Promotion Allocation


Utilize this report to balance the finances between Promotion GL codes and the Item GL codes found within the promotions.

  1. Choose from the following parameters:
    1. Transactions between (date range)
    2. Division
    3. Business Unit
    4. Promotion(s)
    5. Promotion GL
    6. Report View
    An example of the generated report.
  2. Click the Generate Report button to apply your chosen parameters and load the report.
    1. The report will be grouped by Business Unit.
    2. Click the Excel or PDF buttons to export the report to the corresponding file format.
    An example of the generated report using Detail view.
  3. If you selected Summary using the Report View dropdown option, the report will show promotion amounts grouped by Business Unit and subtotaled by GL Code:
    An example of the generated report using Summary view.