MosoMRM Log-In



When a new or updated version of MosoMRM is released, do the following IMMEDIATELY:

  1. Log Out
  2. CLEAR CACHE (Ctrl+Shift+Delete)
  3. Log In

This is especially important if you have the Permanent Log-In option selected on any Workstations, which is very common for Workstations designated for Check-In or POS.



The Log-In screen consists of three (3) key elements that must be entered to access your MosoMRM system:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Workstation ID

The Forgot Password link is also here, where you can have a new password reminder sent to your default email address on your Member Profile.

The MINIMUM password length is EIGHT (8) characters and must include at least one (1) number and one (1) upper case character. The password length setting, as well as other password related settings, are configured in Enterprise Security Configuration (Password Settings section).

Once you log in at a specific Workstation, that Workstation ID field will default to that Workstation for subsequent log-in activity.

Standard Log-In screen.

Log-In Tip...If you log in and get the Log-In error message (full screen message), Log-Out, clear your Cache and ACTIVE LOG-INS. This will allow for a clean log-in.

After you log into the application, the Launch Pad opens which includes a set or reporting Dashboards. Which Dashboards display is determined by which Work Role you log in under.

The top portion of the user interface is on every MosoMRM screen where you can:

  • Change your current Business Unit.
  • Edit Account settings including your Password, Password Question, and Password Answer.
  • Log-In and Log-Out.
The Business Unit and Log-In options on the toolbar.

Business Unit

The currently logged-in Business Unit will always render at the top of all pages. However, this drop-down list accepts text as a filter to locate each Business Unit and also paginates when necessary.

To use the text feature, enter a minimum of two (2) letters in the field, the results will display accordingly with all subsequent results listed in alphabetical order. This feature does not in any way affect the pagination feature.

Edit Account

You can edit specific User Account information in this section. Editing every element of the Account is not required.

Edit Account information.

When you create a NEW PIN Code, a new code is auto-generated . The User can then go back to their own Account and change the PIN Code or any other information if necessary.

To Edit Your PIN Code:

  1. Click the Show PIN button.
  2. The Please enter your password pop-up window displays. Enter your Password and click the OK button.
    Entering your Password.
  3. Click the Show PIN button. Your current PIN Code (unmasked) will display but be grayed out.
    Unmasked PIN Code.
  4. To change the PIN Code, click the New PIN button. A new PIN will be auto-generated. The 6-digit PIN will consist of three (3) numbers and three (3) letter. This convention can not be edited or altered.
    New auto-generated PIN Code.
  5. Click the Save button.

Work Roles


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