MosoMRM Hosting FAQ




This is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding Hosting your MosoMRM System.

What Data Center Hosts MosoMRM?

We host MosoMRM using Amazon’s world class EC2/AWS cloud infrastructure. Currently we have infrastructure across multiple availability zones primarily in the US East Region (N. VA) with some system backup for mission critical apps and data in the EU Region (Euro Zone).

I heard Amazon had an outage last year. What would happen to my ability to use MosoMRM if there was another outage?

While we are currently utilizing one AWS region (US East), we utilize multiple Availability Zones (AZs) within the region to avoid single points of failure. This means that we are in fact spread across multiple data centers (1 AZ = 1 Data Center). Amazon’s regional AZs are typically located within 50 miles of each other within that region. It’s also important to note that Amazon’s highly publicized down time only brought down customers within a single AZ and was the only such outage in over 6 years. With the outage lasting half of a day, this makes Amazon’s reliability extremely dependable and certainly within the “five nines” standard—no data center has ever had a 100% uptime record. Amazon runs their multi-billion dollar e-commerce business on this infrastructure. You can read more about Amazon’s infrastructure here:

Amazon EC2 User Guide

What would happen if there was an extended outage that affected an entire AWS region?

While Amazon has never suffered a multi-day outage, if there ever was an extended outage that affected an entire region, we would redeploy our application to a new region and provide our customers with an alternate domain to access their system.

How often is my data backed up and where is it stored?

Our standard data backup and retention policy is FULL weekly backups and DAILY differential backups.

We retain one week’s worth of data and can restore to the previous full day within the week (additional costs may apply if a restore is customer requested). Additional enterprise backup options are available including longer retention times and restore granularity up to 15 minutes increments. We store data backups in secure Amazon S3 storage. This storage is highly redundant and reliable to “eleven-9’s” (99.999999999%). In addition, some application and configuration data is replicated to the EU Region (Euro Zone).

Can you give me a sense of the bandwidth requirements I can expect in order to use MosoMRM?

MosoMRM is a SaaS (Software as a Service) application delivered to web browsers over the public Internet. Due to the nature of the Internet and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in general, bandwidth, speed, and latency may often fluctuate. In addition, all companies are different, hence metrics like these will be highly dependent on your usage patterns. We’ve prepared a simplified matrix to help you gain an understanding of how MosoMRM operates:

Hosting Transfer Times.png

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