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myClub 2.02 includes some feature enhancements to the Join Now and My Account functionality.

  • The Date of Birth and Lead Source fields have been re-sorted for easier selection.
  • CVV Field deactivates for a Billing Schedule that does not include an Initial Payment.
  • New fields have been re-labeled and added to My Account when Creating an Online Account.

Date of Birth

The Year drop-down list in the Date of Birth field is now sorted Descending by Year.

The Year drop-down list sorted Descending by Year.

Lead Source

The selection order has been re-sorted in the Lead Source drop-down list (eClub ONLY). The list was previously sorted based on the ID number of the record as it was stored in the database. Now, the list displays Alphabetically.

The Lead Source drop-down list in Step 1 of the Join Now process.

CVV Field

If the Billing Schedule you selected in Step 1 of the Join Now process does not include an Initial Payment, the CVV field is deactivated in Step 4.

Note however in the Screen Shot below, that the (More Info) link that gives you information regarding the CVV information is still active.

CVV with no Initial Payment
No Initial Payment in the Membership Terms
CVV field is not activated.

My Account

New fields have been added to the Create Online Account form in the My Account section, including new, streamlined Password verification functionality.

  • The Member ID field has been replaced by the Barcode field. This gives the ability to enter (or scan) the member's barcode or other unique identifier when creating their account.
  • The Verify Email address field has been added. This ensures that you have captured the member's proper email address that will be associated to their Account.
    The new Barcode and Verify Email fields
  • The steps for setting your Password for your Online Account is new.
    • Previously you entered your Member ID, a Username, Email Address , Last Name, and Date of Birth. At that point, a Temporary Password was sent to the email address you entered and you subsequently had to go back into your Account and change it to the Password of your choice.
    • While the Username is still required, now you enter a Password and then re-enter it in the Verify Password field. This in turn, sends the Account and Password verification to the Email Address you previously entered on your Account.
      The new Password Verification process.

Resolved Issues

  • You can now enter all four (4) digits of the CVV number for an American Express card transaction.

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