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The Redemption Rules page is where you add the basic redemption rules and restrictions for an Activity. You can add redemption restrictions based on:

These restrictions affect:

  • Item Setup - You can apply these restrictions to Access or Service Item during Item Setup.
  • Check-In - Specific restrictions could affect whether or not you have access to a specific location or whether check-in is required prior to redeeming an activity.
  • Scheduler - Specific restrictions could affect which items are available to be scheduled in the Scheduler or in Moso myClub.

NOTE: This feature does NOT work in conjunction with Door Access Control.

Configuring Redemption Rules

To Add a Redemption Rule:

  1. From the Launch Pad, click System Configuration in the left navigation panel.
  2. In the Inventory, Activities & Related Settings section, select Redemption Rules.
  3. In the Redemption Rules section (left), click the Add button. The New Redemption pop-up window displays.
  4. Enter the Name of the Redemption Rule (Required) and a Description of the rule in their respective text boxes.
  5. Click the Accept button. These rules will display in the Redemption Restriction drop-down list in the Access Item and Service Item setup.
    Adding a Redemption Rule.

Adding Restrictions

The four (4) Restriction categories are independent of each other. You are not required to set restrictions, outside of the defaults, for any or all of the Redemption Rules.


Since these options can be specific to a Business Unit or Division as well as a the Enterprise level, the Redeemable at section will only be active if you select the Redeem at Specific Locations radio button.

  • No Restriction - There are no restrictions based on Location.
  • Redeem at Purchase Business Unit Only - This restricts the redemption of this Activity to the Business Unit at which is was purchased only.
  • Redeem at Purchase Division Only - This restricts the redemption of this Activity to the Division at which is was purchased only, and all of the Business Units within that Division.
  • Redeem at Specific Locations - This restricts the redemption of this Activity to the specific Business Units that you select in the Redeemable at section (right).
    Location Restrictions.

Day & Time

This restricts the Activity based on a specific day of the week and time period during that day.

To Restrict By Day & Time:

  1. Click the actual day of the week in the day of the week column. The Edit Time Block pop-up displays. If you click in a time block, a one hour restriction starting at that time will be automatically added to the calendar.
  2. Select a From and To time from each drop-down list. The selections are in 15-minute increments.
    Selecting the time restrictions on the Edit Time Block pop-up.
  3. Click the OK button. The restriction times will be marked in green.
    Day & Time Restrictions.
  4. To edit restriction times, click the restriction, make any necessary edits and click the OK button. To delete the restriction times, click the Delete button.
  5. To move the restriction to another day, use the drag-and-drop feature. Click the restriction and use your mouse to drag it to a different day and/or time.
    Moving a Day & Time Restriction.

Prior Use Requirements

The Check-In Types are added in the Access Types configuration.

To Require a Prior Redemption:

  1. All of the active Access Types are listed in the Check-In Type column.
  2. Select the Prior Redemption Required? check box of the Check-In Type for which you want to require a prior redemption. The Required Time Prior to Redemption.
  3. Enter the amount of minutes in the Required Time Prior to Redemption field. This represents the minutes prior to redeeming an Activity that the Member must Check-In. Repeat the process for any other Check-In Type you want to configure.
  4. Click the Save button.
    Prior Use Restrictions.


Select the Member Authorization Required check box to REQUIRE AUTHORIZATION by the Member before redeeming a Service Item. If this check box is selected and this Redemption Rule is applied to a Service Item, the Member will be required to authorize that the service/session is being redeemed.

Member Authorization.

Linking a Redemption Rule to an Item

Redemption Rules are linked to a Service or Access items only when you initially set up, or subsequently edit, the Item.

The Redemption Restrictions drop-down list is in the supplemental section of the New/Edit Item pop-up window based on the Item Type you selected. This in turn, puts the rules for that item into effect in:

Item Types and Redemption Restrictions
Service Item Type
Access Item Type

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