Scheduler Options




This is where you configure the default settings for the Scheduler.

Configuring Scheduler Options

There are two (2) tabs in the Scheduler Options where you can configure:

  • Display options for specific fields
  • Select the email and text notification options
  • Default payment types
  • Calendar and Appointments User Interface options.


  1. Employee Default Payment Type
    1. Pay With Prepaid Service - The service must have already been purchased, either in POS or as part of an Agreement, to be available in the Scheduler.
    2. Pay at Location - The service can be booked through Scheduler but paid at the Location/Facility through POS on the day the service is redeemed.
  2. Setup Email Reminders and Setup Text Message Reminders - These settings are for Customer Appointments ONLY. Select the email and SMS (text messaging) reminder intervals from each drop-down list (up to 3 for each medium). These are subsequently sent at the selected times to the customer for any appointment. However, both the customer and the Service Provider or staff member get the reminder.
    Scheduler Options

Employee Calendar Options

  1. Show the appointment time in appointment subject (Default = Selected) - This displays the time in the subject line of the appointment on the calendar interface.
  2. Employees cannot create appointments - Select this check box if you want ONLY members and the receptionist to make appointments.
  3. Require control key pressed to drag appointments - Select this check box if you want to require pressing the Control Key to use the drag-and-drop feature on the calendar. This is a good way to prevent any accidental drag-and-drops.
  4. Customer appointment subject field (Default = Service Name) - Select either Service Name or Customer Name.
  5. Customer appointment description field (Default = Note) - The selection in this drop-down list should be coordinated with what you select in the Customer appointment subject field drop-down list above. Selection Options include:
    1. Customer Name
    2. Service Name
  6. WeekView first day of week is today (Default = Selected) - If you select this check box, the current day will display to the far left of the calendar interface if you click the Week View button.
  7. Week starts on (Default = Sunday) - This determines the start day of the calendar interface. If you select Sunday, the Week View will display Sunday through Saturday. If you select Monday, the Week View will display Monday through Sunday.
  8. Calendar block time color - This is the color that displays when you block (not-bookable) a specific time portion of the calendar.
  9. Show Gender filter in Advanced Filters - Select this option to display the Filter Employees by Gender drop-down list to display on the Scheduler Filter - By Employee pop-up window (Advanced Filters).
  10. Click the Save button. The Saved Successfully notice will display (red font).
    Employee Calendar Options

Next Step?


  • If you set up Scheduler Options and Availability for your staff, you are ready to Schedule!!!
  • If not, return to each Staff Member's Employee Profile and add their Options and Availability in the Schedule tab

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And remember to set your Screen Security when you get to the next page!

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