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A Performance Schedule is a grouping of specific Items that are paid out in a similar manner to Service Providers and other staff members based on a percentage of the sales price, a flat rate, or a combination of the two.

  • Performance Schedules apply to Service Items ONLY.
  • Performance Schedules are NOT sales commissions!
  • An Item can be linked to only ONE Performance Schedule akin to how a staff member can only be linked to one Commission Group.

Commission percentages are calculated from the gross price i.e. the pre-taxed sales price.

If you are using the Performance Commissions functionality, Performance Schedules MUST be the first configuration in the process. When you add or edit an item in Item Setup, to include that service item in Performance Commissions, a schedule must be selected from the Performance Schedule drop-down list, which is populated from what you configure on this page.

Configuring Performance Schedules

The user interface for adding a Performance Schedule is nearly identical to that for adding items to a Bundle in Bundle Setup.

If this is a new Schedule, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED you complete the configuration in the EXACT order listed below.

To Add a Performance Schedule:

  1. From the Launch Pad, click the System Configuration icon in the left navigation panel.
  2. In the Financial section, select Performance Schedules.
  3. In the Performance Schedule sections (left), click the Add button. The Add New Performance Schedule pop-up window displays.
  4. Enter the name of schedule in the Name text box.
  5. The Active check box defaults to selected. To deactivate the Performance Schedule, clear the check box.
  6. At the bottom of the Items panel (right), click Add Items. The Search For Items will slide into the left panel.
    The Add New Performance Schedule window.
  7. Enter and/or select the criteria and click the Search button. The Items will display in the bottom section of the panel.
  8. Select the Item check boxes individually or click Select All.
  9. When you have selected the correct Items, click Add. The added Items will display in the Items panel (right).
  10. Click the Close button to close the Search For Items section.
  11. Click the Save button.
  12. Repeat the process for adding additional items.
    Adding an Item to a Performance Schedule.
  13. To view a list of items in a Performance Schedule, click the View link. The Items pop-up window displays.
    Items pop-up for a Performance Schedule.
  14. RECOMMENDED NEXT STEP...At this point, go to the Commission Groups configuration and add Commission Groups. After the Commission Groups have been added add the Performance Schedule DETAILS to each group on that page!. These details will in turn, display here on the Performance Schedule page.

After all of your schedules are added, you can return to Item Setup and select a Performance Schedule for any applicable Service Items. This is OPTIONAL and can also be done immediately after you create your Performance Schedules if you so desire. If you select a schedule when configuring or editing an item, the item is also listed in the Items pop-up window.

Editing Performance Schedule Details

After you have added schedules details on the Commission Groups page, you can subsequently edit or delete the Schedules on the Performance Schedules page. The details are the same on both pages, however, you have the option to assign additional Employees or Commission Groups to the Schedule.

Bonus Levels are added after you save the schedule. While you can add or edit the Bonus Levels on this page, these will also primarily be configured on the Commission Groups page.

To edit Performance Schedule Details:

  1. Select a schedule in the Performance Schedule section (left).
  2. Either double-click a Performance Schedule record in the Performance Schedule for {Schedule Name} section (right) or hover over a record and click to select a record and click the Edit button. Either method activates the row editor.
  3. Add or Edit any of the available fields as necessary.
  4. To assign new, or add additional, Employees or Commission Groups, make a selection in the Assign To drop-down list:
    1. Employee - If you select this option, the Assignee field turns into a standard Search or Advanced Search. Enter an employee name or click the Advanced Search Icon Icon Advanced Search.png and enter any of the search criteria.
      Adding an additional Employee to a Performance Schedule.
    2. Commission Group - If you select this option, the Assignee field is a drop-down list. Select a Commission Group from that list.
      Adding an additional Commission Group to a Performance Schedule.
  5. Click the Update button.
  6. To add or edit Bonus Levels, click the Adjust link for the record in the Bonus Level column. must have added Points for that Performance Schedule for the Bonus Level to take effect!
    1. Enter a number in the Point Range From field (REQUIRED).
    2. Enter a number in the Point Range To field. This field only applies if you are adding a supplemental levels. If you are not adding more levels, leave this field blank (see Example below)
  7. Of the next two (2) fields, only one is required but you can configure BOTH if you so desire.
    1. Enter a percentage amount in the Bonuses Earned Percentage field.
    2. Enter a hard dollar amount in the Bonuses Earned Amount field.
  8. Click the Update button.
  9. The Effective Rate Percentage and Effective Rate Amount fields are calculated based on the two (2) previous entries added to the original Percentage and Flat Amount that were configured on the Performance Schedule (see Example below).

Performance Schedule Example

The screen shots below are an example of a basic dollar amount payout schedule with multiple Bonus Levels:

  • The base rate ("Flat Amount") for a redemption by any Service Provider in the "One on One Progressive Elite" Performance Schedule = $23.00 and they accumulate "1 Point" toward their first Bonus Level.
    An example of a Performance Schedule.
  • This rate applies for the first 9 Points they accumulate.
  • When they reach 10 Points, in this case on their 10th redemption, their first Bonus Level applies. At this point, they will receive a "$5 Bonus per point, for a total of $28.00 for each redemption. This payout schedule applies until they reach their next Bonus Level.
    Adding a Bonus Level.
  • The next Bonus Level applies when they reach 16 Points. At that point, they would receive a "$10 Bonus" for a total of $33.00 per redemption. This payout schedule now applies until they reach their next Bonus Level.
  • The next Bonus Level applies when they reach 21 Points. At that point, they would receive a "$15 Bonus" for a total of $38.00 per redemption. Since a value was not added in the Point To field for this Bonus Level, this is the final Bonus Level in this maximum a Provider can receive for a redemption in this Performance Schedule i.e. after they have accumulated 21 or more points, the most they make for any Service in this Schedule is $38.00.

Always Remember...the calculations are always based on the initial Flat Amount (and/or Percentage) you added in the Performance Schedule!

Viewing Items

After you have completed this configuration AND subsequently added Service Items during Item Setup and selected a schedule from the Performance Schedule drop-down list in the process, you can view the items where that Performance Schedule is applicable. To view the items, click the View link of the appropriate record in the Performance Schedule section (left). The Item pop up window displays with a listing of all of the items using that Performance Schedule.

The Item pop up window listing all of the applicable items for this Performance Schedule.

Next Step?

NEXT STEP: Commission Groups..........Previous Step: This is the first step in the Performance Commissions process, which is an optional feature in MosoMRM.

And remember to set your Screen Security when you get to the next page!

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