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The My Services page is where a member's added services are stored and organized. The page is strictly for storage and viewing only, NOT for purchasing any of these services, which would typically include personal training, massage, physical therapy sessions, and child care (this can be state dependent).

The form displays each session by type, facility, and how many have been used and are remaining in a particular series. A member can run a search to get updates on their packages from their My Account page.

How to Configure the My Services Page

The package options, including pricing, are set up and pulled directly from your Conexion (CX) or eClub system.

Most of the labels you will enter on this edit page are column headers on the actual services report.

To Edit the My Services Page:

  1. Go to the Edit "My Services" page.
  2. Enter a title in the Title text box.
  3. Enter a Help Tip in the appropriate text box.
  4. Enter the detailed text for the help tip in the Help Tip Detail text box.
  5. Enter a label for the package ID in the Item ID Label text box e.g. Package or Package Name
  6. Enter a label for the package description in the Item Description Label text box e.g. ??????
  7. Enter a label for the total number of sessions in the Total Count Label text box e.g. Total or Total Sessions.
    My Acct Services 01.png
  8. Enter a label for the remaining number of sessions in the Remaining Count Label text box e.g. Remaining or Remaining Sessions.
  9. Enter a label for the number of sessions used in the Total Used Label text box e.g. Used or Used Sessions. This could apply should a member skip or miss a session or the session was non-refundable.
  10. Enter a label for the expiration date in the Package Expiration Date Label text box e.g. Expiration or Expires.
  11. Enter a label for the activity date in the Activity Date Label text box e.g. Activity Date.
  12. Enter a label for the actual activity in the Activity Label text box e.g. Remaining or Remaining Sessions.
  13. Enter a label for the activity quantity in the Activity Quantity Label text box e.g. Quantity.
  14. Enter a label for the service provider in the Service Provider Label text box e.g. Service Provider or Trainer or Therapist.
  15. Enter a label for the facility in the Facility Label text box.
  16. Enter a label for the search button in the Search Button Label text box e.g. Search or Show Report.
  17. Select how many records you want to display per search in the Page Size drop-down list.
  18. Click Save and publish.
    My Acct Services 02.png

The image below maps where the information from all of the fields in the Edit "My Services" page are displayed on the actual website user interface.

Red Text Box = Name of Field/Text Box from Edit "My Services" page (NOTE: Only labels that are different from their actual field name are noted on this map).

Map My Services.png

Viewing My Services

To view the services you have purchased, simply click the My Services link from the My Account menu. If you are not logged-in at any point, you will be asked to log-in to proceed. If you are already on a page in "My Account", select My Services from the menu in the right panel (you can also select Usage Report from the Left Navigation Tree).

The information is set up as a "tree view". To display the details of each package, expand the tree view ("plus button").

My Acct Services 03.png

The details of each package are logged by activity date but unlike your Transaction History, they are organized oldest to newest.

My Acct Services 04.png

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