The party Search functionality is universal throughout MosoMRM but the User Interface may change slightly pending on where you are in the application. The Search functionality always displays the individual's photo and ID number and is used in:

Executing a Search

You can execute a Search by entering:

  1. A minimum of the first two (2) letters of their last name (POS is the only exception).
  2. Last name then first name (space required).
  3. First name and a minimum of one (1) letter of their last name (space required and no period) e.g. Eldrick G, Picabo A.
  4. A minimum of the first two (2) digits of the ID number.
  5. A minimum of the first two (2) digits of the Member Card number in the Scan text box (this is an optional number that is added in the Cards tab on their Member Profile).

IMPORTANT....A search will not return any results until you press the ENTER key!!!!!

Party Search

The standard party Searches use the same interface. The screen shot below illustrates a Search using the first two (2) digits of the Member ID. In this interface, the individual's Address, Phone Number, and Email display below their name. Also note that the Member's Home Facility and Status displays for quick reference.

Member Search by Member ID number.

In that same Search interface, you can click the Recently Viewed arrow to view the last ten (10) individuals that were accessed on that Workstation ONLY. This is the ONLY interface where the names display first name followed by last name. The date that they were last accessed also displays on this interface. Click the record in the Search to display that individual's Profile page.

The Recently Viewed Members on a specific Workstation

Advanced Search

Icon Advanced Search.png

The Advanced Search feature gives you the ability to refine your search to specific fields in the database:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Home Facility
    Advanced Search

The Advanced Search is in addition to the standard Search and includes the duplicate check feature when adding a new Member or Staff Member. To use the Advanced Search, click the Advanced Search icon, otherwise you will be using the standard search.. Enter the search criteria and click the Search button. The parties will be returned in the standard format.

Returned parties for an Advanced Search.

In addition to the basic party searches, this feature is also included in:

Phonetic Search

This feature gives you the ability to search on any portion of consecutive letters in a Member's, Staff Member's, Organization's, or Vendor's name to locate that party. Any portion of the name, whether phonetic or not, will return a party.

Phonetic Search check box.

To use the Phonetic Search:

  1. Click the Members, Staff & Users, or Organizations icons in the Launch Pad or select Vendors in the Inventory, Activities & Related Settings section in System Configuration. The standard search window displays.
  2. Select the Phonetic Search check box.
  3. If you enter a portion of a name or a name with specific consecutive characters, all of the names in the database with those specific characters will be returned in the search. Examples include:
  • "beth" would return all parties with these consecutive letters e.g. all Members named "Elizabeth" would be returned.
  • "and" would return names such as "Brandon and "Alexander" in the search.
  • "ent" would return names such as "Kent" and "Valentina" in the search.
  1. Click the returned record to display that parties profile page.
    Doing a Phonetic Search.

Point of Sale

The screen shots below are the Search interfaces in POS (Transactions and Invoices). These are the ONLY interfaces where a Member Search can be done using just one (1) letter of the individual's last name.

Member Searches in POS
Transaction Search in POS using a single letter.
Member Invoice Search in POS using a single letter.

Many products REQUIRE that a member be selected for purchasing that product in POS. If you selected the Member Required check box during Item Setup(Step 13), that product requires that you select a member in POS to finalize the transaction. If you select a product that requires a member for purchase, and have not yet selected a member/customer, a warning message will display in the Find a Customer search box informing you that a customer must be selected to continue with this transaction.

Warning message that a customer is REQUIRED to continue with this transaction in POS.


The screen shot below is the Search panel at Check-In using the member's first name and first letter of their last name. This Search is used for manual check-in in lieu of a scanner or other check-in device. Regardless of the Search parameters you enter, you MUST click the GO button to return the results, which display in the same manner as they do in Member, Employee, and Vendor Searches.

Search at Check-In.

Agreement Writer

The screen shot below is the Search panel in Step 1 of the Agreement Writer. This has a different look than the other Search fields and has limited options. Those Search options are:

  • Member or Organization ID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
    Search in the Agreement Writer.

The latter two are distinctive and can NOT be searched on together i.e. if you enter the person's first and last name together (Kingof Spades Jr.) in the field, nothing will be returned (screen shot below). If you enter only "Kingof" in the field, all Members with that first name will be returned. The same applies for the specific last name as well (screen shot above).

A Search not returning anyone in the Agreement Writer.

Activity Management

The screen shot below is the Search interface in Activity Management. You MUST click the OK button to select the individual from the list. This Search is typically used if you navigated to Activity Management using the icon in the left navigation panel. When you navigate to Activity Management from a Member Profile, their information automatically populates, however, you can still click the Find Customer button to search for another member.

Search in Activity Management.

The screen shot below is the Search interface used when Adding an Additional Party to a Member Account. After navigating to the Add or Edit Parties on this Account pop-up displays, click the Add button. The Find a Party Search displays to the right. After you have selected a Party, their information will display in that same panel.

Search when Adding an Additional Party to an Account.

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