The following myClub features and functionality apply to Conexion (CX) and eClub Logic users ONLY.

MosoMRM is also compatible with myClub through a member portal called...Moso myClub! This portal gives you the ability to integrate the online features and functionality of myClub with your MosoMRM application.


Welcome to myClub

myClub is a web portal that allows your members to manage portions of their account from one of three (3) easy to access locations.

  • Website
  • Kiosk...a simple touchscreen interface that can be positioned anywhere in your facility, providing current members with access to their accounts and prospective members with club information.
  • Mobile devices like smart phones and PDA's.

myClub also provides prospective members with an easy way to access membership options, club information, and information on free trials and special offers.

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MyClub 2.0.3627 |MyClub 2.1.6805.1 |


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