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Moso myClub is the integration of myClub with MosoMRM! Moso myClub is the portal for Members, and prospective Members, to interface online with MosoMRM.

The Moso myClub application you receive will already be Provisioned and out of the box usable, but still customizable. The customization options focus on content and the delivery and placement of that content to customize the look and feel of your website.

  • You can drop-and-drop features or components onto any page giving your developers or website creators the flexibility to create the look and feel that you want for your website.
  • Most customizations, color scheme selections, or inserting images and media for example, can be easily formatted since the use of HTML, JavaScript, or a CSS is REQUIRED in many of the setup fields in lieu of any WYSIWYG formats.
  • You can add or hide certain features or components to your interface through the use of "Widgets" with your CSS e.g. if you do not want to display the "My Agreements" tab, you can hide it.
  • When adding any content in plain text, the standard text editor toolbar is available.

Moso myClub Configuration

IMPORTANT things to remember when configuring Moso myClub...

  • Only active Agreements that have been configured in MosoMRM are available for selection.
  • All Bundles must already be applied to a specific Business Unit within MosoMRM.
  • Each Bundle must contain a Key Item.
  • You can select ONE Bundle only (without exception) for each Agreement at each Location/Business Unit.
  • The Merchant Codes you enter MUST match the codes you entered for each Business Unit in your Enterprise and Workstation configurations.

Moso myClub should be configured in this order:

  1. Ensure that all Items, Bundles, and Agreements are properly configured (above) including the proper Merchant Codes in your Business Unit configuration.
  2. Template Configuration - This MUST be configured prior to Portal Configuration because selecting the appropriate Templates is required during that process.
  3. Portal Configuration - This is where you finally configure the Agreements.

Home Page

The Moso myClub Home page Menu bar.

Moso myClub Features & Login

The User Login is slightly different than the Moso myClub Content Editor and Administrator login (see Moso myClub Content Editor BELOW.

To Log In to Moso myClub, either click the Login link on the toolbar or expand the My Account link and click My Profile. The Login page opens. Enter your Username and Password and click the Login button.

The Moso myClub Login page

Moso myClub Features

Moso myClub Navigation Tools

The key navigation tools include:

Left Navigation Tree

The Left Navigation Tree.

The Left Navigation Tree is where you can find the Content Editor. This is where features and content on the website are implemented and subsequently edited.

These features are accessed through "Nodes" i.e. links, in the navigation tree. These nodes are always active, eliminating the need for any bold font and making for a much cleaner look.

If you click a node in the tree view, you will go immediately into edit mode. Click the expand arrow (or Double click the node) and the tree view expands with any additional content options (e.g. "My Account").

An additional Sections section is located at the bottom of the left navigation panel. This includes buttons to Member data as well as several technical areas of the application. The Content button activates your standard back office setup fields.

  • Media - You can install a Desktop Media Uploader which gives you the ability to easily upload media items directly to the media section.
  • Users - This defines the properties of the Users, User Types, and User Permissions.
  • Settings - This section contains the technical building blocks for developing and creating your site.
  • Developer - This section contains the technical tools to add advanced features to your site e.g. create a macros.
  • Courier (not operational)

Save, Save and Publish, and Preview

These three (3) features are stand alone buttons on the toolbar.

  • Save - Click this button to save any content or configuration changes you have made on that page. They will be saved but not published.
  • Save and Publish - Click this button and any content or configuration changes you have made on that page will be immediately saved and published to your website.
  • Preview - Click this button and any new content or configuration settings will be saved and a preview window will open displaying the changes. A Preview Mode banner displays in the upper right corner of the window. To exit Preview Mode, click the click to end link.

Moso myClub Content Editor

The Moso myClub Log-In page.

To log in as an Administrator to your Moso myClub site, enter your facilities URL into your browser and after the forward slash, add "Admin". Click the reload icon (or press the Enter key) and you will be directed to the Log-In screen (right). Enter your Username and Password and click the Login button. At this point, you will be logged-into the system and you can save or bookmark this page how and where you see fit.

Since your application is already provisioned, after you log-in you will be directed to the Get Started page. You can also access this page if you click the Content folder in the left navigation tree. On this page you can find:

  1. A dashboard with links to tutorials, user guides, etc.
  2. Previous edits to the website in the Last Edits tab.
  3. The Change Password tab.

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