Past Due Batch Cancel




The Past Due Batch Cancel configuration gives you the ability to automatically cancel Agreements that have extended past due balances. While this feature can be used to cancel Agreements that meet your configured criteria individually, it's primary purpose is to give you the ability to cancel multiple delinquent Agreements in a batch format.

This process cancels the Agreement and all related Activities ONLY. This includes check-ins, training and all other Services connected to that Agreement. However, any remaining balance on the Member's Account remains ACTIVE.

This feature does NOT apply to a primary Corporate Agreement but can, however, be used to cancel any Corporate Add-ons sold under that primary Agreement.

This feature DOES apply to Family Agreements. If you do cancel the primary Member in a Family Agreement, all of the associated Add-ons are also cancelled, pending on the Status Change Rules ("Action Required for Add-on") setting you selected in the Agreement Groups configuration.

The Past Due Batch Cancel configuration page includes steps to select the:

  • Applicable Business Units
  • Inclusionary criteria (Days Past Due, Minimum Amount, Cancellation Reason).
  • Exclusionary criteria (Payment Made With Dates, Corporate Add-ons, Suspended Agreements).
  • Agreements that apply to the cancellation(s).

Processing a Past Due Batch Cancellation

While you can set the Days Past Due to any number (i.e the amount of days or more past due an Agreement must be to be included in the cancellation batch), typically, the standard will be 90-days or more.

Only Cancellation Reasons that do not include a Refund option are available for selection in the batch cancellation process i.e. the Refund check box was NOT selected when the Cancellation Reason was configured.

Processing a Past Due Batch Cancellation:

  1. From the Launch Pad, click the System Configuration icon in the left navigation panel.
  2. In the Inventory, Activities & Related Settings section, select Past Due Batch Cancel. The Past Due Batch Cancel page displays.
  3. The page defaults to a new batch. The New Batch button is only necessary if you are processing a batch and need to clear your current settings and start over.
  4. In the Business Unit section, select the Source Level from the drop-down list.
  5. In the Batch Criteria section, select or enter the applicable cancellation criteria (not all are required). The first three (3) are the inclusionary criteria while the final four (4) are exclusionary.
    1. In the Days Past Due field, enter or select the number of days or more past due an Agreement must be to be included in the cancellation. This field defaults to 90 Days.
    2. In the Past Due Amount Greater Than field, enter the dollar amount that the Account balance must be greater than, or equal to, to be included in the cancellation e.g. if you enter 500, all Accounts that have a balance due equal to, or greater than, $500 will be included in the cancellation batch.
    3. Select a Cancellation Reason in the Cancel Reason drop-down list. This is the ONLY required field on the page.
    4. In the Exclude if Payment Made within field, enter the number of days that if a payment was made against that Agreement, excludes the Agreement from the cancellation batch e.g. If you enter a "21" in this field, and a payment was made on that Agreement within "10" days of the cancellation, this Agreement would be excluded from that batch.
    5. Select the Exclude Corporate Add-ons check box if you want to exclude those add-ons from the cancellation batch.
    6. Select the Exclude on Hold check box if you want to exclude those Agreements that are on a Hold suspension status from the cancellation batch.
    7. Select the Exclude on Freeze check box if you want to exclude those Freeze suspension status from the cancellation batch.
  6. In the Choose Agreements section:
    1. IMPORTANT WARNING...If you do NOT select any check boxes, ALL of the applicable Agreements with the previously selected criteria will be returned in the cancellation list.
    2. If you select the check box to the immediate left of the Agreement Name label, all of the Agreements will be automatically selected.
    3. If you select at least one (1) check box, only the selected check box(es) will be returned in the cancellation list.
      Completed Past Due Batch Cancel criteria.
  7. If all of the criteria and other selections are correct, click the Generate List button.
    1. This will render a list of all applicable Members, including their Member ID, Agreement, Balance, Last Payment, and Last Check-In.
      Rendered cancellation list.
    2. The Cancel check box will be selected by default for all of the Agreements in the list. To remove an Agreement, clear (click) the applicable Cancel check box. For each check box you clear, a warning message displays to verify that removing the Agreement from the batch is the action you wish to take.
      Cancellation Warning Message.
  8. After you generate the list, the Process this Batch button activates. After reviewing your final selections, click this button to process the cancellation batch.
    1. When the cancellation is complete, a warning banner will display across the top of the screen letting you know that the operation was successful and how many Agreements were cancelled.
    2. The cancellations are subsequently recorded and can be reported on in the Agreement Cancellations report.

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