1. Add Staff & Users
    1. Set Employee Permissions
    2. Scheduler Access
  2. Access Types (MUST be done before Workstations and Redemption Rules)
  3. Workstations
  4. Redemption Rules
  5. Category Setup (NOTE: Now that you have added your staff and Categories, you can now go back and edit the Service Provider links on the Staff Work Roles page.
  6. Tender Types
  7. Billing Schedules
  8. Client Account Configuration
  9. Invalid Credit Cards
  10. Decline & Reversal Reasons (MUST be done before Response Codes & Reversal Reason Mappings)
  11. Response Codes & Reversal Reason Mappings
  12. Tax Authority Configuration (MUST be done before Tax Setup)
  13. Tax Setup
  14. Holidays
  15. Agreement Classifications (MUST be done before Agreements)
  16. Statuses (This is an OPTIONAL configuration item. Statuses come preconfigured with your application so consequently, only the display name can be modified.)


This phase is where you set up your products, fees and services that can be sold across the system.

This phase MUST be done in this ORDER...and remember to set your Screen Security!:

  1. Performance Schedules (This is an OPTIONAL configuration item. However, if you are using this functionality, it must be set up prior to Item Setup.)
  2. Item Setup
  3. Bundle Setup
  4. Agreement Templates
  5. Agreements (MUST be done before Agreement Groups)
  6. Agreement Groups (The Agreements generated above are selected and grouped together in this step)
  7. Cancellation Reasons
  8. Discounts/Adjustments
  9. Discount Code Security
  10. Reinstatement Reasons
  11. Suspension Reasons
  12. Lead Sources
  13. Scheduler
  14. Moso myClub (REQUIRED! in this order)

Phase FOUR

This phase is where you can starting adding or configuring:

And optional features like:

The MosoMRM Modules

My Planner
Point of Sale
Activity Management
Staff & Users
Data Analytics

System Configuration
Time Entry
Time Records

System Configuration
The MosoMRM User Interface
The MosoMRM Glossary
Setting Up Your MosoMRM System
The MosoMRM Modules
Operation Security
Feature Security
Moso myClub