Notification Configuration




The Notification Configuration defines the required settings to connect to your SMS (Text Messaging) server.

Twilio™ is the only SMS API supported by MosoMRM and you must have your own Twilio account to use this feature.

How to Configure Notification Settings

This process will be used by MosoMRM to send outbound messages only.

How to Set Up Your SMS Configuration:

  1. Set up your Twilio Account. When you do that, you will receive the three (3) primary elements to do this configuration.
  2. Select a Source Level. Pending on the structure of the Enterprise, each Business Unit Account must have a separate License e.g. if an Enterprise has twelve (12) Business Units, spread across the country, you must have 12 different Licenses with Twilio.
  3. When you set up your Accounts with Twilio, you are given an Account ID, Authorization Token , and a Phone Number. Enter these three (3) data elements in their respective fields.
    1. SMS Accoint Id = Account ID
    2. SMS Auth Token = Authorization Token
    3. SMS # from = Phone Number
  4. Click the Save button.
    Configfuring your SMS Settings.

Next Step?

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