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The Renew Membership page is where all membership renewal activity is conducted. Renewing a membership is essentially the same process as the initial membership purchase for both the member and the administrator at the facility.

How to Configure the Renew Membership Page

The labeling of the fields and text boxes on the Edit "Renew Membership" page are exactly the same, but in a different order, as on the Join Now page.

Renewing a Membership

If the membership is renewable, updating and/or verifying the following are the ONLY required data elements:

  1. Verify Email
  2. Credit Card Information
  3. Agreeing to the Terms & Conditions

STEP 1: Membership Terms and Cost Breakdowns

This step gives you the opportunity to confirm membership terms and cost breakdowns. If the information is correct, click Next.

Note in the screen shot below, that this particular member's Payment Plan is "Paid In Full", hence there are no cost breakdowns.

Renew 01.png

STEP 2: User and Emergency Contact Information

This step gives you the opportunity to confirm and/or edit your personal and emergency contact information. All of the information auto-populates, however, it is REQUIRED that you verify your email address. The email addresses must match for you to proceed.

Renew 05.png

If this steps is accidentally bypassed or the emails do not match, a warning message displays advising you that the information is required. You will not be able to proceed without correcting the error.

Renew 04.png

STEP 3: Credit Card Information

<p>This page is identical to Step 4 in the Join Now process.

All credit card information MUST be re-entered:

  • Name on Card
  • Credit Card Number
  • Card Type
  • Expiration Date
  • CVV2

The address, city, state, and zip code auto-populate and can be edited if necessary.

STEP 4: Membership Information Confirmation

This page gives you the opportunity for a final review of your renewal information before your submission. It is REQUIRED that you select the I accept Terms and Conditions above check box to proceed to the purchase confirmation.

Top section of the Renew Membership page
Bottom section of the Renew Membership page

STEP 5: Purchase Confirmation

This page is identical to Step 6 in the [wiki:"wiki:Join Now" Join Now] process. The confirmation includes:

  1. Membership ID/Barcode
  2. Contract ID
  3. Transaction Id
  4. Barcode
  5. Policies Text
Renew 08.png

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