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Back Office

The three (3) significant functionality additions are in the Back Office.

  • Selecting Facilities
  • Email Configuration
  • Credit Card Types


You can now select the Facilities you want to display in Facilities drop-down list on the online membership page (Join Now) from the Back Office. These are still populated from your eClub or CX databases but previously, all of the clubs in your organization displayed in that drop-down list during the online membership process.

Selecting the Facilities that you want to display on your online membership page

Email Configuration

You now configure your Email Notifications in the Facilities section in the Back Office (screen shot above). Previously, each of the three (3) Email Notifications (Notification, Reply To, BCC) were configured separately in their own section of the Back Office.

Credit Card Types

You can now select which Credit Card Types (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, etc.) you want to display from the Back Office. The credit cards you select here display in the (Credit) Card Type drop-down list in the Billing section (Step 4) of online membership process. These are also still populated from your eClub or CX databases.

Selecting the Credit Card Types that you want to display on your online membership page

Email Formatting

Emails are now sent in both IsHTMLBody and PlaintexView, however, the PlaintextView is inferred from the IsHTMLBody. This will clean up any alignment and character issues in all emails.

Previous Releases

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